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Multihulls Today Winter 2016

MQ-Multihulls Quarterly is the only magazine published in North America for multihull enthusiasts, both power and sail. Created by the publishers of Blue Water Sailing magazine, MQ offers news and notes from around the multihull world, in depth reviews of new multihulls and relevant gear and equipment, and offers great personal stories from sailors and cruisers all around the world who spend their time on the water aboard their multihulls – either catamarans or trimarans.

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do catamarans flip?

In all the enthusiasm that has surrounded the surge in interest and press surrounding multihull sailing in the past few years, the discussion of multihulls flipping over has been fairly muted. The questions still remains: Are you in danger of flipping over when you go out sailing on a catamaran or trimaran? Certainly, there are plenty of famous pictures of high performance multihulls flipping over. There was the dramatic sequence many saw during the last America’s Cup when Artemis Racing flipped over during a practice run and crewman Bart Simpson lost his life. We have seen the images and video of the MOD 70s racing off Ireland when one of the 70 foot trimarans buried the leeward ama’s bow and cartwheeled right over. And that was in 15 knots of wind. Small cats…

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replace those old tramps

Polyester nets on cats and tris have a lifespan of about five to seven years of UV degradation before they need to be replaced, but much shorter if you use Clorox based cleaners on them. In this series of pictures, Etienne Gioire, who supplies replacement tramps through his Company ATN Inc. replaces one on a Privilege 615. 1. The net is 10 percent smaller than the hole and made of Polyamide (polyester) with ½ inch squares. It is attached to the four corners first. This size is the most comfortable size underfoot. 2. The net is lashed with 3/16th covered polyester line. And each lashing is separate. Poor installations will simply use a single line along each side but this will fail in months of use. Single lashings are much stronger. 3. The…

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the world match tour heads to newport, ri this spring

After the success of the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Newport, RI last spring, the city has been selected as a stop on the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) in May 31-June 4 of 2016. Brad Read, executive director of Sail Newport said, “Since the Volvo Ocean Race Newport and the worldwide press about the enhanced facilities at Fort Adams State Park, major sailing event organizers are increasingly setting their sights on Newport and Rhode Island as the premiere sailing venue in the United States,” Newport has roots in match racing most notably being host and defending club of the America’s Cup from 1930 to 1983. The sailing area for the World Match Racing Tour will take place off of Fort Adams State Park so that audiences on shore have a close…

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jules verne trophy challenge

On November 22, 2015, two giant trimarans—Spindrift and IDEC Sport—crossed a line in the English Channel and pointed their bows south as they set off to see which of them could break the sailing record for a non-stop circumnavigation of the globe via the five great southern capes. The record they were after was set four years earlier by Loick Peyron in 45 days, 13 hours, 43 minutes and 53 seconds. He made the passage aboard the giant tri Banque Populair. The boat has been acquired by Spindrift Racing and reconfigured. Spindrift is being run by veteran skipper Yann Guichard. IDEC is being run by Francis Joyon who has already once earned the Jules Verne Record. The boat he is running has had several names and won the Jules Verne several years…

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gregor tarjan’s multihull world

Gregor Tarjan has been sailing, designing and selling boats –and particularly cruising catamarans—for 30 years. His company, Aeroyacht, based in Long Island, New York, is a dealer for seven brands of cats and runs a successful project management business. MQ caught up with him by phone in early December. Multihulls Quarterly: You and your company Aeroyacht are very well known in the world of multihulls. Tell us more about your expertise and company. Gregor Tarjan: Aeroyacht is a boutique company that specializes in multihulls in all their forms. We cater to buyers, sellers and those who want to undertake custom projects. Our customers get one on one personal treatment which is designed to do more than just sell boats. We offer education, consultation and we always disclose the good with the bad…

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fast cat to the caribbean

As we had expected, on the fifth day out of Hampton, Virginia when we finally turned south into the easterly trade winds, the line squalls began to appear on the horizon and on the radar screen. For the four of us onboard, this was to be the part of the passage to the B.V.I. that would require the most vigilance. Being hit by lightning at sea is not anything you want to experience. I know, having been hit twice in my life. So began the game of cat and mouse as we altered course time and again to miss the squalls that were stampeding westward. They are called line squalls because they form a line of small squalls along a trough that stretches from east to west, the cells forming and…