Men's Health South Africa July 2020

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lessons from lockdown

WE WOULD’VE BEEN GEARING UP FOR the Olympics. You’d turn the page to find our athletes preparing for their moment in the spotlight. And the MH team would toast another issue with ice-cold beers at the office. But our sportsmen have traded the competitions and outdoor training for garage sweat sessions and MacGyveresque ingenuity. And instead of clinking beer bottles, our ales are ordered in, and the toasts are accompanied by gifs and emojis in the team WhatsApp group. Three months of lockdown have fundamentally changed the way we work, train and socialise. Sometimes, it’s a challenge. However, in these moments of struggle, there are important lessons on how to adapt and thrive – even when the chips are stacked against you. Our cover guys embody this mentality. They didn’t…

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men’s health south africa

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images of isolation

Rugby Sevens, the Premier League, the Olympics, you name it – as COVID-19 spread across the globe forcing country after country into lockdown, the sporting calendar’s landmark events were shuttered until further notice. For pundits (and fans) it was a bitter pill to swallow. For the athletes? It was a death knell; years of preparation dashed on the rocks of an uncertain and unprecedented future. And with this news came a new challenge: with gyms under lock and key, tracks closed and pitches off limits, how were these sportsmen going to make sure that peak performance didn’t give way to a steady atrophy in self-isolation? The solution: adapt or lose it all. The athletes on these pages are proof that fancy equipment, ideal conditions and room to move are luxuries –…

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question: “i’m always getting blisters, even in my older tekkies . what gives?”– alex, potch

NARROW FEET: If your foot is sliding around inside your shoe, this can result in extra friction, especially on the heel, which can cause blisters. This lacing system tightens the shoe more than usual, guaranteeing you a snug fit. WIDE FEET: However, if the fit is too tight across the middle, it’ll put you at risk of blisters on your arch. This lace method loosens the entire shoe, especially around the midfoot, and gives you more space. This can also benefit runners with high arches. TINGLY TOES: If you experience pins and needles as well as blisters on your toes, miss out the bottom eyelets to loosen that area without affecting fit. This’ll increase blood circulation to your toes and relieve pressure. 4 The number of coronavirus and food delivery myths we look into. All the…

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“settle a bet for me. what’s healthier: fat but fit or skinny and sedentary?” / big mike, hermanus

Neither the desk-bound beanpole nor chunky five-a-side maestro will make a convincing gladiator, but there’s a winner in this duel. Well, a lesser loser, anyway. “Being fat and active has a slight edge,” says Dr Daniel Bailey, senior lecturer in health and exercise sciences at Brunel University. “Neither body type is ideal, but exercise makes you live longer and less likely to develop cancer or have a heart attack, regardless of weight.” Essentially, being able to squeeze into skinny jeans counts for little if you spend all your time sitting in them. Avoid exercise and slump in front of a screen for more than 10 hours per day, and you’ll raise your heart attack risk by a whopping 112%, plus your overall chance of early death by half, according to a…

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i’m plant-based and want to hit my micros, not just my macros. where shall i double down? – andy, camps bay

IRON Fatigued? Iron boosts the level of oxygen that your muscles receive, amplifying energy levels. While carnivores will chew up this mineral in red meat, you might need to check with your doc and get a supplement. OMEGA-3 Hooking fish from your diet can sink your essential fats intake, putting any post-workout recovery on the line. Reel in these fatty acids needed to crush muscle soreness and bolster your brain and heart health. VITAMIN D Vitamin D is great for boosting bone density, mood and strength. Omnivores get theirs from eggs and salmon. But now that it's winter and thanks to lockdown, you might not be getting enough of the "sunshine vitamin". VITAMIN B A key hack for herbivores, vitamin B serves many purposes. There's metabolism-maxing riboflavin (vitamin B2), brain-boosting niacin (B3), fat-reducing biotin (B7) and energy-boosting…