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New Zealand Listener

New Zealand Listener Issue 48 2019

New Zealand Listener is the country’s most respected general interest magazine, bringing you a wide variety of news, stories, columns, reviews, plus TV listings, every week.

New Zealand
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new zealand listener

Editor-in-Chief PAMELA STIRLING Books & Culture Editor RUSSELL BAILLIE Art Director DEREK WARD Senior Writers DONNA CHISHOLM, DIANA WICHTEL (Auckland), SALLY BLUNDELL (Christchurch) Chief Sub-editor GEOFF CUMMING Sub-editor NICK RUSSELL Entertainment Editor FIONA RAE Political Columnist JANE CLIFTON Assistant Art Director SHANE KELLY Senior Designer RICHARD KINGSFORD Digital Producer RYAN HOLDER Editorial Assistant LAUREN BUCKERIDGE Chief Executive Officer BRENDON HILL Managing Director TANYA WALSHE General Manager Publishing STUART DICK Editorial Director – Current Affairs BEN FAHY Commercial Brand Manager JOSH WILLIAMS, jowilliams@bauermedia.co.nz Direct Account Manager MIKE SANDERS, msanders@bauermedia.co.nz Classified sales KIM CHAPMAN 07-578 3646, classifieds@xtra.co.nz…

3 min.
it’s okay, everyone

Baby boomers have become the latest international craze in fancy dress and Halloween costumes, as youngsters borrow their grandparents’ cardies, affect a cruise perma-tan, clutch a “Pension Pot” and flourish an investment brochure for a holiday villa abroad. Boomers might well retaliate by dressing in Extinction Rebellion livery, accessorised with the latest cellphone, headphones, trainers, international air tickets and box of boo-hoo tissues. It’s all fun and games – until someone loses a sense of humour. Intergenerational warfare is as old as civilisation itself, but it’s in danger of becoming downright uncivilised as we fall into the habit of blaming each other’s demographic tribes for environmental degradation, inequality and much else. Nowhere is this more damaging than in our struggles with climate change. New Zealand has just reached a milestone of political cohesion and…

8 min.
beating the binge

The grandparents and great-grandparents of today grew up in a world well sweetened with sugar (“‘Bring binge eating out of the pantry’”, November 16). Cake tins were always full and there was a pudding on the table every night. But we ate only what was put before us, not expecting or needing any more. If we were lucky, we got to scrape clean the pudding bowl, then we were sent outside to play until dark. Unlike today, an over-weight child was a rare sight. We can blame obesity on technology and cheap fast food, but those are only excuses because we allow them to be. There is a plethora of agencies and advice centres to guide the uneducated on how to feed and care for their children. There is nothing to stop…

1 min.
winning caption

Tommy Wilson, Papamoa FINALISTS Caption: So much for “winners are grinners”. – Bruce Eliott, St Heliers Steve Hansen: “Oh, well, Eddie – it’s not like the cup went to Aussie.” – Kath Jones, Waikanae Jones: “Don’t mean to brag, Shag. Hansen: Steady Eddie…. – Max Tasman, Nelson Eddie Jones: “You need to do something about your abs.” – Nozz Fletcher, Picton Jones: “So, what’s up your sleeve now, Steve?” Hansen: “Still my arm, Eddie.” – Hans Zindel, Palmerston North Both: “Bugger.” – Catherine Small, Christchurch Hansen: “Guess which one of us actually beat the Boks?” – Alan Belcher, Christchurch Hansen: “What’s that you’re drinking? English bitter?” – Kath Jones…

1 min.
quips & quotes

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.” – composer John Cage, quoted on ArtNews.com “I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can’t stop eating peanuts.” – Orson Welles, quoted in the Washington Post “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.” – Mark Twain, quoted in the Times “The most gun control we’ve had is Apple replacing the gun emoji with a water gun.” – an American comments online “Is Donald Trump tweeting out his to-do list?” – journalist David Corn in response to Trump tweeting the words “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!” “Never reach out your hand unless you’re willing to extend an arm.” – Pope Paul VI “Life is always going to be stranger than fiction, because fiction has to be convincing, and…

1 min.
life in new zealand

“Some flats have traditionally several big parties in a year, but at least once a month I’d say there was a big annual one.” Greymouth Star, 12/10/19 He also gave a bottle of Manuka Whiskey to Jacinda Ardern just before the election and soon after she became pregnant. Hibiscus Matters, 4/9/19 He had shown them the reference number from the police and the invoice he had sent them, but the littering ticket had not gone away. “This is just rubbish,” he said. Nelson Mail, 18/10/19 “Obviously, it’s got to be on its game with all this water work coming downstream.” Otago Daily Times, 11/10/19 “For me, it’s just as important to share Martinborough’s wonderful dark skies with fellow astronomers, as it is with people who have never seen stars close up before.” Dominion Post,…