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Mother & Baby April 2016

Mother & Baby gives you practical, expert answers to all your parenting questions. In each issue, you’ll find everything you need to know as a mum – from essential pregnancy and newborn advice, to information on feeding, weaning and sleeping. And don’t miss the must-have shopping and product guides, produced with the help of our burgeoning army of real-mum testers. MOTHER & BABY gives you the confidence to be the best parent you can possibly be, by helping you make the right choices for you and your baby. With over 50 years of experience, mums & dads know they can trust our advice.

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Is there anything more fun when you’re pregnant than patting your growing bump and dreaming of the tiny person inside? Is it a little girl or a little boy tucked away in there? Of course, it’s easy to find out at your 20-week scan if you really want to, but if you’re enjoying the wondering stage, you’ll love our quiz on page 28 with questions about everything from the temperature of your feet (cold means a boy) to your partner’s waistline (if he’s expanding too it’s a girl). We bet it will be right at least 50 per cent of the time! If your baby’s already here, did you know that your cup size affects breastfeeding? International feeding expert Geraldine Miskin tells us more on page 54, including the best positions…

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gorgeous maternity bra & briefs

Being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up on the way you look and feel, especially if you choose Lorna Drew lingerie. Decorated with Chantilly lace, the soft-cup maternity bra features unique clasps, which allow the cup to be adjusted over three cup sizes. It’s available in sizes 32B–36G and costs £43. Matching briefs, which fit discreetly under your bump, come in sizes XS–XL, £16. Find them at johnlewis.com. To enter our giveaway visit winit.motherandbaby.co.ukby 22 March 2016, see website for terms and conditions.…

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read all about it with m&b

At Mother&Baby we know that this is such an exciting time and there’s so much to discover that sometimes one magazine isn’t enough. So to help, we’ve created not one but two books! Pregnancy Milestones will take you through your journey week by week, and Baby Milestones will help you enjoy every moment of your baby’s first year. Priced £12.99 each, you can buy them for £9 each, plus free UK P&P. Call 01903 828503 quoting, Pregnancy/ HAM44 or Baby/HAM45. Subject to availability, allow seven days for delivery.…

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take it from me…

Former Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan shares some of the highs and lows she’s experienced since becoming a mum to Matilda, seven months. ‘Sometimes it’s not easy having a newborn, but I feel so blessed to have my baby girl and, with everyone reminding me how quickly it goes, I’m remembering to cherish every moment. Matilda won’t be small forever. ‘I’ve been breastfeeding Matilda and while it’s fantastic now, I found it very difficult at the start. I would have given up very early on had I not discovered nipple shields. My advice to anyone struggling with a painful latch is to try some. I used them for about two months until I had got my confidence and without them we wouldn’t be where we are now. ‘We’re now on to the next…

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feel confident in the pool

As well as being a fun way to play and bond, learning to swim is an important life skill for your little one, and a great way of exercising for you. But a recent survey has revealed that 32 per cent of new mums won’t take their babies and children swimming, as they feel too vulnerable in swimwear. If this sounds familiar, try Bohn’s new range of mix-and-match, cover-up swimwear that includes swim leggings, skirts, shorts and T-shirts, so you can cover up as much or as little as you like. Prices from £13.50, bohn.uk.com.…

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chewing it over

It may be the most natural way of feeding your baby, but breastfeeding can be challenging. Here lactation consultant Katherine Fisher shares her top tips to help nursing mothers. ‘If your baby is putting his fists in his mouth, it doesn’t necessarily mean he is hungry, as babies also need to suck for comfort. Pre-feeding and post-feeding behaviour often looks the same, which can lead to you feeling uncertain about whether your baby wants to feed for longer. ‘It would be entirely normal following a good breastfeed, expressed breastmilk feed, or artificial milk feed for your baby to begin sucking or gnawing his hands and turning his head as if he wants to feed again. This behaviour looks the same as when he is hungry and definitely does want to feed. Try…