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September 2020

Established in 1993, Military Trader is dedicated to the collecting, preservation, restoration, study, and display of historic military artifacts. Spanning interests from military uniforms to medals, or helmets to ordance and weapons, Military Trader is your best source for in-depth technical articles, artifact profiles, product and hobby news, current values, military auction coverage, and show calendar.

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homefront news

FREE ISSUE OF MILITARY VEHICLES MAGAZINE Have you ever considered your own Jeep, deuce, or even a tank? Active Interest Media wants to give you a free digital copy of our sister magazine, Military Vehicles Magazine. To grab your copy, log onto www.MilitaryTrader.com. In the upper right of the page, you will see a box with FREE ISSUE written on it. Click that. You will see a screen to enter your email address to receive our free, weekly Militar-E-News. After you enter, the next screen will provide you the access for the free digital download — easy as that! LIVE AUCTIONEERS DATA BREECH LiveAuctioneers, an online auction platform headquartered in the United States, has disclosed a data breach after a well-known data breach broker began selling 3.4 million stolen user records on a hacker…

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the jag file

HISTORY DOESN'T HAVE TO BE MONUMENTAL Disclaimer: I am about to write on a topic that stirs the passion in most of you. It’s Gone. Is it Ruined? “It’s horrible,” my partner exclaimed as we paddled our kayaks around one of our favorite north woods lakes, “the entire shoreline has collapsed!” She was correct. A section of the shore measuring about 100 yards wide and 10 yards tall had fallen into the lake. Excessive rainfall and erosion had irrevocably changed the view that we had enjoyed for decades. In an instant, it was different — nearly unrecognizable. We paddled closer. What once had been a natural jetty into the lake, was now a symmetric curve of sand, stone, and dangling tree roots. As I maneuvered my kayak alongside the debris field, I discovered something I hadn’t…

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mail call

BOOK REVIEWS MATTER My copy of Delgado’s Deutsche Kriegsmarine — all 503 pages — arrived today (see “Books in Brief,” Military Trader, July 2010, p. 18). What a TREASURE! And the good news? It cost only $101.00 from Amazon.com (shipping included). I have had an interest in the Kriegsmarine for many years. But in early 2000, I befriended one of the few survivors of the Battleship Bismarck, who lived in Schererville, Ind. His name was Bruno Rzonca. Bruno attended gun and militaria shows in northwest Indiana and sold autographed photos to supplement his small pension. Bruno autographed many Bismarck books and items for me. My best book is Hood and Bismarck, autographed by both Bruno — survivor of the Bismarck sinking and Ted Briggs — survivor of the Hood sinking. Delgado’s book is a…

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military whatizit?

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27-7-1. Tim Bartholow (OMSA’s Treasurer) wrote, “The item is the distinctive insignia of the AAF Air Service Command. The example shown is the second design of the insignia, worn after 1943. The first design had 4 blades on the prop. This one is number A1D in the ASMIC catalog, and the manufacturer is Le Velle, not R Velle.” Joe Trimble added, “This unit DUI was approved 26 July 1942 and had four variations made, of which the one the Dave from Las Vegas has. It is 29 x 23mm and is considered common (not rare). The insignia pair shown are actually upside down, and is the three-bladed version. The earlier three examples have four-bladed propellers.” Leon Basile commented, “27-7-1 is shown in the book Distinctive Insignia of the U.S. Army Air Forces,…

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a max of a man

With deepest regret, Military Trader must report the passing of LTC (Ret.) Thomas M. Johnson, 82, of Stafford County passed away on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at Mary Washington Hospital. LTC Johnson retired from a successful career in the United States Army, which included serving twice as Battalion Staff Advisor in Vietnam, and later as Deputy Senior Advisor to the Commander/U.S. Army Ranger Command in Vietnam on his second tour in 1970. While in Vietnam (then Major Johnson) was decorated twice for valor by the South Vietnamese government during the 1968 TET Offensive. While at Fort Benning, Col. Johnson co-authored the U.S. Army Field Manual on the M-16 rifle, which is still issued and used today, and was an instructor on the Rifle Marksmanship Committee of the Weapons Department for the U.S.…