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Mysterious Ways October - November 2018

A brand-new magazine filled with true stories of extraordinary moments and everyday miracles that reveal a hidden spiritual force at work in our lives. These fascinating stories will entertain you and remind you that there is something more, something greater in our lives.

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editor’s note

Every time fall rolls around, I think of my cousin Johnny. And the pie that almost ruined Thanksgiving. I was in high school at the time. Johnny, then in his twenties, showed up at my parents’ Thanksgiving dinner with apple pie. Innocent enough. But, as you may remember, my family hails from southeastern Turkey. We just don’t put cooked fruit in dessert. Pistachios? Sure! Baked apples? Not so much. I can still recall my mom’s shock at the pie and the can of whipped cream that accompanied it. She and my aunts discussed the matter in hushed tones. Then, in an act of love, my mom put the pie on the table, whipped cream and all. It went mostly untouched. But it became family leg-end. We joked about it over many…

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his humorous ways

The police called at 10 p.m. “Sir,” the officer said. “Your store was hit bad in the storm.” My heart dropped. The afternoon summer storm had been a doozy, a thunderstorm with hurricane-force winds. I rushed to Avant-Garde, my furniture consignment store. Fallen trees and broken glass lay everywhere. The store window had been blown in. The furniture inside was soaked. Could things get worse? My business partner and I had recently opened the store. We’d put everything into renovation, without a dime left for advertising. We had no customers. And now all our hard work had been blown to pieces. The next day, I started cleaning up. News trucks set up right outside. Great. Everyone would see we were ruined! Everyone did see. Our neighbors showed up to help us clean up.…

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wonderful world

Kingwood Township, New Jersey In June, 26-year-old State Trooper Michael Patterson pulled over driver Matthew Bailly for a minor violation. According to The Washington Post, Matthew mentioned that he was a retired police officer from Piscataway, in central New Jersey. That happened to be Trooper Patterson’s hometown—he’d grown up on Poe Place. Matthew knew the street well. More than 20 years earlier, he’d been called to a blue colonial house there. A woman had gone into labor at the supermarket, then driven home. With no time to get her to the hospital, her husband called 911. As a doctor guided him on the phone, Matthew delivered the couple’s baby. A healthy boy they named Michael. Trooper Patterson couldn’t believe it. His mother told him that same story every October on his birthday.…

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dreams & premonitions

I kept having the same dream.… There I was, driving on a high-way, looking for an exit that was nowhere to be found. I had no idea what the dream meant. Only that I’d been feeling lost a lot these days. My husband had gotten a new job. We’d just moved from Oklahoma, where we’d lived 22 years, to Texas. I was excited to have a fresh start. But I didn’t know what I was going to do career-wise. My kids were grown. Back in Oklahoma, I’d been a pastoral counselor. Was that my calling here too? I’d always wanted to write, but was that what God wanted of me? Was writing even a noble profession? One evening, I asked God for a little help. That night, the dream came again. I…

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star turn: mindy kaling

Actress and writer Mindy Kaling knows a thing or two about comedic timing. The funny lady starred in TV favorite The Office and the recent hit movie Ocean’s 8. But she also knows something about divine timing. In 2012, Mindy was shopping her TV series The Mindy Project around. The show’s main character and Mindy’s alter ego—Dr. Mindy Lahiri—was based on her own mother, Swati, an OB/GYN. At the time, Swati was battling Stage IV pancreatic cancer. The series was passed over by NBC, where Mindy had been a writer for years. It was, as Mindy put it, a long shot that it would ever see the light of day. The day Swati died, though, Mindy found out—her show had been picked up by Fox. “It was as though when she passed away,…

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when bubba met god

Another Sunday evening. I sat in front of the TV, watching foot-ball and eating what I called a tuna special—tuna with whatever happened to be in the fridge. I wasn’t much of a cook. I’d eaten a lot of tuna specials since my wife and I separated a year earlier. Our marriage just couldn’t withstand the grief we’d endured since losing two of our kids. Our son James was born prematurely and lived only 10 days. His older brother, Robert, died six years later at 18 of kidney disease. Not a day passed that I didn’t think of them. I worked as a landscaper. I had a lot of time to myself as I tended gardens and mowed lawns. My hobby was metal detecting. I’d found all sorts of old and…