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net September 2019

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editor’s note

Perhaps one of the points where design and technology truly converge is their ability to bring people into a richly realised, personal world. Since the early days of the internet, technology has been focused on bringing down the boundaries between us, while design has helped to make that ever more organic and accessible. Opening a door to new perspectives is one of the defining paradigms of the internet. Web design has become a valuable tool in offering a barrier-free way of immersing ourselves in each other’s worlds. In a very literal sense, using 3D technologies in web development can create more richly textured experiences, offering up a pathway to more organic ways to engage with the web. That’s why this issue we’ve asked Richard Mattka for his guide to bringing an extra…

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featured authors

RICHARD MATTKA Mattka is an award-winning designer and developer specialising in VFX. He puts this expertise to work on page 60, showing you how to introduce 3D experiences into your sites. w: richardmattka.com t: @synergyseeker JAMIE STANTONIAN Stantonian is an experience lead at Inviqa and an artist whose work explores the role of technology in human evolution. On page 22, he explores dark UX and design ethics. w: https://inviqa.com t: @jamiestantonian. LEON BROWN Developer and author of e-learning content at nextpoint.co.uk, Brown makes complicated concepts easy to understand and fun to learn. Want an example? Check out his tutorial on screen sharing over on page 76. t: @_LeonBrown VAMSI BATCHU Batchu is a senior UX designer at SunTrust and specialises in UX, mobile animation and JavaScript. He shows you how to conduct analysis of competitors’ sites on page 88. w: vamsibatchu.com t: @vamsibatchuk…

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Send your questions to netmag@futurenet.com THIS MONTH FEATURING… AARON GUSTAFSON Gustafson is a web designer, author, evangelist and teacher who’s been involved in web standards since 2005. He currently works as principal program manager for Microsoft in Seattle. w: www.aaron-gustafson.com JOE LEECH Based in Bristol, Leech is a UX and product management consultant, conference speaker and author of the book Psychology for Designers. w: mrjoe.uk t: @mrjoe QUESTION OF THE MONTH What are the biggest myths or misconceptions when it comes to psychology and design? Izaan Carty, Singapore JL: That psychology can quickly and magically fix your poor performing website or app. That being said, understanding the user’s mental model for interacting with your product can deliver transformational change when it comes to improving your app or website, if done in the right way. Humans build mental models of common interactions like checking…

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3 simple steps

@wixshowcom, Sweden User benefit + AG: The really cool thing about progressive web apps is that they are a progressive enhancement to any website. So even if a browser doesn’t support a feature here or there, the benefits to users whose browsers do support that feature is going to be pretty tremendous. Speed + If you can create a really fast site for 100 per cent of your users and an even faster site for upwards of 90 per cent of web traffic out there, that’s a win in anyone’s book. Icing on the cake + The other bits – push notifications, installation – are icing on the cake and only really useful in specific scenarios. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: any site – yours included – can benefit from becoming a…

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cool stuff we learned this month

+ Richard Womack has brought a claim against billionaire Mahmud Kamani and says he was promised a 10 per cent share in the online fashion retailer. A spokesman for Mr Kamani described the claim as “entirely without merit”. https://netm.ag/2JF1Y5D YOUTUBE TESTS NEW AR LIPSTICK EXPERIENCE + Following I/O 2019, Google Search gained its first AR objects with 3D animals. Now Google ads on the web can feature interactive 3D objects, while YouTube AR lipstick ads are another way the company says it is making advertising more appealing. https://netm.ag/2JrFM01 FACEBOOK’S SO BIG, IT’S DESIGNED A NEW OPENSOURCE DHCP SERVER + Facebook has announced the creation of a brand new open-source DHCP server, as it had outgrown the products it was using. This tool, called DHCPLB, will enable it to scale its data centres more efficiently. So…

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from our timeline

A sole web professional is more likely to offer a personal, customised level of support and advice that may not exist with a larger company. Clients will feel like you care more. @MySiteExpert More people to be ignored by the client when making decisions at an agency. @danjdavies I agree with @MySiteExpert but… working as a sole web professional can also be like being a single parent. You gave birth to the child and now you’re responsible for it for life with no one else to share the load. @jackbrighton Direct accountability and, hopefully, clarity and honesty. @simonminter A sole web professional can fully dedicate to your project and have one-to-one interaction with you, in a larger company the information get passed from account managers to others involved on the project, so not always as straightforward. @nadyavalish We find independents…