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Model Airplane News January 2021

Model Airplane News is the brand that started it all back in 1929, and it remains the trusted resource for RC aircraft enthusiasts everywhere. Written for the full spectrum of RC airplane, helicopter, and multirotor fliers—from beginners to seasoned pros—Model Airplane News entertains and informs with on-the-flight line event coverage, impressive flight techniques, detailed flight reports, DIY workshop projects, and much more.

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flight plan

MAKE SOME SAWDUST For 92 years, Model Airplane News has published construction articles written by the most innovative and respected RC designers and offered full-size plans to builders around the globe. Would you believe we still offer plans for models that were designed in the 1930s? Free-flight, scale, old-timers, pattern, control-line… more than 800 classic Model Airplane News plans are available on the AirAgeStore.com, sorted into popular categories and searchable by aircraft and designer name. This issue, our bonus Plans Guide highlights 132 of our favorite build-it-yourself projects you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for a fully detailed scale warbird or a quick-build park flier, you’ll find your next building project here. Our Plans Guide sponsor, Du-Bro, has all of the hardware and tools you’ll need to finish your…

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sea otter

Noel spent a little more than two years designing and building this 1/6-scale amphibian aircraft. The 92-inch-span, built-up model is powered by a 3-cylinder Saito 60cc gas engine and weighs about 30 pounds. Noel writes, “Somewhat surprisingly, the utilitarian lines of the Sea Otter resulted in a really nice flying model. The narrow landing gear and high center of mass, require concentration during landings, though.” He adds, “One of the design challenges was the landing gear. Mounted to the fuselage side, it retracts into the lower wing and simultaneously swings up through 100 degrees and rearward through 32 degrees. And while doing that, the wheels have slight toe-in when down, and parallel with the bottom surface of the wing when retracted. The retracts are custom-modified Robart gear.” The aircraft also features functional…

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hobby hacks

EZ CG Finder Finding the center of gravity on my airplanes was never a problem. If I had to make changes at the field sometimes, it was difficult seeing the marks on the wings. I solved the problem by attaching cabinet door bumpers where the CG marks are. You can buy them at any big box store. Varity packages are cheap. Now I feel for the bumper on each wing, lift, and check. Lawrence Pace [email] Servo Centering Here’s a simple tool to precisely center servos. Use sub-trim to align the servo arm, then place the wire in the arm hole and adjust until the point of the wire is on the center line. Bob Zaretsky, Ramsey, New Jersey Sanding Sticks I use nail files to remove small bumps in the balsa wood, for example. They are…

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the next generation of rc’ers

There is a rumor, widely accepted as the truth, that the RC airplane hobby is losing popularity. According to the rumor, the current hobbyists are growing older, and because very few, if any, new, young faces are interested in pursuing the hobby, RC airplanes are declining in popularity. I have heard this rumor in hobby stores and have read about it online. I am 13 years old and very enthusiastic about the hobby! But I started to wonder, am I really among the few young people interested in building and flying RC airplanes? First, I took a look at the club where I belong and fly regularly in North Georgia. This field has a lot of members, and I have probably met and gotten to know about 20 of them. Out…

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morgans custom 3d printing

Industrious builders and craftsmen have been carving, machining, or casting small parts for as long as the hobby has been around, but 3D printers have taken custom parts to a new level. One such enterprising modeler is Will Morgan of Morgans Custom 3D printing. What started as a guy making parts for himself turned into making parts for his buddies at the field. Then his friends said, “Will this stuff is cool, you should offer it for sale and see what happens!” Well what happened is a full-blown side business with a full collection of assorted receiver mounts, battery trays, battery protection caps, and even wheel pants savers. Will offered me several of his products to try out, and I was so impressed I decided to pass my thoughts on…

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hot for the holidays

Krill Aircraft AreS L A collaboration from Krill Aircraft and Sebart International, this 102-inch-long 3D sport jet offers revolutionary flight performance. The extremely light airframe has huge ailerons and flaps on central hinges, and its elevators and rudder use central hinges as well. The wing and fin are removable and the fuselage can be disassembled into two pieces for easy transport. Specially designed Kevlar tanks for kerosene and smoke are available to fit tank holders that come pre-installed inside the fuselage. Designed for a 130 to 250 turbine, it has a vectoring pipe for outstanding performance. Starting at $2,699.99 | chiefaircraft.com DJI Mavic Mini The perfect companion for aerial selfies, the Mavic Mini effortlessly captures life’s moments. The Mavic Mini can hold its position and hover precisely, even indoors, without GPS. Controlled with the…