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Multihulls Today Fall 2015

MQ-Multihulls Quarterly is the only magazine published in North America for multihull enthusiasts, both power and sail. Created by the publishers of Blue Water Sailing magazine, MQ offers news and notes from around the multihull world, in depth reviews of new multihulls and relevant gear and equipment, and offers great personal stories from sailors and cruisers all around the world who spend their time on the water aboard their multihulls – either catamarans or trimarans.

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need for speed

In mid-October, following the annual Annapolis sailboat show, MQ got the chance to get out sailing on the new Dragonfly 25 trimaran from Denmark. See the review on page 37. At one point during our sail, the wind picked up in a squall to 18 knots and we got the little tri cooking along at nearly 15 knots of boat speed. The rush of the water by the hulls, the wind in our faces and the exhilaration of the rapid acceleration as the wind built was entirely thrilling. Sailing a super performance multihull in a good breeze and on flat water is sailing at its best. Fifteen knots may seem like a lot of boat speed in a 25 foot sailboat but these days that is not really all that fast.…

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first world record for a non-stop sail of the northeast passage

“I’M SO ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD. It’s such an unbelievable moment. Even two months ago, I wouldn’t have imagined I could have a moment like this. It is a moment that could only happen in a dream. I feel very proud of myself and my crew”, said Chinese skipper Guo Chuan after he and his international crew set the first World Record for a non-stop sail of the Northeast Passage in the Arctic Ocean on September 15, 2015. The crew of Qingdao China consisted of Boris Herrmann, the youngest team member, who hails from Germany while Jochen Krauth and Quentin Monegier are from France and Sergei Nizovtsev from Russia. Tim Frank, from Germany, served as the media crew member on the boat. On September 3, the crew departed from Murmansk,…

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update on the international flying phantom class

“WHEN YOU succeed in getting the boat to foil, it feels like being on a flying carpet flying over the water,” said Phantom sailor Markus Nielsen. The 18-foot foiling catamaran is based on Martin Fischer’s design and has been developed by Alex Udin, Franck Cammas and the Groupama sailing team. The boat has “L” shaped foils and “T” shaped rudders which provides pitch and heave stability in full flight as well as speed in light breeze. The boat’s hulls are constructed from carbon and epoxy and sports a tapered mast built of high resistance carbon prepreg, reinforced with high modulus carbon for additional stiffness sideways and cured in an Autoclave. The boat is sailed with a main, jib and masthead high aspect Code 0. This September, Danish sailing elite gathered in Aarhus,…

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bermuda hosts ac louis vuitton event

Little Bermuda, stuck way out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean all alone, found itself very much in the America’s Cup spotlight in mid-October. The Louis Vuitton Challenge Series, the events ramping up to the 2017 America’s Cup Challenge, brought all six teams to the Onion Patch for a three day regatta. This was the third such regatta this year. While Bermuda is the host country for the Cup, this was the first time all six teams have sailed together in the watery arena that is the venue for the actual Cup challenge. The events are sailed in the AC 45 foiling cats that give the sailors a good simulation of the sailing characteristics of the new AC boats that will be built for the finals. The race course in Bermuda…

13 min
chris white’s world

MQ Interview MastFoils Yacht designer Chris White, from South Dartmouth, MA, has been building and designing cruising multihulls since he was a teenager. With more than 50 of his well known Atlantic cats built over the last 30 years on a custom and semi-custom basis and dozens of other unique designs out sailing around the world, he has become one of the most influential designers of cruising boats of his generation. With a passion for good sailing performance and a keen eye for innovation, White has pioneered new deck and cabin layouts, new construction techniques and new cruising rigs that make life simpler for cruising couples. His designs have sailed more than a million miles and continue to carry their owners to the world’s best and most exotic cruising grounds. MQ caught up with…

12 min
passage from bonaire

Our winter cruise in the Caribbean is drawing to a close. Our passage from the Chesapeake to the British Virgin Islands with cruising friends in the Salty Dawg Rally seems so long ago. Cruising the Virgin Islands, both British and U.S. with friends and family visiting, followed by a passage down to Bonaire, and two months diving in Bonaire, has given us a pretty full six month stay in the Caribbean. But, we are approaching mid-April and it is time to head North. We are ready to be back home in the Chesapeake to enjoy the beautiful springtime there and, of course, to reconnect with family and friends. DEPARTING BONAIRE We are sitting on a mooring, the same one we’ve been on for two months, off the colorful and very European town…