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net May 2020

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Hello everybody, I’m Steven Jenkins and I’m really excited to be taking over the reins of such a prestigious title. I am very much looking forward to bringing you my 20+ years experience in web design and magazines to give you what you want. It’s hard to believe that HTML has been around longer than 20 years but 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of HyperText Markup Language. Back in 1990, Tim Berners-Lee started working on the first specification and by 1991 had sorted the specification for the first 18 HTML tags. Things have changed (a lot!) and in our latest lead feature, Matt Crouch takes a look at the hottest tags that you should be using to build standards-friendly sites that will keep you ready for today and the future. Meanwhile,…

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featured authors

MATT CROUCH Crouch is a front-end software engineer who works with people to make sure that their content is accessible to everyone. On page 58, he takes a closer look at the latest HTML tags you should be using now. w: www.mattcrouch.net ADAM KUHN Kuhn is a front-end developer at Kong Inc, frequent CodePen contributor and creative code enthusiast with a passion for animation and pizza. He gives you an insight into CSS Feature Queries and how they work. w: https://codepen.io/cobra_winfrey JOE FORD Ford is a senior developer at Tillison Consulting and has a passion for PHP, WordPress and Laravel. On page 76, he offers up a host of solutions to optimise and speed up your WordPress-based site. w: https://tillison.co.uk MARK SHUFFLEBOTTOM Shufflebottom is professor of interaction design at Sheridan College. He explores how to make designs transition between screens…

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Send your questions to netmag@futurenet.com THIS MONTH FEATURING… CHRISTIAN HEILMANN A developer evangelist, presenter and JavaScript lover living and working in Berlin, Christian is principal program manager for browser tools at Microsoft. w: christianheilmann.com t: @codepo8 SHANE MIELKE Shane is a freelance creative director, designer and front-end developer. His handbook for digital creatives, Launch It, is available now. w: www.shanemielke.com t: @shanemielke * QUESTION OF THE MONTH How do you decide whether to become a generalist a specialist, or somewhere between the two? Fern Wicks, Southampton, UK SM: Specialising and focusing on specific project types, skills and tools in a quest for mastery is a great strategy for many people. But I believe that everyone who does choose to specialise should frame that focus relative to what will ultimately be the duration of their careers. Everyone needs a valid skill, style or knowledge of…

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3 simple steps

Can you tell me what accessibility tools are in Edge DevTools? Simon Minter, Oxford, UK Chromium features CH: Now Edge is built on Chromium, its DevTools offer familiar Chromium features for assessing accessibility, such as the Accessibility pane and the Audits tab. Webhint extension The Edge DevTools team has also been a major contributor to webhint, an open-source project that offers devs customisable hints for improving accessibility (and other key areas in web development). Webhint is available as a VS Code extension, a browser extension and a CLI tool, so you can get key accessibility insights during development, debugging and deployment. Screen readers The Edge DevTools team has also contributed more than 100 changes back into Chromium to improve the accessibility of the DevTools themselves. Now, developers using the DevTools without a mouse or with assistive technologies…

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cool stuff we learned this month

DON’T TELL ME YOU MISS ME: 3 BETTER APPROACHES TO USER RETENTION + Few things are more off-putting than the reek of desperation. But if your site is running a retention campaign, that’s how you might be coming across. To stop putting people off, this article outlines three strategies for inviting back former visitors. https://netm.ag/2SD8tM5 FREE FONT DESIGNED TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR DEVS TO READ CODE + Scrawling through lines of code can be a taxing process, but the process can be made easier with a developer-friendly font. And few come more friendly than JetBrains Mono, a free font designed for straightforward parsing. It even includes a bunch of multilingual options. https://netm.ag/37HbaAH DIGITAL TRENDS 2020: EVERY STAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE INTERNET + Want to know how people are using the internet…