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blown away

There aren’t many sporting events that would consider wind speeds of 30km/h to be ideal conditions. But Red Bull King of The Air (KOTA) is no ordinary sporting event. On 6 February, the best kiteboarders from around the world took on the joint forces of wind and waves at Kite Beach in Cape Town, performing high-flying tricks in the hopes of being crowned King of the Air. Representing Hawaii, Jesse Richman soared, flipped and ultimately landed on top of the podium to earn himself a second KOTA title. Here’s an unfiltered look at what went down at the eighth installment of Red Bull King of the Air. RED BULL KING OF THE AIR DATE 6 FEBRUARY 2020 LOCATION KITE BEACH, CAPE TOWN PHOTOGRAPHS TYRONE BRADLEY, YDWER VAN DER HEIDE, CRAIG KOLESKY Join The Action For more Red Bull King Of The…

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new tricks

Most of my adult life I’ve had a fairly standard fitness routine; traditional gym 3 to 5 times a week, the occasional 5km run and something interesting over the weekend to break up my routine, like climbing a mountain. But four years ago, thanks to the MH staff challenge, I joined a HIIT gym. It was mostly a bunch of ex-Paarl boys led by an energetic instructor, throwing around tires while doing way too many squats. But it worked because training with like-minded people equals motivation and encouragement. You push each other. You support each other. You become friends. That, my friend, is one level of friendship. Turn to page 94 to find the true meaning of friendship, plus advice on how to deepen that bond. For me, friendship and exercise…

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men’s health south africa

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why hiit is a miss for your fitness

Increased cardiovascular function, faster fat oxidisation and maintained muscle mass – all realised by spending less time in the gym. It’s no wonder high-intensity interval training (HIIT) continues to make an impact, topping the American College of Sports Medicine’s 2018 survey of worldwide fitness trends. Squeezing all the exercise you need into your lunch break is an appetising prospect. But, truth be told, HIIT is a terrible tool for fat loss – all exercise is, really. Burning a marginally increased amount of fat is redundant if you’ve not also created a calorie deficit – most effectively achieved by making good nutritional choices – in order to lose more than you consume. HIIT’s dominance is more to do with the power of marketing and people’s desire for a minimal-effort magic pill. But a…

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t expert

MEET DR. MARK OPPERMAN In 2014, Opperman started a dedicated “T Clinic” focusing on the effects of low testosterone on the body and mind. Through his practice, he’s helped men both locally and internationally tap into the benefits of balancing their testosterone levels. Are testosterone supplements you can order online safe? One of my patients, 34, presented with symptoms of low libido, decreased erectile function, fatigue and low energy levels, mood swings and a decreased sense of general well-being. He had been taking an over-the-counter testosterone booster for three months with no change in his symptoms. His serum or blood testosterone levels were high-normal. On closer inspection none of his other biochemical parameters were affected and in that lies the answer! The product he was taking was mimicking testosterone in the blood but…

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the real t

1. MINIMISE STRESS A diet of whole foods, regular exercise, good sleep, and even laugher can help reduce stress and improve T levels. 2. TAKE VITAMIN D Research has shown that vitamin D has various health benefits, says Opperman, and may also be a natural testosterone booster. 3. HAVE SEX A healthy sex life can play an important role in regulating your sex hormone and testosterone levels. 4. DON’T DRINK (TOO MUCH) Excessive alcohol or drug use can decrease T levels, says Opperman. 5. GO HEAVY Exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent many lifestyle-related diseases. It has also been shown to, at least temporarily, boost your testosterone.…