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July/August 2020

ON TARGET AFRICA prides itself on the in-depth firearm reviews that aim to make the reader fully informed by the time the new firearm owner walks into their gun store to make further enquiries, or better still their purchase. We endeavour to bring new products to the consumer to keep them fully informed as to what is new to market thereby retaining an impartiality. ON TARGET AFRICA is the perfect publication to cover the over 14 sports-shooting disciplines in South Africa, a diverse and growing market, from gear and equipment to coverage of the major long-range, Extreme Long Range events, and related markets such as outdoors, 4X4ing and game farms, hunting and wildlife management and conservation. ON TARGET AFRICA provides expert and professional reviews of the latest firearms and accessories. Also catering for the equally-important collectors’ market, which plays a vital role in preserving our country’s firearm heritage. Another focus for ON TARGET AFRICA is the tactical market, which is of growing importance due to the large number of security companies operating in South Africa at present. This means that a key focus of ON TARGET AFRICA is the family experience. Sports-shooting is, indeed, a family sport, and we cater for every single member, from professional to amateur, and even children, who need to acquire firearm safety and basic knowledge as soon as possible. Sports-shooters, of course, are great outdoors enthusiasts, which is why we will be focusing on the 4x4 community as well, getting stuck into the dust-and-dirt of the many hiking trails available across the country, and showcasing our extremely diverse fauna and flora. ON TARGET AFRICA is a high-quality specialist magazine, with copies distributed nationally ten months of a year through CNA, Exclusive Books, specialist book stores, shooting sports ranges, and gun stores. ON TARGET AFRICA keeps its consumers up-to-date and well-informed. It encourages smart buying decisions by delivering comprehensive and expert product and gun reviews, in addition to topical articles on the latest trends and developments in legislation, regulations and licencing. Stay Safe. On Target Africa advocates correct eye and ear protection be worn at all times on all shooting ranges and at all shooting events. This is for visitors as well.

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from the editor’s desk

Welcome to the latest issue of your favourite hunting, sports shooting and gear magazine! It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year, which has been a difficult one for everyone. In particular, Send-IT, Impact Xtreme Shooting, and precision rifle events have all been affected and we all have a longing for. It sounds like a morbid topic, dealing with firearms in a deceased estate, but our legal guru Damian Enslin gives readers practical and expert advice. The Gun Warrior team of Warren Britnell, Konrad Gräbe, Louis Smuts and Hendrik Nel puts the latest Vortex Strike Eagle scope through its paces. The team adds a new dimension to our long-range focus by including the Tall Target Test. On the new product front, Delta Optical has launched its new Delta-T…

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dealing with estate firearms

One of the issues that seems to cause the most confusion or uncertainty pertains to firearms in an estate. When a person passes away and there are firearms in the estate, in principle the estate should not be wound up or finalised before the firearms have been dealt with–that is, all the firearms should have been transferred from the deceased to either the heirs, or to a firearm dealership, or to a third party. The executor of the estate is the person legally entitled to deal with firearms. The executor is also entitled to store the firearms, as long as the firearm/s are stored in terms of the regulations. Upon the appointment of an executor, the executor must compile an inventory of all firearms and ammunition and firearm parts and submit…

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rigby releases new limited edition big game series commemorating the tsavo man-eaters

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has announced a new series of limited edition rifles, called the “Tsavo”, modelled on the firm’s phenomenally successful bolt-action Big Game. Following hot on the heels of the exceptionally popular “Mopani” special edition series - which sold out within a week of releasing - the Tsavo commemorates two of the most feared man-eating lions of the 19th century, who terrorised the builders of the Kenya to Uganda railway in 1898. Limited to a run of 12, each rifle bears its unique series number in gold on the floor plate, along with detailed engraving of the infamous pair of maneless lions. Their names–“The Ghost” and “The Darkness”–are inscribed on the Tsavo’s EAW swing-off scope rings, and the identity of their eventual nemesis–J. H. Patterson–is set into the…

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latest strike eagle scope vortex 5-25 x 56 ffp

It was almost with childlike excitement that we awaited the arrival of the new Strike Eagle scope from Vortex. Being a well-known and established brand, we knew it was going to be good, but just how good was to be seen. Upon opening the box and taking the scope out, our first impression was: “A touch of class!” The Strike Eagle has a Razor-like look, manufactured from high-grade aircraft aluminium, making it durable. The quality is clearly noticeable. The Strike Eagle 5-25 x 56 FFP’s magnification is changeable between 5 and 25, with a 56 mm objective and the bigger exit lens ensuring a higher light intake. First focal plane (FFP) scopes are a lot more intricate to design and manufacture, and therefore usually more expensive than second focal plane (SFP) scopes. The…

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strike eagle®

EBR-7C RETICLE A versatile reticle that fits comfortably in the hands of long-range shooters, competitive shooters, and military and law enforcement professionals. ‣ FIRST FOCAL PLANE Subtensions remain accurate at any range.‣ ILLUMINATED RETICLE To ease use in low light and dark backgrounds.‣ FINE HOLDOVER DOTS For fast wind and elevation holdovers. FINE CENTER DOT Precise aiming; aids in establishing a perfect zero. FINE SUBTENSIONS ALONG TOP OF HORIZONTAL AXIS 1 MOA/0.2 MRAD for refined wind holds. HEAVY MARKINGS ALONG BOTTOM OF HORIZONTAL AXIS 2 MOA/0.5 MRAD - for engaging moving targets on low magnification. VORTEXOPTICS.COM © 2020 Vortex Optics ® Registered Trademark and TM Trademark of Vortex Optics PLE8ASE CALL 0861 005903 FOR A VORTEX DEALER NEAR YOU. PROUDLY DISTRIBUTED IN SOUTHERN AFRICA BY WHYLO DISTRIBUTORS…

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hammer ejector game gun

His Majesty King George V once said “a gun without hammers is like a spaniel without ears”. Along with its stunning traditional looks, the sound of cocking the gun and the slap of the hammers against the firing pins add to the delight of shooting a hammer gun. In 2004, with significant input from our US-based partners at Griffin & Howe, Purdey began the project of reviving this Golden Age gun for the modern sporting world. The bar-in-iron Hammer Ejector gun’s only nod to the 21st century is a safety catch behind the top lever and modern day proof. As with all our best guns, it is entirely bespoke, including being stocked to your requirements. ‘Damascus’ barrels are available for a truly classic feel, made from modern Damasteel for added strength and…