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Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways December - January 2019

A brand-new magazine filled with true stories of extraordinary moments and everyday miracles that reveal a hidden spiritual force at work in our lives. These fascinating stories will entertain you and remind you that there is something more, something greater in our lives.

United States
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6 Issues


1 min.
editor’s note

Do more miracles happen around Christmas? One September, I was researching sacred places online and came across a peculiar phenomenon—goats in trees. Apparently in Morocco, goats climb right up onto the branches of argan trees to feast on fruit. I was so delighted by these hungry goats that I e-mailed myself a reminder to write about them. Then completely forgot. Two months later, the weekend before Thanksgiving, I met up with my friend Ada. She had an early Christmas gift for me. One she’d been talking about nonstop since buying it in September. (Ada likes to buy presents early and then hype them up for months!) I pulled the gift from its bag and almost fell over. It was a calendar of goats. Goats in trees. “Ada,” I said. “Did I tell…

1 min.
his humorous ways

There’s nothing my husband Jeff’s friend Ed, associate pastor and music director at our church, loved more than a good joke. When he wasn’t reading theology, he was planning his next prank. Ed died in 2014. We were all devastated. His kids invited congregation members to select a book from his extensive office library to remember him by. “Pat, I can’t go into Ed’s office,” Jeff said. “Will you pick out a book for me?” For more than an hour, I thumbed through books on everything from medieval history to gardening. Then a cover caught my eye. The Spark, a business title about Cirque du Soleil. Jeff had no interest in the circus that I knew of, but Ed had made notes in the margins. Jeff would at least like that. I got…

3 min.
news from around our wonderful world

Kansas City, Missouri “You guys are so alike.” That’s what people always told Miami University running back Deland McCullough and his coach, Sherman Smith. Deland’s adoptive parents had divorced when he was little—he didn’t see his father much. So Sherman had been more to him than a coach. “He was everything,” Deland told ESPN. “If anything was going on, I was going to talk to Coach Smith.” After Deland graduated, the two stayed in touch. Deland got married, had a family and became a running backs coach for the Kansas City Chiefs. Having kids reignited his desire to find his birth parents. He got a hold of his birth certificate, which showed his mother’s name. Deland gave her a call. She told him she’d had Deland at age 16. His birth father…

2 min.
right place, right time

A sudden left turn. That’s how Sam and Amy Somwaru ended up on Ocala, Florida’s Northwest 27th Avenue. They were on their way home from dinner with their kids and usually took a different route. But when Amy questioned Sam about it, he shrugged. “We’ll just go this way for a change,” he said. It turned out to be the right way. Shortly after they turned onto the road, they came upon a stalled car. Amy and Sam stopped to investigate. They discovered the driver slumped over in his seat, unresponsive. His young daughter sat in the back seat, terrified. Amy jumped into action—she’s a registered nurse, after all. She directed the girl to unlock the car and began CPR. The compressions weren’t working. Before she could think of what to do…

5 min.
“my son…”

Aftershave. It filledmy bedroom with earthy, spicy notes. The aroma was so familiar, so comforting. I knew it. But where was it coming from? Slowly, I became aware that I was in my bed, lying in darkness. The room was still. Abnormally so. Then I sensed movement. Someone was watching me. A figure came into view. A man, tall and broad-shouldered with hair cropped close. His entire being shone. He was dressed in fatigues and lace-up boots, his hazelnut eyes alight. Eyes I would recognize anywhere. My son Patrick’s. He stared at me, then uttered one word. “Mom.” I found my voice. “Patrick? Sweetheart, is that you?” “Mom,” he said. “My son.” Was he there to warn me about something? That was so like him, always looking out for others. I wanted him to explain.…

5 min.
dr. anthony t. debenedet

Is it really possible to regain your childlike sense of wonder? That’s a question Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet has made his goal to investigate. As a board-certified physician, Dr. DeBenedet spent his career focused on keeping his patients healthy, all while finding himself increasingly stressed. Frustrated and exhausted, he set out to find a better way to live. The journey ultimately led to his book Playful Intelligence: The Power of Living Lightly in a Serious World. He talked to Mysterious Ways about his research and how to maintain your wonder throughout life. What led you to investigate wonder? I’m a gastroenterologist and behavioral science enthusiast. A few years ago, my life was spiraling out of control. I was headed toward burnout, personally and professionally. I was a young father of three, working…