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April 2020

Mopar Action is the best-selling Mopar enthusiasts’ magazine on the market today. Mopar Action covers the entire world of Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge vehicles, including classics, muscle cars, race cars, new car road tests, performance tips, technical advice articles, personality profiles, coverage of major Mopar events, restoration advice and club news from around the world. If it’s Mopar—you’ll find it in Mopar Action.

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mopar action

EDITOR Cliff Gromer* cliffgromer@yahoo.com MANAGING EDITOR Geoff Stunkard* ENGINEERING EDITOR Richard Ehrenberg S.A.E.* tech@richardehrenberg.com SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR Anthony “Crec” Crecco* FEATURE EDITOR Jim Koscs* CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER Bill Erdman* CONTRIBUTORS Al Dente*, TheBruntBros* INSTIGATOR Scott Longman* HOT SHOE Kevin Wesley* ART DIRECTOR John Flannery* ON THE COVER: Mind-frying Charger and Fastest Late Model Photos by Cliff Gromer and Geoff Stunkard VP/GROUP PUBLISHER & CONTENT DIRECTOR Nicholas S. Seifert MOPAR ACTION ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Dan Gallo* 845-505-7479 dgallo@moparaction.com DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING Jim Coen 212-478-1949 SENIOR DIRECTOR MARKETING & OPERATIONS Carrie Roeder DIGITAL SALES DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING DIRECTOR Brock Norman MARKETING COORDINATOR/ADMINISTRATOR Maureen Pichner ATHLON MEDIA GROUP Corporate Officers PRESIDENT, CEO Chuck Allen CFO/TREASURER Mary Lee Vanderkooi…

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finally found my niche.

I’VE ALWAYS subscribed to the motto “if you don’t have fun doing what you’re doing—don’t do it.” Which maybe is why I’ve been a fixture at the local unemployment office. The recent newsstand massacre of 19 automotive print titles got me thinking about the fun times I’ve had editing automotive/motorcycle magazines. Included were two on the hit list: Vette, and Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords. But there were a few more editorships I’ve had fun doing over the years. My journalistic foundation is grounded on two pillars: “The Compleat Practical Joker” by H. Allen Smith and the original Mad—the comic book format issues—with features such as Superduperman and Batboy and Rubin. That was all I needed to secure my first job at Countrywide Publications which eventually morphed into Harris Publications. While…

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the busy season

YOU KNOW , I have to say I do love my job. There are a lot of things you could find yourself doing to make an honest buck, some which would be a lot easier to pull off than the mental jelly this vocation requires, but the challenge is fun. Truth be told, Cliff, Rick and I have a respectful understanding of how we all fit into this, and we try hard to make sure that we ourselves jell on each package to result in something worthwhile for you to enjoy. Of course, being the zoomeister is not my only gig. I write and do commentary for Mecum Auctions, just finished my latest book covering the legendary Motown Missile team (see ad on page 77 to buy a signed copy directly…

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my latest junket

CREC’S GREATEST HITS! No, it’s not my latest album of Mopar love songs, it’s me being a broken record and repeating “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” and “watch your butt” because it’s always the little things that will trip you up. Guess what? It’s for a reason. “Junk” is a universal term. It can mean new or what someone spends good money on to find out that it’s garbage. Here is my latest tale of misery related to my ’74 Dart “Plain Jane.” Valvetrain, baby! Hydraulic, solid, roller—ahhhh, the mystical world of it is so awesome. You’ve picked your cam/ lifters and now you are looking at your choices to decide which lucky manufacturer’s pushrods and rockers are gonna be allowed to have first-time sex with that fresh stick…

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reducing braking effort

BRAKING DOWN Hi Richard–You have been gracious enough to help me in the past with a few questions and I was hoping you can come to the rescue again. I have been threatening to finally do a front brake disc conversion on my 1970 Road Runner. It is a manual drum brake, manual steering, 4-speed car. I have been thinking about getting one of the great conversion kits out there, but I am starting to think about the bigger picture. I would like my daughter to be able to drive this car one day and enjoy the Mopar hobby. That means not only disc brakes, but some sort of power assist. My problem is that the 497" engine in the car has a fairly big cam and I don’t think I…

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how to get help:

Address all queries to this address: RICHARD EHRENBERG PO BOX 302 MARLBORO NY 12542 Best bet: Online submission form at moparaction.com GROUND RULES: • If you want to submit your question via email, please use the online submission form at www.moparaction. com. If we ask for more info, send back all existing text, or else! • Snailmail must include a SASE or a cash bribe. • All letters, electronic or otherwise, must include a full name and a least your city and state. You can request that it be withheld, however, and, if we had any the night before, we might even honor your request. • “20 questions” letters instantly get shredded and the scraps forwarded to Mopar Muscle. So–ask one clear question please, we’re a sleazy magazine, not an encyclopedia publisher. We won’t tell you step-by-step…