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Power & Motoryacht September 2019

Power & Motoryacht is the leading marine magazine for powerboat owners with boats over 25 feet. Each issue is fact-packed with information on boats and boat maintenance, new boating equipment, advice, and filled with beautiful color photography of the latest boats and boating destinations.

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mistakes made

House projects, work travel and a painfully damp spring conspired against me as I readied my boat for summer. With an orbital sander in one hand and a nasal cavity choked with sawdust, I felt my blood pressure rise with each boat that rumbled past and was launched. “That guy didn’t even wax his hull, why should he get to enjoy time on the water before me?” I pouted to myself. As the calendar flipped to June my patience for boat prep was running on E. We had the boat splashed and “prepared” for our trip to our summer port of Essex, Connecticut. I put prepared in quotes for good reason. Early on a Sunday morning we pulled out of the slip and slid atop the water that reflected morning light…

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a spirited rejuvenation

The charming ambiance that has made the BVIs so attractive for so long remains among new infrastructure and an unbreakable spirit. Wood rots. Paint peels. Cloth fades and thread disintegrates. Metals oxidize. All this happens more quickly in the tropics, accelerated by so much UV-laden sunshine and humidity that ranges from muggy to miserable for eight months out of the year. For the locals of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) life in paradise comes with a perpetual maintenance migraine, but for cruisers and charter clients the signs of tropical decay have long been part of the charm. No one comes down island expecting Switzerland. We certainly didn’t. The Editor of Sail magazine, Peter Nielsen and I came to gauge how well the islands have recovered since Sept. 6, 2017, the day Hurricane Irma…

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omie tillet (1929-2019)

Omie Tillet was born to be a fisherman. At just 10 years old he could be found working the water with his father and by 20 he was running his own boat. By the ripe age of 31, Tillet and business partner Warren O’Neal began construction on their first battlewagon, a Rybovich-inspired wooden boat that would become the blueprint for the modern Carolina sportfishermen. “Omie Tillet and Warren O’Neal built a completely different boat for the charter fishing business. They were visionaries,” said Jarrett Bay Founder and President Randy Ramsey in a 2016 interview with Anglers Journal. “They really stepped out. Every day they were breaking new ground.” Tillet passed away at the age of 90. While he is best known for the boats he built and inspired over the decades, what many…

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hog wild

As a kid my family and I would cruise hundreds of miles each summer on our annual three-week voyage. One summer we ran our 25-foot cruiser halfway up and down the Mississippi River, dodging wing dams, barges and houseboats along the way. We stopped in a small river town where, 20 years prior, my dad had bought a Honda motorcycle and wanted to see if the dealer was still there. Less than an hour later he rode out of that dealership on a whim and a new Honda motorcycle, right back to the marina. It took a great deal of help from the locals to hoist our teak swim platform up onto the dock, and it gave our little cruiser an odd bowdown attitude for the 20 minutes it took him…

4 min
swedish renaissance

The waterfront of Gothenburg’s Lindholmen district was abuzz. Ferries picked up and dropped off passengers, many of whom pedaled off to their next destination or walked to the nearby hybrid bus line. As I ambled along, I passed a fully autonomous, self-driving bus—now in its second year of operation—and a tech company with a fleet of electric, Volvo SUVs which will soon take to the streets as the world’s first large-scale pilot project in autonomous driving. It was crystal clear: The future is now in Sweden. And the Volvo Group is leading the charge with a vision to become the world leader in sustainable power solutions. Here in Gothenburg, in a region that plans to be carbon neutral well before the rest of the world, is Volvo Penta HQ. I was invited…

2 min
casual kicks

On a recent summer afternoon I was headed home from a day of striped bass fishing on Long Island Sound. My mind was clear and I felt alive in the sunburned, windswept way that usually means it was a good day. It wasn’t until I arrived home and took off my shoes that I realized my feet didn’t hurt. For most people, that wouldn’t be a revelation. But usually after a full day on my feet, taking off my shoes is the only thing on my mind. The Helly Hansen Skagen F1 Offshore shoes ($130) are built for sailing, but they perform just as well on the decks of their diesel-powered brethren. The non-marking, grippy outsole is more substantial than a regular boat shoe, and the lace-up design gives them a…