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The Kind Acts That Keep Us Going MY LIST IS LONG: moms who waited with my 4-year-old when his babysitter was late for school pickup. Volunteer soccer coaches who taught my older son to score a goal (and brought back his smile after the hardest winter in memory). A class parent who answered my many texts without once showing annoyance. The friend who dropped off craft supplies when my family came down with COVID-19. My sister, who supervised remote kindergarten when I couldn’t take one minute more. Fellow staffers at Parents and physicians at my husband’s hospital who have picked up balls we’ve had to drop from time to time at work. These are just a few of the busy moms and dads who have helped my family reach this point in…

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your guide to making the days easier and the journey sweeter

Downward Dino Spark the kids’ imaginations—and get them roaring, yes, with laughter—with Dinovember, an Internet-famous trend that surfaces this time each year. The idea is simple: Surprise your pre-paleontologists with playful setups around the house using dinosaur toys all month long. Perhaps T. rexes and triceratops herd around the breakfast cereal bowl, or you position some zen-o-saurs on mini yoga mats (just pieces of colored paper). “It made us laugh in the middle of a difficult time, and our kids loved the sheer absurdity,” explain Refe and Susan Tuma, the couple who dreamed up the playful prank. (Check out their new book, What the Dinosaurs Did the Night Before Christmas, for more reptilian geniusness.) Hey, you’ve found where the wild things are. / ASK A GRANDMA / “How can I split time fairly…

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vanessa laehey

• Recent parenting win The kids being up for moving to Hawaii and starting at a new school. • Recent parenting miss Realizing school in Hawaii starts a month sooner than we’re used to. Summer was cut short. • Best trait my kids got from me Laughing out loud uncontrollably. • Unfortunate trait my kids got from me Also laughing out loud uncontrollably. • Meal I make that my family loves Tacos with homemade guacamole. Taco Tuesday dinner was the first meal we shared as a family of five! It kick-started our Cinco de Mayo tradition, and it’s something that has become special for our family. • Meal I made that my family rejected The kids won’t eat my homemade lasagna, but Nick will eat it all. • Best go-to snack for kids Anything that’s dry…

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screen-time wins

HELP THEM THRIVE IN EVERY WAY Parents. BEST APPS FOR KIDS –2021– GEOGRAPHY AND NATURE BEST MARINE LIFE MarcoPolo Ocean Kid testers took a deep dive into this colorfully animated app that offers fun building activities plus free play. While making their own submarine and noodling with habitat puzzles, they picked up cool facts about life underwater, such as that an octopus’s arm can stretch double its length. As one parent of a tester happily warned, “Be ready for a slew of ‘Mom, did you know ___?’” Ages 3 to 7, free BEST U.S. GEOGRAPHY Stack the States A fun way to learn state capitals, flags, and trivia, this app gives kids multiple-choice questions. Each correct answer earns a player a googly-eyed state, and then comes testers’ favorite part: piling up the states like Jenga pieces. “It teaches…

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does your child have a hidden sleep problem?

VANESSA LUTZ, of Henderson, Nevada, grew concerned when her then 18-month-old son, Teddy, developed nasal congestion, severe nosebleeds, and dark circles under his eyes. The family tried solution after solution for years, including prescription allergy treatments, high-end air filters, and nasal rinses, but nothing helped. “Teddy came across as an angry and depressed individual, which is pretty sad considering he was 4,” recalls Lutz. “He would say things like, ‘I hate school. I don’t want to go to school.’” Finally, a doctor connected Teddy’s daytime symptoms with his frequent snoring and nighttime mouth breathing. They’re signs of an under-the-radar sleep disorder associated with problems including depression, ADHD, obesity, and poor grades. Sleep-disordered breathing, as health professionals call it, is often the result of underlying mouth, jaw, and throat problems created by…

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how one kindness expert encourages the trait in kids

1 The Compliment Circle During dinner, go around the table and ask everyone to say to a chosen person, “One of the many things I love about you is…” Kids learn just as much from hearing wonderful things about themselves as they do from saying something beautiful about another person. 2 The Thankful Tree Plant seeds of kindness (pun fully intended) with little evergreen plants, or “thankful trees,” at each Thanksgiving place setting. Before eating, have everyone reflect on what they’re grateful for and write or draw their thoughts on sticky notes, using them to decorate the tree’s branches. Then go around the table and let each person share their favorite. 3 The Kindness Jar Put out a jar with paper and pens nearby. When a family member “catches a kindness” by spotting someone inside…