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new zealand listener

Editor-in-Chief PAMELA STIRLING Books & Culture Editor RUSSELL BAILLIE Art Director DEREK WARD Senior Writers DONNA CHISHOLM, DIANA WICHTEL (Auckland), SALLY BLUNDELL (Christchurch) Chief Sub-editor GEOFF CUMMING Sub-editor NICK RUSSELL Entertainment Editor FIONA RAE Political Columnist JANE CLIFTON Assistant Art Director SHANE KELLY Senior Designer RICHARD KINGSFORD Digital Producer RYAN HOLDER Editorial Assistant LAUREN BUCKERIDGE Chief Executive Officer BRENDON HILL Managing Director TANYA WALSHE General Manager Publishing STUART DICK Editorial Director – Current Affairs BEN FAHY Commercial Brand Manager JOSH WILLIAMS, jowilliams@bauermedia.co.nz Direct Account Manager MIKE SANDERS, msanders@bauermedia.co.nz…

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hypocrisy abounds

The whole country has felt deep sorrow for Grace Millane, the young British tourist murdered by a dangerously dysfunctional man on a first date in Auckland. We feel, too, for her bereft parents. Sitting through the harrowing details that emerged during the trial was agonising. Yet it doesn’t help them, or any other victims’ loved ones, to now be told by a slew of commentators that the trial “victim-shamed” Millane. It especially doesn’t help that the commentary has come via the very same media outlets that reported every detail as prominently and expansively as possible, with pitiless emphasis on the sexual aspects of the testimony – bluntly, using the trial as click-bait. To then turn around and say our justice system is somehow responsible for objectifying this victim is rich indeed. So strongly…

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exiting the rental market

The November 30 Editorial says as many as 100,000 properties might be taken out of the rental market by 50,000 landlords should proposed changes to tenancy legislation be enacted. It seems unlikely that if 100,000 private rentals did end up for sale they would all be bought by owner-occupiers. Surely a large percentage of those 100,000 properties would be purchased by investors and therefore remain in the pool of properties occupied by tenants in the rental market. John Deyell(Remuera, Auckland) BERM ME UP I took advantage of a nice sunny day to walk slowly across my infrequently mown berm and counted at least 15 flowering wild plants (“Walk on the wild side”, November 30). The variety of flowers in the berm is definitely one of my pleasures in this small garden. Nicholas Martin(Mt Wellington,…

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winning caption

Catherine Small, Christchurch FINALISTS Jennifer Aniston: “You were terrific in Murder Mystery, Adam, but the funniest thing you’ve ever done is that donation to Rudi Giuliani’s campaign back in 07!” — Claudia Freeman, Gisborne Aniston: “You can’t unfriend me!” — Steve Godsiff, Timaru Adam Sandler: “And then my agent says, ‘Adam, I got you a fantastic new role – Prince Andrew in the Crown. Do you think you can talk Rachel into doing Fergie?” — Claudia Freeman Sandler: “Who needs friends, anyway?” — Rhonda Ramsay, Thames…

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“Cholesterol: Democracy’s only hope.” – anti-Trump banner “I love how all the solutions to NZ’s struggling media industry are just gluing two media companies together. It’s like, ‘Hey, Dick Smith is failing, but don’t worry, there’s an interested buyer, Video Ezy!’” – comedian Guy Williams “The Big Mac is now served without the Big Cheese.” – the Financial Times on the firing of McDonald’s CEO “Fair play to her because she’s the only mother ever to follow through on cancelling a birthday party for bad behaviour.” – blogger Sarah Duggers on the Queen cancelling Prince Andrew’s 60th birthday bash “He certainly wouldn’t have got a visa.” – Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on Jesus “Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” – Mark Twain “Gardening is not a rational act.”…

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life in new zealand

Andre Rieu ‘In Wunderland’ with complimentary drinks and nibbles … $4 for the drinks and nibbles. Fairlie Accessible, 9/10/19 Their message about drastically cutting carbon omissions with immediate effect is shrill, uncompromising and often detached from empirical evidence. Listener, 26/10/19 [She] gave superb direction to the 16-member choir, sometimes singing in four-part harmony with solos from within the choir, but more often in other elaborate multi-voiced combinations … Hawke’s Bay Today, 22/10/19 … she said there had been little more than “smoke and mirrors” over how he would achieve his “Trumpian promise” of zero rates increases, also suggesting he had been forced to “backpedal” over his cycleways plan. Press, 28/9/19 LIFE IN NEW ZEALAND: Entries must describe New Zealand events. The first sender of those accepted will receive a $5 Booksellers voucher. Enclose name, address and source/date; TV…