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Mother & Baby gives you practical, expert answers to all your parenting questions. In each issue, you’ll find everything you need to know as a mum – from essential pregnancy and newborn advice, to information on feeding, weaning and sleeping. And don’t miss the must-have shopping and product guides, produced with the help of our burgeoning army of real-mum testers. MOTHER & BABY gives you the confidence to be the best parent you can possibly be, by helping you make the right choices for you and your baby. With over 50 years of experience, mums & dads know they can trust our advice.

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Hello! Stuff making new year resolutions in January – I reckon most of us mums keep those big life-changing decisions until now. With layers of clothes ditched and our kids toddling about in the garden looking for ladybirds again, we’ve finally got a moment to stop, think, and work out what we want to do differently this year. And a little bit of sunshine makes it all seem possible! One thing I’ve learnt since becoming a mum is that, mostly, it’s the teeny-tiny changes that can make the biggest difference. A friend pointed out last week that all the things about my daughter’s feisty character that I’m finding challenging right now, are exactly what I’ll be celebrating when she’s an adult – and with that small change of view, I’m coping…

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Cuppa, anyone? Meeting up with other mums can be a huge boost when you’re on maternity leave and, if you fancy expanding your circle of mum-mates, head to Medela’s Big Breastfeeding Café. The annual event takes place on 1 May this year, and invites mums to host their own breastfeeding café in their home or community. To help, you’ll get a free pack with everything you need to get started, including invitations, treats, tea and biscuits! Email medela mums@gmail.com for details. Fuss-free feeding Made of 100 per cent bamboo and BPA-free silicone, the Organic Bamboo Bowl Set will keep mealtimes mess-free, with an extra strong suction base to help it stay firmly fixed to the table. £17.99, bubba-boo.com M & B loves Who Did This Poo? is a matching and memory game that will leave…

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giovanna fletcher

When Team M&B asked me to share my smartest mum-hacks with you this month, I had a little chuckle to myself. Smart is not something I’ve felt very often since becoming a mum. Or, rather, I use my head in a different way to what I did before, so when I sit and listen to someone like Brain Cox talk about black holes, my mind fails to process his words at all! In fact, it shuts down as though it’s been stunned into its own black hole of white noise. Yes, smart as a mum might mean not thinking you’re smart. Yet, you somehow manage to pick up a whole new bunch of skills, tricks and hacks to make everyone’s life a little easier. And this is all the smarts you…

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join our #mumtribe

Here at M&B HQ, we’ve been getting pretty tired of seeing all those too-good-to-be-true family photos on social, so we thought we’d gather all of us real mums together, and do something about it! #mumtribe is where real mums like you and us get together to share what life is really like as a mum. It’s a closed Facebook group, so only other mums who’ve signed up can see what you post. And we pop all the photos into a gallery so you can see that life for all of us other mums is just the same as it is for you. Which we reckon will help us all feel like we’re doing a fab job at this mum business, instead of wondering why our lives seem so chaotic next…

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and, relax…

Perfect timing! I’d just sat down with a well-earned coffee and some cake when I heard my copy of Mother&Baby drop through the letterbox. After a year of putting myself last, I now ensure I put the housework aside for 10 minutes when my baby Clara, two, naps. I hated how it was impossible to do everything in the hour-and-a-half that she slept: all the normal housework, plus the jobs that had built up while she was little, when I wanted to nap when she did, and nothing got done at all! I now know it’s not possible or necessary to be Supermum. It’s more important to be happy and relaxed, and accept that those drawers full of the stuff I’ve hidden out of sight will get sorted – eventually! ADRIENNE…

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Meet my little boy, Harland, seven months. He loves any food I set down in front of him – I’m yet to find something he doesn’t like! CHLÖE SPRATT, NORTHERN IRELAND Here’s my baby girl Evelyn, four months old. I adore getting my Mother&Baby magazine every month, and I’d love to see my baby girl featured in the next issue! Emma Franklin, Chester Food fun A huge thank you for all the words of wisdom from M&B mums, who’ve given me invaluable support through a long and difficult pregnancy and beyond. This is my little meatball Henry, seven months, living his best life in a bowl of spaghetti. I love receiving Mother&Baby through the door every month, and will be cooking up some of the weaning recipes in the March issue. As you can see,…