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Parents December 2020

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editor's note

The Toys That Saved Our Year “DID YOU CHECK the car? Did you look under the seats? We need to find it!” I won’t soon forget that rainy day in June when I breathlessly interrogated my husband over the phone. I’d been ransacking our house for days—hunting not for missing papers or a lost wedding ring, but for the key to my pandemic sanity: a Transformers toy named Heatwave. Train tracks and Magna-Tiles, paint and crayons … they can all engage my 3-year-old, Gabriel. But three months into the pandemic, only a robot fire truck had proved capable of keeping him busy without a grown-up’s help. Heatwave, along with the copious amount of screen time I suddenly let Gabriel have, enabled me to edit this magazine in the many months before child…

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your guide to making the days easier and the journey sweeter

Flurry in a Hurry Think of these lava-lamp-looking jars as a science-class take on the homemade snow globe, minus having to pick glitter flecks out of your sisal rug afterward. Sarah McClelland, of LittleBinsForLittleHands.com, a website of kids’ STEM activities, explains that the jars, made with paint and oil, offer a lesson in liquid densities: Bubbles drag dense paint up to the oil surface, where they pop—then paint sinks down through the water. How to make ’em: Mix 1 teaspoon of washable white paint and 1 cup of water in a large jar, then add baby oil almost to the top. Break an Alka-Seltzer tablet into pieces and drop them in one at a time. Sit back and let it snow! THE SHORT LIST This month’s lineup of what’s new, novel, and nice…

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carrie underwood

Best Time of the Day … Nighttime. My boys are both extra cuddly and loving when they’re all clean from a bath and I’m either rocking Jake or saying prayers with Isaiah. The 15 minutes before each one of them goes to bed is magical. Hardest Time of the Day … Right when Isaiah wakes up. He is not a morning person, and neither am I! And if either of my kids is overtired, it’s not good. That’s when all reason goes out the window and the impulse behavior begins. Best Trait I Passed to My Kids … Both boys got a love of music from me. They both love to sing, and Isaiah is so particular about what he wants to listen to in the car. It’s fun to see his musical tastes develop. Challenging…

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toddler strategies with teenager payoffs

NOT LONG AGO, my friend Marni was playing tag at a local park with her 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. They finished the game with shouts of laughter and a three-way hug—and as they started to leave, an older mom who’d been watching the family caught Marni’s eye. “Enjoy it now,” she said with a wry smile. “Pretty soon they’ll be teenagers and they won’t even talk to you.” What is it about teenagers that gets us so panicked? Will our darling cherubs really become sneering beasts once their age hits two digits? This stereotype does a disservice to everyone, says Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D., a pediatrician and the codirector of the Center for Parent and Teen Communication at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute. “If kids keep hearing that they’re going…

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this year’s storytime standouts

BOARD BOOKS 1 Hooray for Little Fingers! Written and illustrated by Tristan Mory An interactive book with extra-sturdy pages, this whimsical French import stealthily teaches kids how to count to ten. Our toddler reviewers poked their fingers through strategically placed die-cut holes—two fingers become a crab’s claws, three turn into a ladybug’s legs. “My 2-year-old couldn’t wait to see the next creature she could make come to life,” says one mom. Ages 1 to 4 2 Mail Duck Written and illustrated by Erica Sirotich On one level, this lift-the-flap book is a sweet story about a duck delivering packages that, unbeknownst to him, are for his surprise party. On another, it’s an ingenious pre-K geometry lesson. “My 3-year-old made the connection from shapes being shapes to objects having shapes,” says one mom. “Now she gets that…

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colds and flu in anxious times

THIS SEASON normally ushers in a great flurry of activity—holidays, travel—and, unfortunately, those familiar runny noses and coughs that hop from kid to kid. But this year’s flu season is like no other in recent memory, coinciding with an unprecedented global pandemic. If your anxiety is spiking, let us help by answering a few of your burning questions. • What’s worse for my kid, the flu or COVID-19? COVID-19’s effect on kids remains somewhat mysterious. Initial reports stated that the very young were mere carriers, not sufferers, of the disease, before numerous cases disproved this belief. In fact, children appear to get the virus in ways adults don’t. Some pediatric cases presented with symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease, an inflammation of the blood vessels, or toxic shock syndrome, a bacterial infection resulting…