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Power & Motoryacht May 2018

Power & Motoryacht is the leading marine magazine for powerboat owners with boats over 25 feet. Each issue is fact-packed with information on boats and boat maintenance, new boating equipment, advice, and filled with beautiful color photography of the latest boats and boating destinations.

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surviving survival school

I kicked my feet as hard as I could—fighting against the incredible buoyancy of my survival suit—trying to right myself. With wet, freezing fingers I struggled to wipe the salt water from my face. My eyes adjusted and through fogged up, crooked sunglasses I spotted our liferaft in the distance. I never thought I’d find myself in this situation, treading water in Long Island Sound on a 38-degree day (with 36-degree water) in February. Thankfully, this exercise was planned; five colleagues and I were neck deep in an at-sea survival course taught by Survival Systems USA in Groton, Connecticut. Our morning began in the classroom, where we were led through survival theory and preparedness lessons, complete with an exam at the end. The afternoon portion was hands-on—or rather survival suit-on—instruction during which…

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survival stories

When things go wrong out there, the difference between life and death is almost always about preparation,” says retired U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Mario Vittone. “Your family and crew deserve to know as much as they can about how to be safe on the water and what to do in an emergency.” To help boaters deepen their understanding, Vittone shares his expertise in “Safety and Rescue at Sea,” a new online course developed for Boaters University, the education platform from Active Interest Media. Vittone—who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary heroism and the Alex Haley Award for Journalism—addresses critical issues of offshore safety, including risk management, hazard awareness, cold water survival and how to choose and use the most important pieces of survival gear. The course is available this June.…

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keys to success

It’s the experience we take you on. That’s what makes the difference,” MarineMax’s Azimut Brand Manager Andrew Schneider told me as owners gathered and mingled over brunch at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo. And the experience, an expertly choreographed rendezvous, attracted dozens of yachts and hundreds of guests. The sun-drenched weekend rendezvous in March included activities such as a pig roast on the beach, kayaking and a golf tournament. Other, less-common events included a pickelball tournament and a cooking class. “We’re bringing the Italian lifestyle to Americans with Italian boats,” explained Abbey Heimensen, director of marketing at MarineMax. “One thing we all fight against is time. We want our guests to arrive and have everything planned for them. Like an adult day camp.” The annual winter rendezvous, which alternates between Key…

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lessons from a rescue

It’s been a year since Geoff Varell, 38, and his two sons were plucked from the ocean by the Coast Guard after they abandoned their boat off Cape Canaveral, yet the resident of Sanford, Florida, says the experience still haunts him. “I don’t know that it will ever leave us as a family,” he says. “It was traumatic for me because my kids were involved, but I don’t mind sharing the story if someone else can learn from it.” Varell, a lifelong boater, launched his 20-foot, outboard-powered center console from Jetty Park on May 28 in the hopes of catching dolphin at a popular spot called The Cones. With him were his sons Gregory (9 at the time) and Grayden (7), and his friend Chris Westhelle. The weather looked promising, with…

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time for discovery

Season three of Anglers Journal TV kicks off this summer and will be available to a whole new audience that may not have caught the show before. That’s because AJTV—which emulates the quality and style of its namesake, Power & Motoryacht’s sister publication, Anglers Journal—is moving for the first time to the Discovery Channel. We caught up with the show’s host, Editor-at-Large John Brownlee, after he had wrapped up the new season. How big is this move to the Discovery Channel? The Discovery Channel’s impressive reach puts us in over 92 million households, and just as important as that, the network is a household name. We’ve secured a Sunday morning slot at 7:30 a.m., and since Discovery is a dual-feed network, the show will air at that time on both coasts. We’re…

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abandon ship

In an ideal world you would never leave your boat, unless you were stepping onto a pier or into a tender, but the prudent boater has a plan to vacate the boat in less-than-ideal conditions. A ditch bag, or abandon ship bag, has long been an important piece of equipment for boaters making extended offshore passages. However, a ditch bag should be carried aboard any boat venturing into open water, even when your intended course is close to shore or in a large coastal body of water like the Chesapeake Bay or Long Island Sound. There are cases of boaters abandoning their vessels close to shore, only to be carried away by wind and current. Ditch bag manufacturers provide a comprehensive list of items to pack in that carry-on, so this…