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If you love fast cars and everything surrounding them, then MOTOR is the magazine for you. From the hottest new cars to the wildest tuner vehicles, through the people who build, buy, race and repair them, MOTOR shines a spotlight on the late model car enthusiast lifestyle. Through 60 years of heritage MOTOR has built up a reputation as the car enthusiast’s bible.

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andy enright

AUDI’S QUATTRO STORY WAS already 14 years old when I bought my first. It was a Coupe GT quattro, narrow body, with an atmo 2.2-litre lump and finished in Lago metallic. It had been impounded by UK customs as part of a drugs confiscation and offloaded to auction. Fortunately, I knew the security guard at the block who, for the price of a deep-pan Hawaiian, agreed to swap the plug leads round so that the thing went hiccupping and farting through the sale with no bidders other than yours truly. Sorry, your Maj, won’t happen again. It was the first of a few quattro models I’d end up owning, and it was undoubtedly my favourite. With just 100kW at its elbow, it was no ball of fire, with a power-to-weight ratio…

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pace notes

01 ELECTRIC SAVIOUR KIWI INGENUITY HAS CREATED A MONSTER IN A MOVE SURE to hack off purists everywhere, Kiwi rally ace Hayden Paddon has built a vicious electric racing machine that takes its basis from Hyundai’s Kona small SUV, but has the firepower to blow infamously powerful Group B rally cars out of the water. The chassis, design, engineering, aerodynamics, suspension, steering, cooling, and electrics were all completed in New Zealand by Paddon’s team. While there was an element of factory backing to the project, the Kona EV rally car was built by a squad of just seven people – no truckload of engineers here. Dubbed Paddon Rallysport, the team is small but dedicated, and the eponymous driver who leads the squad said he wants it to compete internationally by the end of…

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02 incoming! 2021 subaru brz revealed

BRZ Gen 2 TORQUE TO THE HAND AN ALL-NEW rear-drive affordable sports coupe is always cause for celebration here at MOTOR and they don’t get much better than the Subaru BRZ. It’s been with us for nearly nine years now, and its replacement is slated to arrive in Australia in late ‘21. Here’s the changes that mean the bigger, faster BRZ ought to get your attention. 01 LOWER, LEANER, STIFFER Its wheelbase is five millimetres longer than the previous car, the body is 22mm longer and the roof is 10mm lower than before. Additionally, Subaru says torsional rigidity is improved by 50 per cent, while use of aluminium in the roof, quarter panels and bonnet has allowed the bigger 2021 BRZ to remain within 4-12kg of the original, depending on specification. 02 EXTRA DISPLACEMENT The 2021…

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03 hamilton by the numbers

WHEN LEWIS HAMILTON crossed the line at the end of a chaotic Turkish Grand Prix, sealing his seventh world drivers’ championship, a question rippled through motorsport circles the world over – is he the greatest racing driver to ever live? Now sitting equal with the great Michael Schumacher on championship titles, and with the most grand prix victories and pole positions in history, Hamilton’s place in the pantheon of F1 legends requires careful consideration. And it’s not just Michael Schumacher that Hamilton must be measured against, but also the likes of Juan Manuel Fangio, and Jim Clark, who crushed the opposition in Formula 1’s formative decades. While the ‘greatest of all time’ debate is a largely subjective one, the data and numbers behind Hamilton’s 14 seasons and seven titles make a compelling…

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04 the porsches you won’t see in 2021

CAR MAKERS don’t do this sort of thing very often. In releasing the ‘Porsche Unseen’ book, which chronicles 15 projects that never saw production, the German company has shone a light on a rarely seen part of the vehicle development process. Yes, show cars come and go without ever opening the order books, but they’re invariably pure publicity plays designed to capture column inches or act as a method of exposing new design language to the court of public opinion. Porsche sees things differently. It has never been a manufacturer particularly short on self-confidence, and it’s clearly not shy of design talent either, as many of the spiked concepts from Porsche Unseen would probably make the highlight reels for other manufacturers. For the 120+ designers at Porsche Design Studio in Weissach, the…

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03 of weissach’s spiked stories

Porsche BEHIND THE SCENES PORSCHE VISION SPYDER IF YOU TAKE ONE THING from the design of the frankly gorgeous Vision Spyder, just fixate on that exoskeleton of a roll bar. The study was intended to develop the design identity of Porsche and provide a pool of ideas for further consideration, with the roll bar being key. The cockpit is ultra-pared back while the colour, the proportions and details like the suggestion of rear fins and the slatted rear radiator grilles are all reminiscent of the iconic 1954 Porsche 550-1500 RS Spyder. PORSCHE VISION RENNDIENST PEOPLE MOVERS aren’t what we tend to expect out of Weissach, but Porsche prefers to call it a ‘family-friendly space for up to six persons’. The purpose of this study was to see whether Porsche’s design DNA could be successfully transferred…