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Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways October/November 2019

A brand-new magazine filled with true stories of extraordinary moments and everyday miracles that reveal a hidden spiritual force at work in our lives. These fascinating stories will entertain you and remind you that there is something more, something greater in our lives.

United States
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6 Issues


2 min.
editor’s note

Have you received a message re-cently? A dream or a piece of advice that you didn’t know you needed— something too exact to be anything but divinely inspired? Not an outright proclamation but something more subtle—like a well-timed rainbow or a song that touched your soul? God does speak to us in mysterious ways both big and small. It’s easy to notice when you’re seeking an answer to a tough dilemma. But there are less conspicuous ways that God reaches out to us too. Everyday moments that can remind us of his love for us and the beauty of his creation. One of these moments happened to me on a crisp fall morning when I was on my way to the office. I was in full autopilot mode, coffee in hand,…

1 min.
his humorous ways

I’d moved to New York City to become an actress. But life in the big city wasn’t what I’d pictured. Everywhere felt so crowd-ed compared to my West Virginia hometown. There was no privacy. Not in the subway, on the sidewalks or even in my brownstone apartment. The building had an air shaft running through it, so you could hear everything going on in other apartments. Every day brought a blur of noisy neighbors, frustrating auditions and packed city streets. So when I broke up with my boyfriend of two years, it felt like the final straw. One evening, I got home and broke down in tears. “God, all I want is someone to love me!” I cried. A few days later, I got a phone call from John, a man I’d…

2 min.
news from around our wonderful world

Charles City, Virginia Shortly before Dorothy Booth passed away at the age of 97, her daughters made her promise to send a sign from heaven. Perhaps a cardinal, her favorite bird. “She would say, ‘I’ll see what I can do!’” Angela Abbott Patteson, Dorothy’s granddaughter-in-law, told The Dodo. The day after Dorothy’s memorial, the family got together to play her favorite card game. They heard a tap at the kitchen window. A cardinal! “It was just sitting there, completely alert and calm—nothing wrong with it,” Angela said. Angela’s father-in-law was able to pick up the bird. After holding it and taking photos, they released it. The cardinal quickly returned, landing on the shoulder of one of Dorothy’s daughters. That confirmed it—this was no ordinary bird. “We knew it was from God,” said…

5 min.
on the road

I stuck my thumb out into the biting wind. I was somewhere in Utah, trying to hitch a ride as the daylight faded. It was bitterly cold and beginning to snow. I had on a coat and the combat boots I’d worn in Vietnam. But not much else to protect me from the late spring snowstorm. It was 1970. I’d served a tour of duty in Vietnam and come home in 1966 with plans to help my dad with our family farm in Minnesota. Maybe go to college and find a career. Instead…I drifted. No reason. Just a vague sense of unease. Vietnam had left me with nightmares. I was in an artillery unit, the so-called kings of battle. Some-times our maps were wrong and we ended up shelling our own guys.…

1 min.

I stepped into the quiet chapel and spotted only one other person: Karen, a regular at my church. I hadn’t seen her for a while and decided to say a quick hello. As I approached, I saw tears in her eyes. “My son died a few weeks ago after surgical complications,” she said. “I just got back into town.” I sat down and took her hand, unsure exactly what to say. I’d lost my husband to cancer 15 years before. We talked for a while about her son and my husband, coping with the loss of a loved one and finding solace in God. We had more questions than answers. Eventually, we settled into a comfortable silence. Then I heard something. It sounded like talking. Was it a cell phone? Mine was on…

6 min.
q&a dr. charity virkler kayembe

Does God still speak to us in dreams today? Scripture points to the answer: yes. God’s never-changing character (Hebrews 13:8) means he continues to meet with us at night, as he did in the times of the Bible, because sometimes it’s the only time our minds are quiet enough to hear him. Just as Jesus spoke in parables, God uses our dreams to convey messages to us. But how can we figure out what he’s trying to tell us? We asked Charity Virkler Kayembe, who has a doctorate in biblical studies and is the author of Hearing God Through Your Dreams, to share what she’s learned. How significant are dreams to God? Very! If we add up all the Scriptural references to dreams and visions, and all the interpretations and actions that…