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If you love fast cars and everything surrounding them, then MOTOR is the magazine for you. From the hottest new cars to the wildest tuner vehicles, through the people who build, buy, race and repair them, MOTOR shines a spotlight on the late model car enthusiast lifestyle. Through 60 years of heritage MOTOR has built up a reputation as the car enthusiast’s bible.

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front end. ed’s note

LEWIS HAMILTON sits opposite me in the Wing complex at Silverstone, head down. I think he’s scrolling through Instagram. He nods an appreciative acknowledgement that I’m leaving him to his own devices and not badgering him for a selfie or trying to engage him in vacuous conversation. I feel a moment of guilt that, as a journalist, I should be angling for an exclusive, but that’s probably why I don’t work for a tabloid. I’m often surprised at just how personable many big names remain. Please excuse the clangy name-drops but Ian Callum chatted about car design for an hour while waiting for a man to mend his washing machine. Sir Stirling Moss drove me up the hill at Goodwood in a Maserati Birdcage back when I was a rookie journalist,…

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01 vorsprung durch electrotechnik

AUDI’S CEO MARKUS Duesmann announced last month that the company would cease research and development of ‘new’ internal combustion engines, though will continue to update its existing powerplant lineup. Speaking to German news outlet Automobilewoche, he said “The EU plans for an even stricter Euro 7 emissions standard that is technically a huge challenge with little benefit for the environment at the same time. This extremely restricts the combustion engine.” Audi confirmed it “will no longer develop a new internal combustion engine, but will adapt our existing internal combustion engines to new emission guidelines.” Audi has previously committed to offering 20 new electric models by 2025, but has yet to go all-in and commit to a similar strategy to Volvo, Jaguar and Bentley, who have all announced their intentions to go all-electric…

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02 vale sabine schmitz (1969-2021)

IT’S A RARE PLEASURE to see somebody doing what they were absolutely meant to do. For most of us, life has a way of making those moments vanishingly fleet, but for anybody who spent much time at the Nürburgring, it was virtually guaranteed. Sabine Schmitz was that person, emerging from the Ring Taxi with a smile broader than many of the paying customers, ready to take the next trio of nervous blokes on what would likely be the most exciting eight-and-a-half minutes of their lives. The Schmitz family have long been part of the very fabric of Nürburg. The local economy is lubricated by petrochemicals and beer, and Getränke Schmitz, founded by Günter Schmitz back in 1956, had wrapped up the latter, selling wholesale and delivering beverages to events. The family…

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03 no more mr compromise

AS FAR AS challenging jobs in the motoring industry go, Andreas Preuninger’s role as boss of Porsche’s GT sportscars division has to be one of the hardest. Electrification of modern cars in the near future is seen as an inevitability by most in the industry. Not Preuninger, who on a media call with Australian journalists remained defiant about when Porsche’s GT cars will go hybrid. This is a challenge not only because of ever-tightening emissions regulations (which Preuninger says Porsche is being “strangled” by) but also due to the company’s self-imposed goals. Porsche has committed to being entirely carbon neutral as a company by 2030. This extends to the batteries it purchases from third parties, with CEO Oliver Blume being blunt about how it will affect the company’s relationships with other businesses. “In the…

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04 changing of the guard

A NEW ERA of performance sedans is about to begin, with the three German powerhouses of Mercedes-AMG, Audi RS, and BMW M moving into the full-electric segment, and using hybrid power to offset dwindling cylinder counts. AMG is a perfect encapsulation of this inevitable change. Previously a key accelerator of the power wars amongst the German manufacturers (and the remaining V8 hold-out in the mid-size performance sedan segment), the in-house tuners for Mercedes-Benz are about to ditch one of its most popular engines and also build its first performance EV. Speaking to US outlet Car & Driver, the head engineer for the new C-Class, Christian Früh, said the entire family of models will be powered by four-cylinder engines es exclusively. Yes, even those with AMG badges on the boot. That means no…

4 min.
05 615kw pagani huayra r: the quest for the perfect engine note

IF YOU THINK the current crop of race cars are all a bit too anodyne, with too much aero and not enough auditory theatrics, then you and Horacio Pagani probably have something in common. Instead of bemoaning the trend, Mr Pagani went and built a track-only weapon that lives up to his lofty expectations – the bonkers 615kW Pagani Huayra R. Limited to 30 examples, the Huayra R takes on where the ridiculous Zonda R left off in 2008 and promises to be “the most extreme and performance-oriented Pagani of all time” according to Horacio Pagani. Answering to no regulations, the Huayra R is far more than a technical case study; but a romantic ode to internal-combustion performance inspired by historic racing greats. The centrepiece is its engine: a free-breathing naturally aspirated 6.0-litre V12…