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Mother & Baby February 2016

Mother & Baby gives you practical, expert answers to all your parenting questions. In each issue, you’ll find everything you need to know as a mum – from essential pregnancy and newborn advice, to information on feeding, weaning and sleeping. And don’t miss the must-have shopping and product guides, produced with the help of our burgeoning army of real-mum testers. MOTHER & BABY gives you the confidence to be the best parent you can possibly be, by helping you make the right choices for you and your baby. With over 50 years of experience, mums & dads know they can trust our advice.

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mother&baby welcome

Welcome to the new-look MotherandBaby! We’ve had a makeover, and I hope you’ll love it as much as we do. We’ve got lots of fresh ideas in here for you. Our new series It Only Happens in Pregnancy kicks off with rollercoaster sex drives. In Expert Essentials, every month we ask a specialist to show us the kit they couldn’t live without. We’ve also got more fun ways to help you make the most of your time with your baby in Out & About, plus some super-easy craft ideas. But while we’re new and improved, we haven’t forgotten what it is that makes us special, so we’ve still got the best expert advice in the parenting market. This month we’ve got a fabulous, eight-page special from speech therapist Nicola Lathey on the…

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remembering the good times...

All those cuddles, giggles and love means there’s lots of good stuff to think about when you become a mum – and the same goes for your baby. Scientists have found that tots are much more likely to remember the times when they are happy rather than when they are sad. In a study, researchers spoke to babies in either an angry, happy or neutral voice, then showed the baby a shape. The next day the babies were tested on the shapes they had seen the day before, and the researchers worked out how much time the babies spent looking at them. The study, published in the journal Infant Behaviour and Development, found that the babies preferred to look at the shapes they associated with happy voices, and had trouble…

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take it from me…

In the first of a new series in which celebrities share their parenting advice, we talk to TV presenter Laura Hamilton. She fronts Channel 4’s A Place in The Sun, and is mum to Tahlia, eight months, and Rocco, two. I always knew that I wanted to have two children, and I wanted them to be as close in age as possible. As a result, Rocco was only about eight months old when I became pregnant again with Tahlia. My best advice is that if you’re expecting your second child, make any changes to your older one’s routine before the baby comes along so he doesn’t associate any disruption with the new arrival. With that in mind, we decided to get Rocco into his own bed. With a new baby coming, I didn’t want…

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feathered friends

Toddlers love making new friends, so why not welcome a few visitors to your garden on these cold winter days? Birds are particularly needy at this time of year, but you and your toddler can help by putting up a birdhouse where they can shelter and keep warm. You could also make a ‘birdcake’. Just take some seeds, grated cheese, raisins and peanuts, and mix with some grated lard. Wash out a yoghurt pot, put a hole in the bottom, tie a string though it, then stuff it with your mix, and chill in the fridge. Now hang it in the garden, somewhere you can see from your window, and watch as the birds come flocking!…

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not to be sniffed at!

If you already have a toddler and are expecting again, or if your new baby has just arrived, one of the things you’re bound to be thinking about is how your children will get along. Well, here’s something you can try to help your older child get over any feelings of jealousy and sibling rivalry – get him to sniff the top of your new baby’s head! Scientists have found that newborns release special chemicals called pheromones from the top of their heads. If you encourage your toddler, or even an older child, to sniff the head regularly, it will calm down any aggressive instincts he has towards the newcomer, and automatically encourage him to be protective of the new baby. This lets you relax more around the two of them,…

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rebecca adlington my baby diary

It’s amazing how much Summer has come on in the last few weeks, and incredible how much she’s changed! We were so excited for her to roll over, then for her to sit up. But now she’s started pushing up on all fours and trying to crawl. Each step is so amazing, but then there’s always another one right after it. This morning I put Summer down with a pile of toys and she shuffled straight to Harry’s yogurt pot that he’d put on the floor. When he picked that up, she crawled over to my laptop. And then straight to the remote. Now she’s so interested in the world, I really want to start doing more with her – so that’s my first resolution. We do go for walks and…