Men's Health South Africa August 2020

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age proof

longer; in many cases, they’re growing fitter and stronger with age. Take Lee Phillips, this month’s cover guy, for example. Lee first appeared on the cover back in April 2014. This is his third Men’s Health SA cover. He has also managed to forge an even better physique than he had in his 20s. At 44, this firefighter is more toned, more agile, more functionally fit than ever before. As we grow older, our bodies inevitably change – but then, so do our priorities. Come your mid-30s, the ability to run a 10K in under 40 minutes could be less important than your sense of financial fitness. On the other hand, keeping yourself in above-average physical condition once you’ve breached the big five-oh might just be the best health investment you…

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kick it up a notch

After 11 years of electric finales at packed amphitheatres in exotic destinations – including the 2010 competition held in Cape Town – this year’s Red Bull Street Style tournament looked like it would become another COVID-19 sporting casualty. But instead, the folks at Red Bull and the World Freestyle Football Association saw an opportunity to pivot in a new direction and expand the competition to a larger pool of tricksters with a wider audience by taking the competition online. “This online season of Red Bull Street Style could not have come at a better time, and it’s unique,” says Steve Elias, president of the WFFA in an interview with Red Bull. “There has never been a freestyle competition on this scale that’s online and open to everyone.” Inclusivity was the name…

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keep it down

Be A Maestro In The Sack Skewer Fat For Life Stress Less, Sleep More Give Your Chair A Break “Keep moving. Get up every 30 minutes and walk around, go outside and get some fresh air. Another important thing is posture. Don’t slouch! Stretching is crucial during this time as our movements are more limited than usual.” – Tyson Brinkley, sales exec Featured in September 2018 Allow Yourself To Bounce Back “I could say it’s been easy during lockdown, but I’d be lying. Having to adapt from weighted training to bodyweight training has been a struggle. Not having the atmosphere, fellow gym buddies and essential equipment has also been a hurdle. But it’s all about discipline and I had to check myself and remind myself of my goals.” – Jody Williams, model Featured in September 2019 Bust A Move “Even…

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q “i’ve started dating again in my 50s after a divorce. how do i make sure i can perform in the bedroom?”

If your concern is around erectile dysfunction, you’re certainly not alone. According to a study from the University of Chicago, a third of men aged 50-64 experience ED. Of course, the last thing you want on your mind when your new partner suggests you get it on is whether you’ll be able to get it up. Set yourself up for success by choosing a position where you’ll be on top. With gravity as your wingman, you’ll have better blood flow to the penis, sending your chances of a strong erection, erm, way up. For the best sex positions at any age, check out MH.CO.ZA/SEX-WOMEN 47% Percentage of gym members in a global study by RunRepeat who said they would not return to gym once gyms reopen. More than 36% of respondents…

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“is food or exercise more important for weight loss?” / nigel, muizenberg

We’ve all been guilty of it: smugly swallowing a mouthful of greens before regurgitating platitudes such as, “Abs are made in the kitchen,” or the equally misguided, “It’s 90% diet.” But without rebooting training and diet in harmony, you’ll never tip the scales in your favour. Scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle confirmed this when they conducted randomised trials on overweight participants. A clean diet alone was nowhere near as effective for fat loss as combining good nutrition with exercise. In fact, after five years, as many as 95% of dieters will be back where they started, and 41% will have regained more weight than they lost. It’s exercise that makes a plan stick. As well as being beneficial in isolation, training has been proven to play…

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ask the counsellor

MEET SALMAAN KHADER Last month his advice helped you guys grapple with the psychological hazards of navigating life during COVID-19. Now, by popular demand, licensed registered counsellor Salmaan Khader is back to give you more mental tools for life after lockdown. I’ve become a complete germaphobe – it feels like I’m washing my hands every 10 minutes. How can I stop stressing? If you’re glued to the TV or constantly browsing news articles about COVID-19, it’s going to have a knock-on effect. Switch your routine. Instead of the mindless browsing (or viewing) set aside specific spots for tuning into the news. If you find yourself worrying about the virus – and running to the sink for the 15th time that day – try a positive distraction: read a book, watch a YouTube video…