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Tech & Gaming
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition

Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition May 2019

Official PlayStation Magazine is the complete guide to PlayStation gaming, offering complete coverage of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Famed for our trademark biting opinion, unique spin on news, offbeat, innovative features, independent reviews and retro features - and with PS4 the unquestionable victor for new-gen gaming - there's never been a better time to join Team OPM on our PlayStation journey.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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13 Issues

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official playstation magazine - uk edition

Future PLC Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA Editorial Editor Ian Dean @IanDean4 ian.dean@futurenet.com 01225 442244 Managing Art Editor Milford Coppock @milfcoppock Operations Editor Miriam McDonald @crinolinerobot Games Editor Oscar Taylor-Kent @MrOscarTK Staff Writer Jessica Kinghorn @KoeniginKatze Editorial Director, Games Tony Mott Brand Director Matthew Pierce Content Director, Games & Film Daniel Dawkins Senior Art Editor Warren Brown Contributors Jordan Farley, Nicole Hall, Phil Iwaniuk, Luke Kemp, Malindy Hetfeld, David Meikleham, Dominic Peppiatt, Aaron Potter, Christopher Schilling, John Strike, Justin Towell, Emma Withington Advertising Media packs are available on request Commercial Director Clare Dove clare.dove@futurenet.com Account Director Kevin Stoddart kevin.stoddart@futurenet.com 01225 442244 International Licensing Head of Print Licensing Rachel Shaw licensing@futurenet.com Circulation Head of Newstrade Tim Mathers Production Head of Production Mark Constance Production Project Manager Clare Scott Advertising Production Manager Joanne Crosby Digital Editions Controller Jason Hudson Production Manager Vivienne Calvert Management Chief Content Officer Aaron Asadi Commercial Finance Director Dan Jotcham Group Content Director Paul…

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“WE VISIT REMEDY TO GO HANDS-ON WITH NEW WEIRD HORROR SHOOTER CONTROL.” GAME OF THE MONTH The Division 2 FAVE PSYCHIC HERO Emily Kaldwin Can you hear that? A faint purring sound? It’s your PS4 warming up to a year’s worth of amazing new games that’ll soon be coming its way. This issue we lead on two of the best as we visit Remedy to go hands-on with new weird horror shooter Control (p48) and embrace every mile of Days Gone in our in-depth play through Sony Bend’s open world (p58). There are some hidden gems coming too, including The Sinking City (p68). This open world horror feels very Silent Hill and is already a pick for being 2019’s sleeper hit. We don’t neglect the amazing games here right now either: we embrace the challenge of Sekiro…

1 min.
this month’s new weird wonders

Oscar Taylor-Kent GAMES EDITOR He played tentacle-themed horror The Sinking City (p68) a lot; we ink Oscar’s turning into a cephalopod. Nah, just squidding. GAME OF THE MONTH Devil May Cry 5 FAVE PSYCHIC HERO Razputin ‘Raz’ Aquato Jess Kinghorn STAFF WRITER After playing Control (p48), Jess refuses to go near the cheese-filled OPM fridge. “Brie quiet, there’s monsters,” she whispers. GAME OF THE MONTH Sekiro FAVE PSYCHIC HERO Alessa Gillespie Miriam McDonald OPERATIONS EDITOR Mim’s looking forward to Bloodlines 2 (p10) coming to PS4. She’ll perform a vein-ish-ing act when it finally releases. GAME OF THE MONTH Trüberbrook FAVE PSYCHIC HERO Alma Wade Milford Coppock MANAGING ART EDITOR Days Gone’s Seattle setting has Milf encouraging the OPM staff to reminisce about the ’90s. It smells like team spirit to us. GAME OF THE MONTH Devil May Cry 5 FAVE PSYCHIC HERO Psycho Mantis…

5 min.
01 sony reveals its chinese games coming to ps4

“JAPANESE SAMURAI AND FRENCH MUSKETEERS RUB SHOULDERS WITH MING WARRIORS.” China is fast becoming an important scene for game development, with Ubisoft, EA, and Take-Two among the big players investing in studios in cities such as Shanghai. One of the biggest, however, has been Sony, which set up the China Hero Project to offer support and funding to Chinese studios, ultimately bringing their games to the West via PlayStation 4. With a heady mix of RPGs, action games, stealth adventures, and MMOs there’s no denying the ambition and variety these new developers offer. The most recent game reveals star seven titles we’re keen to see more of, namely Evotinction, Convallaria Project, F.I.S.T., In Nightmare, Anno: Mutantionem, RAN: Lost Islands, and third-person action RPG AI-Limit, from Sense Games, a studio within PalmPioneer which is…

2 min.
02 bring on the fresh blood

If you woke up delirious and found out you were a vampire right now – in our modern, mostly urban environment – what kind of vampire would you be? It’s this question that led to the original PC game being such a cult hit. “YOU JUST CAN’T EXPECT VAMPIRES TO PLAY NICE.” Based on a tabletop RPG system (World Of Darkness), the setting for the Vampire: The Masquerade series is already developed, making it the perfect place to forge your own personal story. The world is a modern one where the supernatural is very real and hides in the darkness. And, in the case of the vampire clans, it’s pulling the strings of the human world from those very same shadows. Whereas the original game was limited by technology in 2004, this sequel…

2 min.
03 soulstorm isn’t an odd one out

When it comes to remakes we’re not always used to them being on the level of Oddworld Inhabitants’ do-over of their original PS1 game. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee was remade as Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, which took the beloved original and made it feel totally, well, new – all the while sticking to what fans were familiar with. “IT’S IMAGERY WE’VE SEEN BEFORE, BUT NEVER REALISED LIKE THIS.” Oddworld: Soulstorm is the follow-up, itself riffing on the original sequel, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus. But this time things are getting even newer and even tastier. “Soulstorm is a brand-new game. I think some people are perhaps expecting some kind of remake but it’s definitely much bigger than that,” Oddworld Inhabitants’ Peter Chapman shared with us last year. So if Soulstorm is stepping away from the Exoddus…