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Model Railroading: The Ultimate Guide (2018)

Model Railroading: The Ultimate Guide Vol 1 (2018)

This special issue is full of cool projects and tons of tips and techniques that modelers of all skill levels will find useful. Within the all- new features and videos, you'll find: Cody Grivno's best-kept painting secrets See him paint, weather, and detail a complete 1956 Chicago & North Western commuter train. Gerry Leone's great rural scenery building techniques Learn how to make roads, cornfields, a highway underpass, and more. Drew Halverson and MR Video crew's trackside adventures in the Show Me State. Find out about railroad hot spots and must-see locations. Copper Basin Railway track plan. Get access to an animated 3D track plan video that shows the layout in detail - and more!

United States
Kalmbach Publishing Co. - Magazines
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i get free video?

You bet! In fact, when we created The Ultimate Guide, video was at its heart. You see, we make a lot of video for Model Railroader magazine’s subscription video website, MR Video Plus. And we felt that it was a shame that many of those great topics never make it into print. Video is an incredible tool for explaining how to do things. Seeing how to apply a weathering coat to a boxcar or attach leaves to a model tree makes it much easier to learn the technique. However, there are still some things that print does better. It’s much easier to pore over a printed track plan or follow construction drawings when you can lay them out on the table in front of you. The Ultimate Guide gives you all the benefits…

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the awesome mrvp crew

Kent Johnson Associate Producer JOB: Pretty much directs everything we do FAVE: Shrimp pizza FACT: Has performed with a Grammy award winning artist Ben Lake Associate Editor JOB: Makes everyone else look good FAVE: Netflix “The Crown” FACT: Not named after Benjamin Lake, Oregon, Minnesota, or Arkansas Jenny Maaske Assistant Editor JOB: Edits everything! FAVE: Jalepeño Cheddar Cheetos FACT: Has 203 pictures and 39 videos of her cat on her phone Cody Grivno Associate Editor JOB: Cody’s Workshop FAVE: Johnny Carson reruns - “Heeeere’s Johnny!” FACT: Met wrestlers Baron von Raschke and Jesse “The Body” Ventura Drew Halverson Senior Graphic Designer JOB: Drew’s Trackside Adventures FAVE: Snowy Owls FACT: Named after Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Drew Hill Gerry Leone Contributing Editor JOB: Off the Rails FAVE: Monty Python & The Holy Grail (he’s seen it, like, 50+ times!) FACT: Lead guitar for an 80’s rock band for 20 years Charlie Conway Contributing Editor JOB:…

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a layout your family can live with

So you want to build a railroad, but you’re having a hard time finding dedicated space for a layout room? If that’s your situation, consider building a shadow-box layout, such as our O scale narrow gauge Olympia logging railroad. Our design places a compact model railroad inside a pleasing museum-type display case. When complete, the self-contained layout looks at home in the corner of any office, den, or rec room. And it’s built on wheels, so you can roll it into the room when you want to run trains, and set it against the wall when not in use. Meet Olympia Our project centers on the fictitious Olympia Logging Co., but follows common industrial narrow gauge railroading practices. It can be set just about anywhere that you would find rugged forested countryside. Olympia’s primary…

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it all goes into the box

Track plan at a glance Name: Olympia Logging Co. Scale: On30 (1:48 narrow gauge) Size: 22” x 78” Minimum radius: NA Minimum turnout: Peco On30 code 100 Maximum grade: 6.9 percent Height: 40” Olympia Logging Co. O scale (1:48) Layout size: phase 1 – 22" x 78" phase 2 – 24" x 78" Scale of plan: 3⁄4" = 1'-0", 6" grid Illustration by Rick Johnson + Find more plans online in the ModelRailroader.com Track Plan Database. The plan for our Olympia layout depicts three distinct places, a logging camp, a sawmill, and a junction with a Class-1 railroad. At the top of the hill is the logging camp, which straddles the single-track line. While just the tip of the camp is modeled, represented by a lone skid shack, the track wraps around behind the shack and through the trees, giving the impression that the rest…

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beautiful benchwork

½" plywood Scale of drawing: 5⁄8"=1 foot © 2018 Kalmbach Publishing Co. Model Railroader Video Plus. This material may not be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. www.ModelRailroaderVideoPlus.com To fit in with the rest of the household, the benchwork for Olympia needs to have a certain furniture quality to it. We made our layout from clear board stock. The frame is made with 1 x 4s, and the cross members are a mix of 1 x 2s and 1 x 4s. The ends of the frame are made from 22" x 32"- ½" plywood end panels. These also form the main supports for the shadowbox, as explained in the next section. We built the legs from 1 x 2s and 1 x 3s glued at right angles to form Ls. The…

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shadow box and backdrop

The shadow box and its backdrop create the layout’s diorama quality, and it proved fairly easy to make. As shown in the illustration, I used a simple 1 x 2 frame to connect the tops of the plywood end plates. I then faced the front and left end of the layout with 3/16" tempered hardboard and painted it semigloss black. To fill the big blank space in front of the sector plate, I built a display case. The shallow case is made from a frame of 1 x 3s with a ¼" groove cut into the ends so they can hold a recessed pane of 12½" x 18½" Plexiglas. The frame also has notches cut into it to hold two shelves. I made a door for the back of the case…