Men's Health South Africa May 2020

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made of iron

The idea for IRONMAN came about in 1977, when US naval officer John Collins and his wife Judy decided to host a triathlon event in Hawaii that would take athletes on a gruelling tour around the island. The couple had participated in the 1974 Mission Bay Triathlon in San Diego – the event credited as the grandfather of modern triathlons in the United States. The pair had a dream of hosting an annual event that would see athletes swimming, cycling and running non-stop for 140.6 miles (225km). “Whoever finishes first, we’ll call him the Iron Man,” John Collins had stated. The first-ever IRONMAN triathlon took place on 18 February 1978 in Hawaii, with just 15 brave athletes on the starting line. Of the 15, 12 finished the race, with Gordon Haller…

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AS I WRITE, WE ARE JUST PAST THE HALFWAY mark of lockdown. Holed up in our homes, South Africans have been doing our bit to flatten the COVID-19 curve. There’s no doubt the world around us is changing quickly. And as a result, our attitude and approach to training will probably never be the same. Group training sessions in a physical space have been replaced with home workouts, online yoga and daily challenges (#tshirtchallenge, #30secondchallenge). Celebs and fitness pros are sharing their hard-earned advice on social media accounts, for free. (Seriously, thank you). Plus, with this issue you’ll find a bonus 32-page Home Training booklet to turn the tailend of quarantine into getting lean. There is something about being confined to our own private spaces that has brought out the best…

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how to snack like a king

CHAI TEA “Made with 1:1 almond milk and water. Add a teaspoon of turmeric, a shake of cinnamon and a touch of honey. Sates your sweet tooth every time!” – @avlajk MOPANE WORMS Twitter user @TcMoila recommends adding this local delicacy to your snack drawer. Mopane worms contain high amounts of iron, protein and fibre. Even nutritionists* advise that kids (from at least six months) can be given mopane worms as a source of iron. BILTONG Low in fat, high in protein and proudly South African. Our country’s beloved snack packs a ton of benefits – including zinc, iron, Vitamin B12 and even Creatine! “All this time I thought I was eating some unhealthy sh*t!” – @Mabathoana. DARK CHOCOLATE “My go-to is Lindt’s 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate. The higher the percentage, the less you have to worry…

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men’s health beyond the page

QUESTION: Are sweet potatoes good or bad for weight loss? Eating any kind of food in excess can contribute to weight gain. But when you’re ready to gorge on starch, sub in sweet potatoes for the classic spud. Eat ‘em boiled or baked, advises dietician Ryan Maciel. While it should come as no surprise, sweet potatoes are, well, far less healthy when you fry them into (albeit delicious) sweet potato fries or work them into sugary desserts. And c’mon –skip the heaps of butter, bacon and dollops of sour cream, says Maciel. The indulgent toppings are far more likely to add flab than overdoing it on sweet potato by itself. So, yes, sweet potatoes are a fibre-loaded, low-calorie side that’s great for weight loss – as long as they’re not being…

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three do-anywhere weight-loss moves

1 SQUAT PULSE 5 Rounds 40 seconds on / 20 seconds rest Start standing with your feet wider than your shoulders. Squat down, stand up halfway, squat down again. Repeat. 2 SHUTTLE SPRINT 5 Rounds 40 seconds on / 20 seconds rest Place two cones 15 metres part. Sprint back and forth between them as fast as you can. 3 FORWARD HOP 5 Rounds 40 seconds on / 20 seconds rest Stand tall, hands at your sides. Bend your knees into a semi-squat and hop forward, landing softly with knees slightly bent. Shuffle back to start. Go again. Instagram @menshealthza Twitter @MensHealthZA Facebook MensHealthSA See all the stories featured by scanning the QR code.…

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ask the yoga instructor

MEET DAVE Dave Gardner is an experienced yoga instructor who hosts yoga masterclasses, weekend workshops, and retreats in South Africa and abroad. Use his advice to tap into your inner Zen. Does yoga build muscle? Or is it all stretching and no strength? It depends on which type of physical practice you do. If you’re looking for raw muscle mass with no weights, then try calisthenics instead. But some styles of yoga like Budokon, Synergy, Shadow, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Flow and others do include a healthy balance of strengthening and stretching, which if practised with awareness will lead to improved mobility. However, the muscle you build is a little different to the iron-earned kind you’ll build in a classic gym setting. There’s a lot of emphasis on stability in modern forms of yoga, meaning…