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Model Airplane News September 2021

Model Airplane News is the brand that started it all back in 1929, and it remains the trusted resource for RC aircraft enthusiasts everywhere. Written for the full spectrum of RC airplane, helicopter, and multirotor fliers—from beginners to seasoned pros—Model Airplane News entertains and informs with on-the-flight line event coverage, impressive flight techniques, detailed flight reports, DIY workshop projects, and much more.

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flight plan

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE From getting into electric jets to learning how to execute fancy landings that wow the crowd, this issue has something for everyone. Want to fly a multiengine model? Don’t miss Nick Ziroli Sr.’s secrets to success in “The Pros Tell All.”. Like building from plans? Dennis Sumner’s 50-inch-span Globe Swift is a terrific next project. We also showcase Greg Hahn’s approach to achieving scale speeds with different power systems and propellers, get on the flight line of the First In Flight jet rally, and more. THE GEAR GUIDE The annual Model Airplane News Gear Guide in this issue highlights the hottest new RC aircraft and the tools, accessories, and gear you need to keep them airborne. With details and photos for dozens of must-have products, the Gear Guide has everything…

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hobby hacks

AXLE ALIGNMENT To ensure main landing gear alignment, cut a piano-wire rod the same diameter as the axles. Slide sections of closefitting brass tube over the rod ends, which then slip onto the axles. With this tool in place, fasten down the gear mounts. Orin Humphries, Lynnwood, Washington SECURE SCREWS While installing hardware, I often have to insert screws deep inside the airframe. A quick and easy way to help prevent the screw from falling off a screwdriver is to hold it in place with some painter’s tape as shown. When the screw is tightened in place, the tape rips away. Michael Vincent, Farmington, Maine HELPFUL HAND Often, we modelers just don’t have enough hands. I have found that if I cut a couple of slits into the sides of a plastic spray paint cap, it works…

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pilot projects

PFALZ E.IV Gene Gavin, Staten Island, New York Gene designed and built this unusual 1/3-scale Pfalz E.IV. Despite good performance data, the Pfalz monoplanes were overshadowed by the more maneuverable and powerful Fokker Eindeckers and considered obsolete in 1916. Covered in Solartex, Gene’s 132 inch-span model is powered by a DLE 111 twin-cylinder gas engine turning a 28x10 Menz prop. “SPARTAN SPECIAL” AERO MASTER Preston Hards, Davison, Michigan Built from a nearly 30-year-old kit, this Great Planes Super Aero Master is customized with a Michigan State Spartans theme. Preston used new basswood main wing spars to add strength, covered it with MonoKote, and added custom graphics. The “Spartan Special” is powered by a Saito 1.25 4-stroke and is equipped with LED nav wing lights and a Sullivan Sky Writer smoke system. 4-120 AEROBAT Matt Faiello, Dover, Ohio After…

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the great rc transmitter espionage caper … or not!

Astute readers of MAN know you can't fly if your radio control equipment isn't working … and it won't if components can't draw on enough electricity. I have a modeling buddy who struggles mightily with power for his equipment. For this story, he wants me to call him “Flash.” When he comes to the field to fly, everybody watches him intensely, ready to duck and dodge however necessary because, repeatedly, he's tossed a model into the air, only to have it immediately fly out of control and crash. It nearly always turns out that power from the onboard battery failed and wouldn't drive the receiver and servos, or worse, the transmitter's battery was weak, and a short distance away the plane couldn't detect control inputs and floundered its way to disaster. Is…

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gone fishing

I started flying RC in 1992, when I noticed that a friend at work had a picture of a model airplane on his desk. He taught me to fly, and I was hooked. My new favorite flier was a 60-inch-span Ugly Stik I found at a swap meet. I replaced the engine with an O.S. .70 4-stroke and made a few other changes. While doing touch and go’s one day, I wanted a longer approach and made my down leg turn quite a ways out. As it started to lose altitude, the plane disappeared. It took me a second to figure out that it had flown behind a line of trees, and just as I started to pull up I heard that dreaded sound of smashing balsa. That was the end…

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first in flight jet rally

Everyone reading this should be familiar with the story of two guys from Ohio making the trek to the outer banks of North Carolina. History was made on December 17th, 1903, when Orville Wright successfully made the first powered flight on the windswept sands of Kitty Hawk. Borrowing the motto “First in Flight” from the state license plates, it was an easy choice for the name of the state’s premier RC jet rally. The cover of the July 2021 issue of MAN called Florida Jets the “hottest jet event.” Well, I can assure you, First In Flight Jet Rally, held the last weekend in May in Wilson, North Carolina, was hotter. Literally, it was much hotter! The thermometer was showing 97 degrees when we arrived at the Wilson Industrial Air Center…