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Multihulls Today Fall 2018

MQ-Multihulls Quarterly is the only magazine published in North America for multihull enthusiasts, both power and sail. Created by the publishers of Blue Water Sailing magazine, MQ offers news and notes from around the multihull world, in depth reviews of new multihulls and relevant gear and equipment, and offers great personal stories from sailors and cruisers all around the world who spend their time on the water aboard their multihulls – either catamarans or trimarans.

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throttling back for safety and comfort

A COUPLE OF FALLS AGO, I HAD THE GOOD FORTUNE TO SAIL aboard the Outremer 51 Archer with her then owners Julie and Rick Palm in the Salty Dawg Fall Rally from Hampton, VA to the British Virgin Islands. The 51 is a modern, light and very fast cruising cat and on our first day at sea the boat really showed her speed potential. We had just cleared the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and shaped a course southeast to the spot where we wanted to cross the Gulf Stream off Cape Hatteras. The wind was in the northeast and piping at 15 knots or so. With full main and genoa, Archer got the bit in her teeth and accelerated. Soon we had 16 to 18 knots regularly on the…

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back to the future in the tf 10

As the world watched the Kiwis slaughter the American defenders in the last America’s Cup finals in Bermuda last year, we all got a glimpse of just how far foiling in multihulls has come. And, as will all things developed at the leading edge of technology and boat racing, the ideas that are successful, like foiling, start to trickle down to the rest of the sailing community. We’re now seeing foils on everything from kite surfing boats, to surfboards to Lasers and more. There’s even a kind of perpetual motion surfboard that you can ride long distances after you have got a boost from a wave and pumping up and down with your weight to activate the lift of the foil. It looks like fun. Into this cacophony of foiling, enters the…

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a plague of sargassum in the caribbean

This year the incidences of large patches of Sargasso Weed or Sargassum in the Caribbean and along the North Coast of South America have been more numerous than in the past decade or more. Beaches are fouled, anchorages are clogged, sea life is perishing and no one knows what to do about it. Sargassum is normally a resident sea flora of the great Sargasso Sea that lies in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. The sea is bounded by strong ocean currents on all sides and acts as a kind of catchall for flotsam and jetsam in the ocean. Sargassum itself is the home of and spawning flora for hundreds of sea creatures and even plays a role in the annual migration of eels from all over North America and…

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mainsails for multihulls

Designing and building a mainsail for a multihull is a very different process than building one for a monohull and the reason for this can be summed up in a single world; beam. The relatively wide beam of most multihulls allows for a different rig configuration and it also means that a multihull will have a lot more stability making it very hard for a boat owner to know when to take a reef. This uncertainty has to be engineered into the sail because loads on a multihull main can be up to twice those of a comparable monohull. In other words, they are very different sails. Let’s start by looking at the rig configuration because that’s where the shape and size of the mainsail is determined. Many multihulls are rigged…

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chartering in the abacos, bahamas: what to know before you go

If you’re considering a yacht charter in the Abaco out islands of the Bahamas, I’m here to tell you it’s an easy decision! Having just completed my second Abacos charter, I can’t say enough positive things about this spectacular cruising ground. As much as I’d love to keep it a best-kept secret, I simply can’t stop talking about it. As a first-time charterer years ago, the British Virgin Islands seemed the obvious choice – easy line-of-sight navigation, deep waters, and rave reviews to boot. Ten years and many charters later, I had been to the BVI several times, and St. Martin twice, and I still say neither destination ever gets old. But after hearing reports of the stunning and very different cruising grounds found in the Abacos, it was time to…

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popular anchorages

NORTH CRUISING AREA GREEN TURTLE CAY – A charterer favorite offering lots to see and explore. The lovely small village of New Plymouth is located at Settlement Harbour, but it’s best to anchor just outside the harbor and dinghy in. For a longer stay, enter White sound just to the north and pick up a mooring. Here, you’ll find two resorts to visit. Be sure to make the walk to the other side of the bluff at the Bluff House Resort for a lovely beach and a visit to the Green Turtle Club. This is a great place to rent a golf cart to explore the entire island! NO NAME CAY – A perfect day stop for visiting the famed “swimming pigs” of the Abacos. Anchor out and dinghy to shore. Be…