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Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways December/January 2020

A brand-new magazine filled with true stories of extraordinary moments and everyday miracles that reveal a hidden spiritual force at work in our lives. These fascinating stories will entertain you and remind you that there is something more, something greater in our lives.

United States
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6 Issues


2 min.
editor’s note

I believe people have callings. That we’re all drawn to, pushed toward or given signs about the things we are meant to contribute in this life. Take my little brother, Ross. As a kid, he was fascinated with jet propulsion engines and air shows. When he was four years old, he had a favorite documentary. It was about trucks that had been retrofitted with jet engines. Race drivers sped the hybrid machines across the desert at super-fast speeds, deploying clusters of parachutes to slow down. He’d watch the video on repeat. One day, we had left-over balloons from a birthday party. Ross tied them around his waist, racing down our hallway with them, then re-leasing them behind him to “slow down.” Many other interests came and went—flying was the only constant.…

1 min.
his humorous ways

I was running ragged. My husband was away at a conference, meaning I was taking care of our seven children under the age of 12 on my own. I hadn’t had a spare moment to myself. Now the kids were in bed, and all that separated me from some quiet prayer time was a load of laundry. I dropped the clothes into the machine, added the detergent and shut the lid. Nothing left to do but wait. I opened my Bible, letting out the breath I felt as if I’d been holding all day. I cleared my mind, closed my eyes and opened myself up to whatever guidance God had for me. “Don’t forget to put in the bleach,” a clear voice said. What? I thought. Was that a metaphor…? I waited for the…

2 min.
wonderful world

Monmouthshire, Wales, United Kingdom In May of 2019, Stuart Moore was piloting a small plane near Ab-ergavenny with his nephew Jack, 19, and niece Billie, 16, when the aircraft hit overhead wires and crashed onto highway A40. The plane landed on its top and burst into flames, trapping the three inside. Joel Snarr had been driving down the highway with his wife. The plane crashed directly in front of them. Joel, a former soldier and bomb disposal expert, ran toward the wreckage and pulled Stuart, Jack and Billie from the inferno with the help of another motorist, Daniel Nicholson. Minutes later, the plane exploded. Amazingly, thanks to Joel’s training and Daniel’s quick action, all three passengers escaped with only minor injuries—a happy ending to a story that could’ve turned out much differently.…

8 min.
freedom rings

The night I had the dream began like most nights—with me lying awake on my prison cot, each excruciating detail of my arrest and sentencing running through my head. It had been years since I’d been convicted for a crime I did not commit, but the entire ordeal was still fresh in my mind. As soon as I lay down in my cell to try to sleep, the replay would begin. This particular night started out no differently…. August 1984. It happened so early that the sun hadn’t yet risen. Violent pounding on the front door woke me. I stumbled toward it, half-awake. I opened the door, instantly blinded by flashlight beams. “Step outside, Mr. Bloodsworth!” someone shouted. What on earth? My eyes ached as they adjusted to the light. I…

4 min.
hello, my name is bill

“Woman seeking man named Bill.” I stared at my words in print. My personal ad in the classifieds section of the morning newspaper, complete with a P.O. box address so potential suitors could send me letters. It was one of the weirdest things I’d ever done, but I so wanted to take a chance on love. I’d recently gotten divorced and was feeling lonely. A friend suggested praying for someone new to come into my life. While I had always been spiritual, I’d fallen away from church. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d prayed for something so specific. But I gave it a try, not quite knowing what to expect. Please, God, bring into my life the love you intend for me. I was surprised when I received an answer, whispered into…

8 min.
the unexplained visitor

Laurin Bellg has practiced medicine for more than 20 years, specializing in critical care. While working in intensive care units, she has encountered several patients who’ve had near-death experiences (NDEs). Her book, Near Death in the ICU, focuses on the importance of doctors listening to their patients’ mysterious experiences. Her interest in the value of these stories started with two inexplicable experiences: that of one of her first patients—and her own. The little girl looked familiar. She sat in the corner of my hospital room, staring out the window. She wasn’t looking at me or saying anything. She seemed serene. I found her presence uplifting after a harrowing week of being severely ill. But who was she? And what was she doing here in my hospital room? I’d been admitted to the…