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Parents October 2020

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editor’s note

We Can Still Save Halloween LATELY, DURING BEDTIME, I’ve been telling my 6-year-old son, Joey, stories of my own childhood. Lying next to him, I close my eyes and let a memory wash over me. Out of a jumble of emotions and images, details emerge. One night, I recount getting dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for a Halloween party. I was all smiles until I discovered my sister applying green face paint for her witch ensemble. My jealousy was instant and all-consuming—and yes, totally ridiculous. Still, I cried hard enough that my mom let me use her eyebrow pencil and blush to add freckles and rosiness to my cheeks. It was thrilling. At age 6, I spent weekends in the crook of my dad’s arm, watching classic movies on VHS tapes.…

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let’s get real

THIS LIFE So True! We asked some of our favorite moms and dads: What “scary” parenting task do you try to avoid? “I despise doing laundry, so it would pile up and become very intimidating. But I figured out a way to beat the system! I accidentally dyed my husband’s clothing a few years back, so now he does it.”—dancer Allison Holker, mother of three, host of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings with husband Stephen “tWitch” Boss, and Banana Boat Sunscreen #ProtectTheFun Ambassador “I’m trying to avoid teaching my teenage daughter how to drive. Just thinking about her behind the wheel makes me anxious.”—musician Ziggy Marley, father of seven, whose album full of celebrity collaborations, More Family Time, is out September 18 “Battling over screen time! I try to redirect them to creative activities rather than…

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My Mask Gives Me Pimples! Your new cloth mask may be adorable, but “maskne,” or acne caused by face masks, can feel less than cute. Mona Gohara, M.D., a dermatologist and mom of two in Connecticut, suggests washing masks nightly using face wash, then drying overnight. Do it while you soap your face and—hey, it’s one-stop washing. Coolest. Box. Ever. Can more companies please do this? Each diaper-bundle order from Hello Bello comes in a box that transforms into something fun. In October, it becomes this jack-o’-lantern—or instant, babyproof holiday décor. hellobello.com Project Mental Unload If you’re handling most of the endless to-dos that keep your family running, you’re not alone. A survey found that breadwinning moms are nearly twice as likely to carry this “mental load” as breadwinning fathers. Starting on—yes—Labor Day, we’ll shine…

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take a break to breathe

There’s no doubt families could use more time to chill, especially now. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, anxiety and depression in kids have been on the rise recently. Meditation offers on way to manage difficult emotions. “Just as you require your kids to brush their teeth every day, you can also teach them to ‘brush their brain’ by meditating,” says Tejal V. Patel, author of Meditation for Kids. “I practice a few minutes a day with each of my boys, sometimes on their bed, in the playroom, or in the car.” If your child has big feelings, talk through these ways to calm down. IF YOUR CHILD FEELS Angry You might explain that their body can feel hot or as if fire is shooting off from the top of…

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can we lessen the effects of autism before they start?

EVERY PARENT has wished for a crystal ball to look ahead and see a healthy kid. And any parent who has fears about autism has likely wished doubly hard for that glimpse into the future. The reason is clear: There is much we don’t know about what causes autism, and its early signs can be so subtle that they’re easy to overlook until they grow severe. “Many parents may miss signs like a lack of gesturing, imitation, or eye contact,” says Parents advisor Rebecca Landa, Ph.D., director of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders at Kennedy Krieger Institute, in Baltimore. That’s one reason the average age of diagnosis is 4 years old. As a result, most interventions won’t begin until after a child is already delayed in crucial areas…

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a sweet and safe halloween

GET YOUR CANDY ON COUNT DOWN TO THE BIG NIGHT Make Halloween a weeklong celebration: For the seven days before the 31st, have your kid crack open one of these spiders to discover candy or a small toy or trinket. Glue white yarn in the shape of a spiderweb onto a swatch of black felt. Then glue chenille stems to plastic eggs for legs, stick on googly eyes, and adhere scratchy Velcro circles to the eggs’ undersides. Paint black dots onto each spider to correspond with the number of days before the holiday (i.e., your kid would open the spider with two dots two days before Halloween). • Trick-or-treat at home. Set out buckets of candy in different rooms, decorate each door in a special way, and play Halloween music, too, says Atlanta…