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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition October 2019

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GAME OF THE MONTH Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare FAVE CALL OF DUTY COD: World At War The real Call Of Duty is back. After flying to Los Angeles to go hands-on with Modern Warfare and meet the dev team, it’s clear this year’s Modern Warfare reboot is a match for the best games in the series. And it’s about time. You can read my extensive impressions on p52. Talking about the past, we catch up with Neversoft’s co-founder Mick West to celebrate 20 years of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The studio may be no more, but its games are still classics. Read his insights into the making of the iconic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on p70. Another classic from yesteryear is still with us, and we sit down with Lorne Lanning on p6 where he…

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this month’s brothers and sisters in arms

Oscar Taylor-Kent GAMES EDITOR Over in Paris Oscar went hands-on with The Surge 2 (p32). The sci-fi soulsborne proved a cut above its cult predecessor. GAME OF THE MONTH Lethal League Blaze FAVE CALL OF DUTY COD: Black Ops Jess Kinghorn STAFF WRITER Needing a change of space Jess went hands on with The Outer Worlds (p42). It’s a star cry from the terrible Fallout 76. GAME OF THE MONTH Songbird Symphony FAVE CALL OF DUTY COD: Ghosts Miriam McDonald OPERATIONS EDITOR Cat lover Mim loves the look of the cat-based adventure Blacksad (p40). She’s feline positive about this comic book caper. GAME OF THE MONTH Songbird Symphony FAVE CALL OF DUTY COD: WWII Milford Coppock MANAGING ART EDITOR Wolfenstein fan Milf loves sisterly shooter Youngblood so much he now only works in co-op mode. That’s called a job share, Milf. GAME OF THE MONTH Wolfenstein: Youngblood FAVE CALL OF DUTY COD4: Modern Warfare…

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01 oddworld’s inhabitants are revolting!

“[WE GIVE] THE PLAYER MUCH MORE AGENCY IN HOW THEY CHOOSE TO CONQUER THE GAME’S CHALLENGES.” “The hot-wiring of the fire extinguisher into a flame thrower […] is particularly gratifying but extremely volatile,” Lorne Lanning tells us. But the veteran director and designer isn’t admitting to a past of pyromania, he’s talking about the possibilities of Oddworld: Soulstorm’s crafting system. “As Abe was always an action/adventure/puzzle class of hero, he always had to scrounge up ways to cleverly get around his challenges, but those solutions were always locked to the immediate problem and level at hand. This was very limiting in the number of ways the player could approach a problem and gave the player no stockpiling in how they would approach future problems,” Lanning begins, later elaborating on the thought process…

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02 the suit maketh the iron man

“THE SUIT NEEDED A STRONG IDENTITY OF ITS OWN.” When Marvel needs someone to design Iron Man, artist Adi Granov is at the top of the company’s list. Having worked on the relaunch in the comics, the character’s design in the movies, and the Nova comic with Bill Rosemann (who’s now the creative director at Marvel Games), when Ryan Payton from Camouflaj asked if he’d be interested in designing the new suit for Iron Man VR, “it was a pretty logical thing for me to take on,” says the artist. Being familiar with Iron Man and how Marvel works, Granov knows how vital it is to get the character’s silhouette and ‘expression’ spot-on. “I always find that there is a real sweet spot to arranging the position of the eyes and the mouth…

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03 death stranding has heart (man)

We’re still none the wiser as to what sort of game Death Stranding will be but a teaser from San Diego Comic Con zeroes in on a famous face. Nicolas Winding Refn, the Danish director of divisive and deliciously dark films like Drive and The Neon Demon, plus the Mads Mikkelsenled Valhalla Rising, lends his face to the game’s impressively star studded cast. “HEARTMAN IS A SINGULAR AND UNUSUAL MEMBER OF BRIDGES.” It’s important to note that, in a situation similar to Guillermo del Toro and the character Deadman, Winding Refn is only lending his likeness to a character’s 3D model – not his voice or a motion-captured performance. But, that said, this cameo has still got heart… and no, we’re not done with the puns yet. The character sporting the director’s…

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04 quakecon reveals we’re doomed

“THE PLAYER-CONTROLLED DEMON TEAM CAN SUMMON WEAKER AI DEMONS AND SPAWN HAZARDS.” It wasn’t just the heatwave that made London feel like Texas last month; we also got our own version of QuakeCon, Bethesda’s fan convention, QuakeCon Europe. Taking place at the same time as its daddy event in the States, fans welcomed news of three big PS4 rereleases, while the highlight of the show was being able to try out Doom Eternal’s asymmetrical battle mode. At the event, gamers were able to sample Wolfenstein: Youngblood (p78) and Rage 2. Retro consoles were also set up for them to play classic games from the Doom back catalogue, as the franchise turned 25 this year. And in case that whetted any appetites, Bethesda revealed it was bringing Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 3…