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SELF LOVE - Issue 22

Nurture is your destination for thought-provoking, evidence-based articles on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual elements of child-rearing from a natural parenting perspective. Published bi-monthly and distributed Nationally, is it time for your 'time-out?' Subscribe to receive the gift of Nurture!

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stop - take a breath!

Have you ever thought, ‘Stop the world, everything is moving too fast?’ This article looks at how some simple mindful breaths can slow your world down so that you make clearer, more relaxed, healthy decisions in your everyday life, and as a result, feel more confident. Parenting can be a mixture of joys and challenges, and you may be feeling that it’s proving to be far more challenging than you expected. No one can really prepare us fully for the complexity of parenting; there’s no college or university course to enlighten or equip us in advance. We can read all the books, google and talk to other parents, but the truth is we just have to jump in and experience it to truly learn how to be a parent. In reality our…

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your world is bigger

There remains something extremely nostalgic about a suitcase. Perhaps it is our need to consider the limited amount of clothing or necessities that can be contained inside that causes us to evaluate what we really need to live our daily lives. Perhaps it is the invariable marks and scratches on its surfaces that document our past travels, experiences and length of our time on this planet. Perhaps it is merely the reminder that our lives and landscapes shift and change as we shift and change. No matter what, our travels offer us unique opportunities to gain new perspectives of sometimes far away lands as well as greater insight into ourselves and our everyday lives. As the scenery changes and people may exit and enter our journeys, the only constant remaining…

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problem solving

“So if I don’t punish or give consequences, what DO I do?” Even after I outline problem solving to a frustrated parent of a child who just keeps pushing the limits, I get the same reply. “Yeah, okay, but what do I DO?” It’s hard to understand at first that logical words, emotional understanding and empathy, and asking the child to think is actually DOING anything. We are so accustomed to grounding, time outs, taking away privileges, threatening, and withholding. It’s hard to think a respectful process of working it out is doing something. What’s hard is dropping the notion that we have to make our children miserable in order to teach lessons. Break it down. If you do any of the above, you are necessarily causing hurt (understanding behaviour). The misguided thinking is…

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talking about

It’s a heavy topic, and not light dinner conversation. Miscarriage is a difficult, overwhelming experience - it’s real and no one really knows what to do, or how to talk about it. It’s true - there’s no words that can change the situation, but there’s some lovely things that you can do to show that you care. My high-school art teacher used to say “people won’t always remember what you said, they’ll remember how you made them feel” and speaking from experience, when you are in the vulnerable place of trying to recover emotionally and physically from miscarriage, these words never rang more true. If a friend, loved one or colleague opens up and tells you that this is a part of their story, here’s a few ideas to help you navigate…