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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition August 2019

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this month’s advent children

Oscar Taylor-Kent GAMES EDITOR Marvel’s Avengers? Elden Ring? Deathloop? Nope, Oscar’s fave from E3 was the return of the Tales series. He’s an animaniac. GAME OF E3 Tales Of Arise FAVE GAME CAMEO Mark Hamill Jess Kinghorn STAFF WRITER After a week at E3 living off American pizza, Jess has all the knead-to-know news. We crust her; our writer’s a professional. GAME OF E3 Control FAVE GAME CAMEO Sigourney Weaver Miriam McDonald OPERATIONS EDITOR Unwinding in Dreams, Mim’s been making a garden of skull-flowers – they’re Deathodils. GAME OF E3 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga FAVE GAME CAMEO Helena Bonham Carter Milford Coppock MANAGING ART EDITOR Milf got through our tough E3 deadline with a lot of coffee. It was worth it; this issue’s collectible covers are brew-tiful. GAME OF E3 Cyberpunk 2077 FAVE GAME CAMEO Stephen Merchant…

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official playstation magazine

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01 welcome to midgar, in the heart of la

“THE GUARD SCORPION MAKES QUITE THE ENTRANCE. HOW’S THAT FOR A REINTRODUCTION?” Sequestered in a restricted area of the E3 show floor, with an impressive replica Mako reactor spewing smoke behind us, we go hands on with the keenly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake. After a short presentation detailing the rules of engagement from our AVALANCHE comrade and technical mastermind Jessie, we’re off to complete our mission. The eco-warriors have become separated, leaving only Barret and Cloud to venture deep into the reactor and bring the mission to an explosive end. As a show of his loyalty to the cause, Barret demands Cloud be the one to set the bomb. Every bit the apathetic hero you remember, Cloud couldn’t care less about the cause and is always quick to remind his temporary allies…

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02 marking out a new boundary

NASA, CNSA, EESA, JAXA – we owe big thanks to those agencies,” says Yongliang Cui, the director of Boundary, the zero-gravity space shooter from Chinese developer Surgical Scalpels. “We couldn’t make this game without the real materials they offer to the public. So much cool and exciting equipment is out there, in orbit, in the lab, for us to observe to learn from and craft new ideas from. We want the game to look believable.” The indie studio’s debut game, Boundary, was cherry-picked by Sony back in 2016 when PlayStation’s China Hero Project (an initiative to spotlight and assist new talent from the country) began. Since then the team has been hard at work making the multiplayerfocused zero-G FPS. “IN A GAME, WE DON’T CARE SO MUCH ABOUT DANGER.” Boundary has a near-future…

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03 what’s a monster mean to a god?

“YOU’LL FACE A LEGION OF MYTHICAL BEASTS – FROM GORGONS TO HARPIES.” The most recent Assassin’s Creeds set in truly ancient history have certainly become increasingly less concerned about blurring the lines between myth and fact. Even so, they’ve been grounded by the stories they’ve been telling. That’s why the team behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey wanted to spread their pegasus wings and try a different approach to some of the ideas they’d been playing around with. Gods & Monsters is the result. It’s a hyper-colourful take on Greek mythology that stars Fenyx – a forgotten hero who even the Gods call upon when they need help. Like Ubisoft’s other ancient-historical offerings, it takes place in a painterly-style open world. But it promises to be one of the most open yet, with you free…

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04 indies muscle onto ps4

1 FALL GUYS: ULTIMATE KNOCKOUT Imagine Ninja Warrior UK, but with 100 contestants racing across its obstacles, all at once, dressed as giant jelly beans. Now you’re getting close to what the physics-based madness of Fall Guys is all about. Shove rivals into hazards, get crushed by falling scenery, and bump and bounce across what is, essentially, a giant pinball table. All rules go out of the window in the colourful chaos of this race to the crown, and only one of the 100 will make it to the end. This is making a mad dash towards being our favourite indie game of E3. Dev: Mediatonic ETA: 2020 2 CARRION This is pitched as a ‘reverse horror experience’ in which you play the monster and not humanity’s saviour. Getting under the skin of an…