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October 2021

Established in 1993, Military Trader is dedicated to the collecting, preservation, restoration, study, and display of historic military artifacts. Spanning interests from military uniforms to medals, or helmets to ordance and weapons, Military Trader is your best source for in-depth technical articles, artifact profiles, product and hobby news, current values, military auction coverage, and show calendar.

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The latest hobby news • Late-breaking military hobby headlines!• Online auctions and shows that are making headlines Keep up with The JAG Files! • Get John Adams-Graf’s take on all things military at http://militarytrader.com/jagfile Complete Military Hobby Calendar of Events • The most complete schedule of events in the hobby includes listings of military relic shows and auctions; historic military vehicle rallies and convoys; as well as living history events and reenactments www.militarytrader.com…

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homefront news

USS IOWA MUSEUM LAUNCHES PLANK PROGRAM Battleship USS Iowa Museum, the historic U.S. Navy battleship that has become an iconic landmark and a top five museum and attraction in the Los Angeles area, recently announced the launch of the Plank Owner program for the future National Museum of the Surface Navy. “Plank Owner” is an honorary title given to U.S. Navy and Coast Guard sailors who are assigned to a ship at the time of its commissioning. The free Plank Owner program provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for individuals to show their support for the nation’s first-ever Surface Navy Museum prior to its opening aboard Battleship USS Iowa in San Pedro at the Port of Los Angeles. Each individual who registers as a Plank Owner will receive a full-color, downloadable, personalized certificate suitable for…

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the jag file

UNCOMFORTABLE HISTORY “Pardon me, Sir, but does ya have any papers for travelin’ on your own?” Clothed in a white linen roundabout jacket, dirty white breeches, and a tall straw top hat, I posed that question to an African-American tourist at the 1840s living history museum where I portrayed a Illinois farmer. Having previously discussed this scenario with the visitor when I spotted him and his family in the parking lot, he was a willing participant in the scenario that was about to evolve in front of his family and other guests. “Why, yes I do,” he replied. “I am a free man, and this here is a free state, so me and my family will come and go as we please.” Others, who were not in on the skit, stood by, shocked at what…

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tell us about your ‘favorite find’

What is the best or favorite piece of militaria you have added to your collection? Is there an interesting story about how you found it, or maybe the history of the item is a story in itself you want to tell? Whatever it is that makes that object special to you, we want to share your story! Tell us about your ‘favorite find’ in up to 1,000 words and 3-4 photos (high resolution, 600 pixels x 900 pixels minimum). Email your tale and images to: Military@aimmedia.com (write “Favorite Find” in the subject line) or send via regular post to Military Trader: Attn: John Adams-Graf, Editor, 901 Fourth St., Suite 50, Hudson, WI 54606. Your story will reach thousands of like-minded collectors and enthusiasts who read Military Trader and frequent our web site,…

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military whatizit?

IDENTIFIED “WHATIZIT?” is a place where collectors can share their collective knowledge with each other. If you have an item you want identified, or you can share information about one of the items pictured here, write to WHATIZIT, c/o Military Trader, 5225 Joerns Dr., Suite 2, Stevens Point, WI 54481 or email: Military@aimmedia.com. If replying to a “Whatizit?” be sure to include the item number in your response. Only send duplicate photos. All submissions become property of Active Interest Media and may be considered for inclusion (with proper credit) in other features.…

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finland’s wars with ussr

Finland was born out of WWI when Finland declared independence December 6, 1917. Located in northern Europe, Finland is a geographically remote country that finds itself a symbolic northern border between western and Eastern Europe. Considered a political vacuum until the 12th century when it found its western neighbor Sweden and the Catholic Church as well as its eastern neighbor Russian and its Greek Orthodox Church showing interest in this densely forested country subject to severe climate. BACKGROUND A short history indicates the area of what is now Finland was under the influence of Sweden prior to 1809. Under the sphere of Swedish domination, the Swedish legal and social systems took root in Finland. The Reformation started by Luther in the 16th century reached Sweden and Finland. The Catholic Church lost out to…