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PLAY is a new PlayStation magazine created by the team behind the Official PlayStation Magazine. The same editorial people, access, and passion for PlayStation as ever before, now under a new banner. If you love PlayStation – from PS1 to PS5 – then we’re the magazine for you. If you still enjoy your video game news, previews, reviews, and features curated once a month into a beautifully designed package made with care and flair, then PLAY Magazine is unmissable.

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United Kingdom
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Wishing you a fantastic, incredible, ultimate Christmas! While you wait for Santa to Solid Snake down your chimney, there’s time to get excited for what you’ll be playing this time next year: your new PlayStation 5. On p6 we interview Control’s developers about their next-gen expectations, and on p54 we gather the hard facts and a healthy amount of guesswork to ponder the 50 reasons to be excited for PlayStation 5. Closer to release, this issue’s cover game lands with a kapow! With questions swirling around how Marvel’s Avengers will play, we go hands-on with every hero, dissect the game’s upgrade system, and reveal why this will be one of 2020’s best games. It’s going to embiggen your expections. Love this issue and don’t want to miss next month’s massive Games Of…

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this month’s editorial super heroes

Oscar Taylor-Kent GAMES EDITOR After playing Death Stranding for over 40 hours for his review Oscar now knows what all the hollybaloo is about. GAME OF THE MONTH Death Stranding FAVOURITE MARVEL GAME Spider-Man (PS1) Jess Kinghorn STAFF WRITER All she wants for Xmas is an Atelier cardigan and time to finish Persona 5. Jess has no elf-control when it comes to anime. GAME OF THE MONTH The Outer Worlds FAVOURITE MARVEL GAME Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Miriam McDonald OPERATIONS EDITOR More Santa Claws than Claus, Mim’s love of Halloween is taking over all the holidays. She’s a lost Claus. Too much punning? GAME OF THE MONTH Outer Wilds FAVOURITE MARVEL GAME Lego Marvel Super Heroes Milford Coppock MANAGING ART EDITOR Milf’s beem sleighing it in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. You know-ho-ho what? Our art editor has a killer streak. GAME OF THE MONTH COD: Modern Warfare FAVOURITE MARVEL GAME Marvel’s Spider-Man…

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01 remedy is in control for playstation 5

“STREAMING WILL BECOME SOMETHING THAT WE DON’T REALLY HAVE TO WORRY SO MUCH ABOUT.” Sony keeps teasing us with titbits of PlayStation 5 news, and on p54 we’ve gathered up all the latest info on Sony’s next console. But what does it all really mean for developers? We catch up with Control developer Remedy and ask what the future holds. “Ray tracing is a fundamental shift in how to approach computer graphics,” says Tatu Aalto, lead graphics programmer at Remedy, as we jump straight into one of PS5’s biggest graphics features. Aalto goes into more detail: “Gradual improvements in processing power and programmability have made it possible to do very accurate material shading and effects on the previous generation already, but for global connectivity games have used either precomputed static data, or relied…

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02 vamp in tomb for christmas

‘Tis the season to argue ad infinitum whether Die Hard is a ‘Christmas movie’ (as opposed to just a film that happens to take place during the festive period). Alas, our beloved medium isn’t safe from the debate. Who would have thought a game in which you can glide around like a bat saying “I AM THE NIGHT!” could be classed as a Christmas game? “IT’S A GOOD CONTRAST. […] I THINK IT MAKES IT DARKER.” At Paradox Con in Berlin we speak to Hardsuit Labs’ narrative lead, Brian Mitsoda, and senior narrative designer, Cara Ellison, about Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2’s December nights and festive undead frolics. “So Christmas is important in this game because the game is set in December,” Mitsoda begins. “[…] The reason we set it in December…

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03 the last of us part ii stalls

You will have read our hands-on with Naughty Dog’s epic sequel The Last Of Us Part II last issue and thought, “Yep, can’t wait to play that.” Well you’ll have to, because Naughty Dog has delayed the game until 29 May. Following the exciting preview event, game director Neil Druckmann said the team felt “invigorated”. But during the weeks that followed something changed. “IT’S LAUDABLE THAT THE DEVELOPER WON’T COMPROMISE.” He explains in a open letter on the PlayStation Blog: “It was during the last few weeks, as we were closing out sections of the game, that we realised we simply didn’t have enough time to bring the entire game up to a level of polish we would call Naughty Dog quality. At this point we were faced with two options: compromise parts…

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04 diablo iv is coming to playstation 4

“TOGETHER (OR ALONE) YOU’LL BE ABLE TO EXPLORE SANCTUARY AS ONE SEAMLESS LAND MASS.” A brand-new instalment of Diablo is coming to PS4, teasing a return to the darker tone of the earlier games but now playing across one large, continuous map. The world of Sanctuary once again proves to be anything but in Diablo IV. Both the monstrous, demonic forces and the High Heavens’ angelic army have been worn down, creating a power vaccuum and, with it, an opening for one Hell of a homecoming. The creator of Sanctuary, Lillith, has returned after aeons in exile. As the daughter of Mephisto, one of the series’ big bads, her mere presence gives rise to the very worst in humanity. Furthermore, the wildlife has become corrupted by her demonic influence and the Burning Hells’…