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Muscle & Fitness Hers South AfricaMuscle & Fitness Hers South Africa

Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa

March - April 2019

Essential reading for dedicated fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes.

South Africa
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TICK TOCK… Gabi’s passion for fitness is evident in how she finds motivation and inner strength for her own journey and those of her clients.We are heading into March and it feels as if we just got back to the office after the holiday break last week, Q1 is basically in the bag. Every year it seems like time is passing us by faster. It feels like yesterday that my wife told me she was pregnant and by the time you read this the little dude will already be in his third whey shake for the day. There are a couple of quotes that resonate with me personally, top of the list would have to be Anthony (Tony) Robbins: “Once you have mastered time, you will understand…

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hot list

NUTRITIONUSN CARNIKICKUSN CarniKICK contains 3000mg of L-carnitine per serving, which transports fat into the energy cycle. It’s scientifically-formulated with proven ingredients to help tone, tighten and firm up your body as part of your healthy weight loss and management journey. R159, usn.co.za GEARADIDAS ADVANTAGE CLEAN QT SHOESA clean court style just for her. These girl’s shoes feature an elegant leather-look upper with detailed and perforated stitched 3-stripes for a subtle feminine touch. R899, adidas.co.za JOCKEY EDGY BODYSUITThe Edgy bodysuit combines super soft microfibre and lace in a contemporary design. The one-piece provides a smooth silky feel and maximum coverage under any outfit. R260, jockey.co.za NUTRITIONBIOGEN…

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get a rock star body

OUR MODEL: Melissa Trapani “FITNESS EMPOWERS ME. EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF MY LIFE FALLS INTO PLACE WHEN I AM TRAINING.” BODY ROCKIN’ Pop icon Madonna shows off the results of years of hard, dynamic training! (PHOTOGRAPHS BY PER BERNAL) IT’S NOT EASY getting a body like Madonna—at 60, she’s got the strength, stamina, and muscle tone of a fit woman half her age. Her intense work ethic plays a big part, but her personal trainer, Craig Smith, also gets credit for keeping her fit and energised. “Our workouts are designed to support what she does onstage, which means a mix of endurance, flexibility and mobility, stability, balance, and resistance training,” says Smith, who is also the creative director of Hard Candy Fitness, a chain of…

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3 intense ab moves

Reverse Crunch to Heels Up Lie faceup on floor with legs extended, feet lifted above hips and flexed. Keep arms at sides with palms down.Using your lower abdominals, lift your hips off the floor, bringing heels toward ceiling. Slowly lower back down and repeat for a total of 30 seconds. Hands Back with Knee Tucks Sit on the floor with legs extended, knees slightly bent. Place hands behind you, palms down below shoulders and elbows bent behind you.Lift heels and lean back, engaging abdominals. Pull knees into chest.Extend legs forward, keeping them about 45 degrees to floor. Pull legs back to chest and repeat for a total of 30 seconds. Side Plank with Hip Drive Lie on right side with shoulders, hips and legs stacked, right…

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As the mornings start becoming a little cooler and the sun sets a little sooner, it might feel that your enthusiasm starts dwindling, especially when you engage in more outdoor sports. In this issue we want to keep you inspired to keep pushing through the colder months ahead with workouts that’ll keep you motivated by always changing it up. Just imagine the progress that you can make during this time, only to come out rocking a healthy, fit body and mind come spring time.…

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rethink your workout routine

MARIA V. “I’m a 44-year-old grandmother. I weigh about 68 kilos. I work out three days a week, focusing on the upper body. My goal is to lose weight and sculpt muscle all over.” OUR EXPERT SAYSCongrats on being such an active grandmother! You’re working out often enough to meet your weight loss and muscle development goals but need to focus on the quality of your training and nutrition. For workouts, try to include compound (multijoint) exercises for upper and lower body, done at a high enough intensity that you feel fully fatigued by the end of each set. Progression is critical: Every four weeks, increase the weight while hitting the rep counts outlined here. To help keep your diet on track, use a food log. I would…