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Motor Boat & Yachting April 2019

Published by TI Media Limited Motor Boat & Yachting is Europe's best motor boating magazine. It's also the oldest, with a history dating back to 1904. Our long experience makes our boat tests the most authoritative in the business and means our technical coverage is without equal. Each month we cover the best new boats on the market, cruising areas that are both practical and inspirational, and the latest boating developments and training. Core editorial focuses on boats up to 80ft, but we also venture beyond the 80ft barrier in our monthly Custom Yachting pages.

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It would be easy to be pessimistic about the future of motor boating – easy but wrong. Sure, there are plenty of threats looming over our sport, ranging from the shift against diesel to the restrictions on copper-based antifouling and the ever increasing cost of ownership, but if there’s one thing that history has taught us, it’s that humans are remarkably good at finding solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Take a look at the stories in this month’s ‘Future of Boating’ special issue and you’ll see what I mean. Our sea trial of SILENT YACHTS’ new solar-powered motor cat, for instance, demonstrates this isn’t just another clever concept craft but a very real, very quiet, very comfortable production cruiser. Admittedly, we couldn’t verify its full speed or range using solar power…

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this month’s 10

1 LEXUS REVEALS FIRST PRODUCTION BOAT Lexus has released renderings of the LY650, its first proper production boat. Dubbed ‘the third Lexus flagship’, LY stands for Luxury Yacht, linking it to the flagship LS (Luxury Saloon) and LC (Luxury Coupé) range of cars. The 650 refers to its length, which at 65ft 5in keeps the LOA pegged to just under 20 metres. Engine options have also been announced — either twin Volvo Penta IPS1200s (900hp) or IPS1350s (1,000hp). The company is remaining tight lipped about the interior layout but the one image released so far shows a galley aft main deck layout with a conventional aft cockpit. But it’s the exterior of the boat that is particularly striking. The renderings show a very elegant looking craft finished in metallic shades of bronze. The generous…

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cruising life

At the end of last season, we managed a foray along the Brittany coast to L’Aber Wrac’h, the last deep-water haven before the tip of Finistère turns south towards Brest. This far corner of France feels wild and remote, but a friendly anticyclone and a glassy sea softened the vibes as we creamed past Île Vierge lighthouse towards L’Aber Wrac’h entrance. The low coast is barricaded by rocks and islets for two miles offshore and it’s tricky to see a way in until you pick up Le Libenter west-cardinal buoy at the mouth of the L’Aber Wrac’h channel. In the calm conditions Libenter’s normally piercing whistle was only a faint grunt on our approach from due north. Arriving before low water around midday, we decided to anchor for lunch before going into…

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the boataholic

It always feels a long winter once Smuggler’s Blues 2 is ashore. Safely chocked up on the banks of the River Dart, it sits with soft furnishings removed, heaters gently warming its nether regions (an oil-filled radiator on a thermostat in the cabin and a bar heater permanently wafting a little warmth around the engine space). There’s a dehumidifier in the cabin, too, a Meaco DD8L desiccant unit that ‘sniffs’ the air and kicks in whenever humidity levels increase, draining into the galley sink to avoid the need to empty it regularly. The big cockpit canopy is off, a flat tonneau cover keeping the cockpit dark, dry and protected. Truth is, there’s little reason to visit the boat until it’s time to recommission ready for the season, but I do anyway,…

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collecting fine wines

My passion for wine was nurtured by my parents, as at the weekend they always shared a decent bottle of claret with our meal. In 1974, on my 21st birthday, I asked my father to buy me a bottle of 1961 Gruaud-Larose, which cost a mere £5 at the time. He somewhat diluted the gift by buying a case for himself, one of which still lies in my cellar. My interest is to some extent a corollary of my love of food and cooking. My wife is very understanding in ceding control of the kitchen, and most evenings I am the one to cook dinner, at home or on the boat. Naturally I chose the most appropriate wine from my collection to serve with our meal. In my youth, I enjoyed…

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your mby

BLISTERING BARNACLES Could you give me some advice on antifouling propellers and pods? Last year I had to take my 50ft powerboat out of the water during the season for lack of speed. When it was lifted there was extensive fouling and encrustation of the propellers and pods, despite the fact that the pods (but not the propellers) had been antifouled. I was told that Propspeed was a way to stop it but others I have spoken to have said it’s not all it’s talked up to be. Can you give me some advice on this? Michael Slack Propellers are the hardest part of any boat to protect for two reasons: firstly because most antifouling paints contain copper compounds, which cause a galvanic reaction with the metal alloy of the propeller; and secondly because it’s…