Men's Health South Africa June 2020

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into the inferno

The rampaging wildfires in Australia reminded the world, once again, that those willing to put their lives on the line and battle the blaze, are real heroes. But that seemingly unstoppable inferno has also sparked another conversation, one with a grim outlook. Amongst those in the scientific community, there’s little doubt that global warming is pushing the world over the edge. And one symptom of the planet’s alarmingly rapid decline is an up-tick in wildfires. New South Wales in Australia, California in the United States, and even here, in the Western Cape; new blazes are ravaging the land, leaving behind a trail of destruction (and deaths). Some of these fires are directly caused by us – a flicked cigarette, an unattended campfire – but many are the result of global…

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battling the blaze

The Burnout: Firefighters create a “control line” by burning potential fuel – such as dry vegetation – before the fire reaches that area. This can help prevent the blaze from spreading. / Flanking: For smaller fires, firefighters begin their assault from behind, starting at already burnt areas and working their way around the edge of the fire before snuffing out the blaze completely. / Aerial Attack: If there are large water sources nearby, planes and helicopters can scoop up H2O to “bomb” the fire. When picked up, the water is often mixed with a foam retardant that helps extinguish the flames.…

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father to son

I AM A HELL OF A LUCKY GUY, and maybe would be even luckier if I had kids of my own. But to be honest I don’t have the balls for that. Literally. (Thanks, cancer.) The reason I consider myself fortunate is because I had the most incredible dad. From day one, he’s been my role model, and his wisdom helped me become the best version of myself. Every Sunday night I would phone him for a catch-up call. My first Sunday call after I had started my career as a naïve 20-something in advertising was full of angst and insecurities. Daunted by outspoken, bold personalities in a fairly arrogant industry, I struggled to see how the opinion of this young farm lad would even matter (or count). “Son, just because…

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swole models

EDEN CLASSENS, ACTOR “When you want to bulk up, you’re trying to achieve hypertrophy, which means muscle growth and not muscle strength – although you will experience increases in strength as well,” says Eden. “Doing between 8 and 15 reps per set will help overload your muscles and increase size.” RYAN REYNOLDS, ACTOR Reynolds does jumping, throwing and carrying during every gym session. “People underuse carries,” says Don Saladino, his trainer for Deadpool. “Double farmer walks, single-arm carries and up-down carries really help stabilise the core and shoulders.” MICHAEL B. JORDAN, ACTOR Jordan’s trainer Corey Calliet prescribes a combination of squats, lunges, burpees, squat jumps and cardio. “To really rev up your metabolic rate and get burning, perform the exercises in circuit fashion and rest for a minute or two between rounds. Finishing your workout…

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men’s health beyond the page

QUESTION: I Want to Lift Heavy, but Do I Have to Do Prehab? So you’re ready to go all out Hulk in the weights room, but some slow, controlled mobility work to warm up those joints is a must. If your response is something along the lines of “not gonna happen” you may want to reconsider. A few minutes of prehab will not only help keep you off the bench, it could boost that 1RM, too. CHECK OUT OUR PREHAB HACKS: MH.CO.ZA/WORKOUTS 30 The Number of Creative Date Ideas the Men’s Health Team Has Put Together Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Whether you’re in lockdown with your partner, or spending the social isolation season (read: year) apart, we’ve got an idea that’ll work for you. Restaurants, bars and other public places may be…

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this month playing to our strengths

Weapon of Choice: Barbell 37% Dumbbell 63% “To Bro or not to Bro?” Training with a buddy 42% Training solo 58% Muscle Method: Machine training 28% Freeweights 72% FOR THE RECORD 8HRS 15MIN 15S That’s how long 62-year-old George Hood held steady to break the world planking record in February this year. To top it off, he did 75 pushups afterwards... just for fun! MYTHBUSTER: You don’t have to lift heavier to get stronger. In velocity-based training, you add weight when you’re feeling good and lifting faster and dial it down when your speed is lagging. In a small study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research those who used velocity training showed greater strength increases compared to the traditional group. Favourite Moves on Leg Day Squats 47% Deadlifts 32% Leg Press 11% Other 5% Best answer: “Walking out the gym after a good arm workout.” –…