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Mysterious Ways August/September 2019

A brand-new magazine filled with true stories of extraordinary moments and everyday miracles that reveal a hidden spiritual force at work in our lives. These fascinating stories will entertain you and remind you that there is something more, something greater in our lives.

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editor’s note

Have you ever been in a situation where it seems as if things will never get better? Where you feel like you’re stuck and can’t move forward? That’s exactly how I felt about four years ago. I had recently moved to New York. My seasonal job had ended, and I found myself unemployed. I had a few options I was waiting to hear back from, but at that moment everything seemed pretty dismal. Most of us have something that we treat ourselves to in order to cheer us up when we’re feeling down. For me, it’s coffee. So I took myself out to my favorite café. Sitting there, I still felt melancholy. Until I noticed something. My phone, which was sitting faceup on the table, had somehow navigated to the camera app.…

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his humorous ways

I flipped open my book of devotions to a random page. Between my husband’s job being in jeopardy and my own troubles at work, I was in need of some spiritual guidance. Perhaps God would point me to a passage I needed to see. A verse jumped off the page: Isaiah 40:31. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength,” it read, “they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Not the guidance I was looking for. I needed answers, maybe even a solution. I wanted another verse, but before I could turn the page, I heard a thud and our cat screeching. “Me-oooow!” Now what had she gotten into? I ran toward the commotion, only to find one of the shelves of our new bookcase…

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wonderful world

Winston-Salem, North Carolina In 2016, UNC student Henry Ballard made an amazing discovery while exploring his new home on Butler Street. In a corner of the basement, Henry found a box containing more than 100 love letters between Pvt. John Eidson and Miss Lillian Seal, dating back to World War II. “He talks about boot camp and military life, music on the radio, the occasional political note, friends back home,” Henry told the Winston-Salem Journal. “I loved reading through them, and seeing how people talked and wrote back then—his writing to her is very sweet and romantic.” After the war, John and Lillian had married and moved into the house on Butler Street. Henry wanted to return the letters to their rightful owners, but the Eidsons had both died. Eventually, he was able…

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My three-year-old son’s cries jolted me awake. I rushed to his room. Michael was sitting up in bed and crying. “Bramble, Mommy,” he said through tears. I pulled him to me and stroked his soft hair. “It’s just a dream, Baby,” I told him. “Bramble isn’t real. He can’t hurt you.” For weeks now, my son had been having the same recurring nightmare—about a bald man called Bramble. In the dreams, Bramble stood in our backyard, staring in Michael’s bedroom window. He never tried to harm Michael in the dreams, but my son was terrified. It had gotten to the point where he was afraid even to lie down in his bed. I hated seeing him like this. My husband, Mike, thought Michael’s dreams were so strange that he began researching the word bramble. He…

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a soldier’s nde

Hawija, Iraq. June 2004. Clack! Clack! Clack! Bullets whizzed by. Everyone ran for cover. The gunfire had come out of nowhere. I ducked behind a concrete wall and looked for the rest of my unit. They were more than 45 feet away, too far for me to get to. “Hold position!” my sergeant yelled over the gunfire. We were in a bad spot. We needed backup and couldn’t move until another unit got to us. I took a deep breath and reloaded my gun. BOOM! The ground exploded, shrapnel blasting through the air. Pain seared through my side. I was flat on my back. Was I hit? Breathing fast, I ripped open my body armor and stuck my hand inside. When I pulled it out, it was covered in blood. I lay there, helpless and alone, as…

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debbie’s charm bracelet

One of the most moving experiences of my life was reconnecting with my cousin Debbie Windenburg a few years ago. I wrote about our amazing reunion in the December/January 2019 Mysterious Ways story “Share a Coke With…” Debbie has led a wonderful life as a wife and stay-at-home mom in Cleveland, Ohio. But recently, after sharing some stories from my long career as a nurse, I sensed that she felt as if she’d missed out on something. She seemed kind of down. An M The M stands for Murphy. It was my mother’s maiden name. And, as it turns out, Debbie’s too. This charm calls to mind the moment I learned that Debbie was not just my cousin by marriage—until recently, we’d thought she was my uncle’s stepchild—but my biological cousin as well.…