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Multihulls Today Fall 2017

MQ-Multihulls Quarterly is the only magazine published in North America for multihull enthusiasts, both power and sail. Created by the publishers of Blue Water Sailing magazine, MQ offers news and notes from around the multihull world, in depth reviews of new multihulls and relevant gear and equipment, and offers great personal stories from sailors and cruisers all around the world who spend their time on the water aboard their multihulls – either catamarans or trimarans.

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are foils in your future?

The spectacle of the America’s Cup races in June with the New Zealand crew thumping the U.S. defenders gave us a good look at how far designers, builders and sailors have come with foiling technology. For the cats to be flying around the race course, often at speeds three or four times the speed of the wind, was mind boggling. So, we have to ask ourselves, “Is this a look at the future of sailing for all of us?” Foiling is not exactly a new concept. In Europe, fast ferry boats have run on hydrofoils for decades. In the quest for the sailing speed record, designers and engineers have long used wing sails and foils to get maximum performance. The sailing trimaran Hydroptere has been riding foils for a decade and…

9 min
america’s cup 35 wrap up

The America’s Cup remains the longest standing trophy in international sport and with all of the traditions that go with that history, the 35th running of the event will be remembered for one salient fact: Team Emirates New Zealand got their mojo back! The 2017 America’s Cup actually started on the day of the tenth race of America’s Cup 34 in San Francisco. The NZ team had built an eight to one lead and needed only one more race to clinch the Cup from the U.S. defenders. But it wasn’t to be. The American boat had been slower and lower for the first nine races but in the tenth race, after some secret alterations to their boat, they eked out a victory. And then, Jimmy Spithill and company ran the table…

7 min
set up your multihull for diving

As sailors, many of us have a genetic predisposition for adventure and exploration. We love to take on what nature serves up and are confident in our skills to deal with those challenges. We sail hundreds and thousands of miles to new (to us) lands and cultures; some even cross oceans and circle the globe. In a sense one could look at this adventure as occurring in a two-dimensional space on the surface of the earth. SCUBA diving on the other hand allows this adventure to take place in a three-dimensional space below the surface of the earth, or at least below the oceans’ surface. And that three dimensional space is awe-inspiring. We sample some of this space when we snorkel, but this world below the surface really opens up for…

8 min
discovering denmark by tri

There are some destinations that sailors gravitate towards again and again: the Caribbean, the Med, and other bodies of water linked by their warm temperatures and steady breezes. Then there are others, sometimes at higher latitudes, that reward the efforts of those who make the journey by yielding picturesque cruising grounds, uncrowded harbors, and interesting sailing conditions. Our recent journey to the Baltic Sea, with my parents Steve and Sandy Parks and my brother Ian, where we cruised the Danish waters off the southern and western coasts of the island of Fyn, provided all three of the latter features in spades. Quorning Boats, the builder of the Dragonfly line of trimarans, makes its home outside the small city of Fredericia, a two-and-a half-hour drive west of Copenhagen. Quorning maintains a couple…

9 min
dragonfly 28 “touring”

In early June, we had the opportunity to cruise on a Dragonfly 28 “Touring” in Denmark’s “South Sea”. After a full week of sailing with the entire family over hundreds of miles, varied weather conditions, and multiple harbors, we got to know the boat, (and our family) very well. We have sailed on a similarly sized trimaran for years in the Northeast United States. While we have often raced against Dragonflys, we had never sailed on one, and were excited to find out more. After spending a week with this boat, we can honestly say we leave very impressed. This is a great compact cruiser: fun to sail, particularly in a breeze, but comfortable and full of cruising amenities. What impressed us most aside from the boat’s performance, were numerous little design…

7 min
tales from the dark side

No sails? No problem. Well, maybe just a little embarrassment from the lack of a stick. Welcoming the chance to review a new Leopard power catamaran, I chartered a Moorings 433, which is a Leopard 43 with three cabins. The testing grounds were to be the paradise of the British Virgin Islands, so how could I say no? Feeling a bit odd—the rare stinkpot in a sea of blow boats—we picked up the boat at The Moorings location in Tortola, possibly the busiest charter base in the world. A sailor for 30 years, I kept looking up at the non-existent sails, only to realize I was already at the highest point of the boat on a fabulously appointed flybridge. This was going to take some getting used to. FASTER, FASTER! Once out on…