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fortnightly thought

#LongLivePrint Hello, people peeps! TO say the least it’s been a gruelling few years in the print media world, with circulation declining in most print magazines worldwide. Internationally quite a few celebrity weekly magazines have closed doors after many years of publication, which is truly heartbreaking. Maintaining relevance in the world of entertainment has become a huge challenge because by the time print hits shelves, the news is not really new; we know how fast stories break on social medial platforms, and keeping up with the web nigh impossible. At people magazine we’ve seen this coming for a while, which is why we’ve invested a lot of effort into keeping our website ( running 24/7. And the time has come to look at our weekly print publication. From this issue people will be…

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farewell, third world child

“It’s a cruel, crazy, beautiful world.” THERE are few who leave a resonating mark with all when they depart. There are those who are adored in their division, praised in their populism and, naturally, reviled by those who aren’t like-minded. A politician would be one who’d fit this description quite aptly, but the late, esteemed Johnny Clegg would not. The man who put music first insisted that politics rather found him. He’d go on to craft unity out of social and political disharmony and one could argue that he propelled a message of hope through the discord. Widespread malady permeated South Africa on Tuesday, July 16 when news broke that the ‘White Zulu’ had succumbed to pancreatic cancer. His death was unlike any; it became clear, when tributes poured in across all…

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service excellence

YOU probably wouldn’t be terribly impressed if Wan Tiandi had to inform you that she’s an employee at a theme park; she’d very likely bore you if she had to tell you that she delivers lunchboxes to her fellow employees. You interest may, however, pique when you learn it’s the Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park some 100km from Chongqing in southwestern China that she works for. This establishment is home to some of the most terrifying attractions known to man – the world’s longest cantilevered glass walkway is the primary attraction, extending 80m from a cliff edge and 121m above a chasm. Wan’s delivery system, as part of the park’s logistics department, also involves a dizzying height; 300m thereof. She can deliver the food parcels by car, but this would mean that…

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double, double oil & trouble

THERE is sadly no lifeguard in the gene pool and Kirill Tereshin quickly found out that if you play stupid games you’ll win stupid prizes. Like many he sought a quick way to bulk up without bothering to spend a little time in the gym. The 22-year-old frequented his local health club quite often before he was called up by the Russian military – here he worried that he’d lose a significant amount of muscle mass. After he completed his service his worst fears came true and soon he searched for a speedy remedy. He found it in synthol. The results were both staggering and unnatural. It is a common practice among bodybuilders to ‘fluff’ areas where muscle definition might be lacking, but Kirill took it too far; his upper arms…

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step inside…

THE archaeological community is abuzz once more after a tomb, dating back 4 500 years, was discovered near the Giza plateau on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. The burial shaft is said to have belonged to Behnui-Ka, a chief advisor and head of state during the reign of the pharaoh Khafre. What makes this discovery so intriguing is that multiple sarcophagi, housing well-preserved mummies, belonging to a family were found, among other treasures. Limestone statues of the tomb’s owner and family were uncovered, roughly dating back to 2500 BC. Much of the tomb was adorned with brightly painted wood and various other statues, also believed to have been made out of limestone. This unearthing is extremely timeous as Egyptian officials attempt to push tourism following a decline since the 2011…

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celeb bites

1 Cardi B has silenced a troll who called her out for supporting US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders online. The outspoken rapper endorsed the American senator, who failed to win the Democratic candidacy in 2016, pointing attention to his work in civil rights over the years. Cardi’s endorsement met swift criticism from an online troll, who took aim at the Bodak Yellow star for complaining when 40 percent of her income was taxed by the government. “I don’t mind paying taxes if I see on what am I paying my taxes on [sic],” she tweeted in response. “Its [sic] sad that we pay so much taxes yet we don’t have free college education neither free healthcare.” 2 TAYE DIGGS is ‘pretty hyped’ about his new relationship. The former Empire star, who was…