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fortnightly thought

Hello, people peeps! GOOD or bad, getting feedback means a lot to us at people because it lets us know if we’re on the right track. But I’m delighted to say that so far the response has been great, and our readers seem to be loving the new look. Here’s what they had to say: Good day, Andrea, Love the new look people magazine. It is amazing. I am a fan of the magazine and buy it every week. I just love everything about it. I am all for the print, because I can relax, have a cup of tea and read the magazine in my own time. Keep up the good work; as a reader I appreciated all your hard work in bringing us the printed version of the magazine. Long live the print. Kind…

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it’s a nice day for a white wedding

WE couldn’t believe it when supermodel Heidi Klum and Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz got legally married earlier this year in secret. According to TMZ they wed in February, after Kaulitz proposed in December 2018. So it’s nice to see that they’ve now had a public celebration, as they tied the knot in a sumptuous wedding in Capri in Italy on Saturday, August 3, where Heidi made a breathtaking appearance in a gorgeous fairy tale off-the-shoulder white gown. After the ceremony the couple celebrated with friends at the La Fontelina restaurant and then continued the party on a yacht.…

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incase you missed it! jennifer lopez

1 wore a shimmering, custom-made dress by Versace for her epic 50th birthday bash. The singer/actress celebrated her milestone birthday with close friends and family at Gloria Estefan’s sprawling luxury estate on Star Island in Miami and turned to Donatella Versace herself to help design the gown of her dreams. Lopez resembled a Greek goddess in the chainmail cut-out dress, which featured belted straps and a thigh-high split. 2 ACTRESS and singer Christina Milian is pregnant. The Dip It Low star announced the news via Instagram. Christina posted a shot of her boyfriend Matt Pokora holding a photo of an ultrasound in front of her bare belly and captioned the image: “New release 2020! What a blessing! Let’s do this babe @mattpokora.” This will be Milian’s second child – she’s already…

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virgin active

IN an ultra-competitive retail world one needs to craft a product that will draw customers in droves – though there’ll be plenty of kinks to iron out and criticism will undoubtedly be forthcoming. Nevertheless, in a quest for relevancy and, more to the point, wealth, Gheorghe Albu has created a product with a unique allure. The Romanian winemaker implemented a traditional method of pressing the juice from the grape, but it was his choice in staff that’s seen him slammed nationwide. The former state secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture boasted that he exclusively employs virgins to press his grapes. Romanian legend states that grapes crushed by non-virgins make for bitter wine, but there ought to be plenty of scientific proof to invalidate this belief. Still, in his claim Albu…

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the standards have doubled

THERE are so many ills we ought to remedy in this world, but these can take a backseat for now – being ‘woke’ in 2019 is way more important... There has been a great push of late for equality – rightly so – but one can’t help but feel as if a handful of individuals are petty in their quest to achieve this. Laila Laurel, a Brighton University graduate in the UK, played her part in the bastardisation of the promotion of parity in an unusual way – and won an award for it to boot! Either irony totally escapes her or she was taking the Mickey when she presented two new sorts of chairs: one for men and one for women. The one for men, she claims, is the…

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from our readers

“IT was April 11, 2019 – a day when I was looking forward to a fulfilled dream, of pursuing my career in journalism with a local media house. It has always been my dream to work for a giant organisation of this sort. But on that particular day my journalistic prospects were cut short when the interviewer uttered these words, ‘I have to stop this interview right here.’ I failed it for one simple reason: I didn’t meet one of the job requirements – a valid driver’s license and car of my own. But I considered the outcome a stepping stone towards achieving my goal in the near future. This wasn’t my first setback. I’d previously set foot in the doors of Roodepoort Record’s offices in the West Rand, Johannesburg. The first…