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Power & Motoryacht December 2019

Power & Motoryacht is the leading marine magazine for powerboat owners with boats over 25 feet. Each issue is fact-packed with information on boats and boat maintenance, new boating equipment, advice, and filled with beautiful color photography of the latest boats and boating destinations.

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prestigious summer

I don’t hear the generator running,” mentioned my boss Gary De-Sanctis as we glided up to the stern of the Prestige 460 we were testing for the summer. “The air conditioning isn’t on either,” replied Executive Editor Jeff Moser. It appeared that the draw of a charging Seabob overwhelmed our generator. After a couple hours trying to rectify the tripped genset, our crew resolved to call it a night and readdress the situation at first light. It was well after midnight at this point and our crew of editors dispersed to find places to sleep. There are a multitude of options on the 460. You have the master amidships, scissor berths in the forward VIP, a salon sofa and the crew’s quarters. The only issue was that it was a warm July…

4 min
club life

“Just think, I should be in school right now…” The voice belonged to my youngest daughter Riley, an offhand remark as she lazily gazed at the Gulf of Mexico. She was right. Today’s homework? To throw on bathing suits, grab snacks and drinks and follow me to the marina where our 22-foot Scout center console patiently awaited the day’s adventure. Next week, I planned to go fishing aboard the Cobia one slip over. Next weekend, the kids would spend the day on our Sweetwater pontoon. How did I get all these boats? I joined a boat club. Well, at least I temporarily joined a boat club. After all, what better way to discover the pros and cons of the club experience than to, at least metaphorically, sign on the dotted line? And to…

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ready oar not

Like more than a few of you, a lifetime of running boats of various sizes in different parts of the world has taught me lessons both easy and otherwise. And being an engineer and yacht designer, I see and hear about a lot of other things that make me glad it wasn’t me on the learning end of that particular lesson. Many of these personal experiences and second-hand teachings have influenced my pre-cruise checklist in a number of ways, but it doesn’t mean all the bases are always covered. Recently, I was astonished to find that part of my diligent preparation for a cruise caused a new problem I’d overlooked. Perhaps this is one lesson that can be learned the easy way by you, dear reader, because of the unpleasant surprise…

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steady as she goes

As a marine journalist and Brooklyn resident, I was thrilled when the Singapore-based builder ONE°15 announced their initial foray to the west (the company has built marinas in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and manages others elsewhere) with what would be New York City’s first new marina in 50 years at the rezoned, industrial waterfront along the East River within the 1.3-mile Brooklyn Bridge Park. It would be a formidable challenge. The East River is more of a tidal strait than a river, with little slack tide as likely billions of gallons of water rush back and forth from the Verrazano Narrows to Hell Gate. The Hudson is not much better—I’ve been on vessels within the marinas of Manhattan’s West Side, and their exposure leaves them at the mercy of variable winds,…

6 min
powerful to the cortex

Vesper has cemented a reputation for high performance, well-thought-out, feature-rich products. So, when they tease “the future is coming” in their recent promotional material, it’s worth paying attention. It turns out Vesper’s take on the future is about continuing their track record of innovative features while expanding their capabilities to VHF radios and boat monitoring. The Auckland, New Zealand-based company was founded by Jeff Robbins, his wife Deidre Schleigh and Carl Omundsen. Robbins and Schleigh set out cruising in 2000 aboard their 40-foot Nordic sailboat, Vesper, from Seattle, Washington. With many thousands of miles under their keel, they arrived in New Zealand and fell in love. During their voyages, several less than comfortable encounters with large ships inspired Robbins to begin working on software to interpret the relatively new AIS data…

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tiara sport 43 ls

The old saying goes: If you want the truth, ask a kid. I had the opportunity to do just that after a day blasting around Lake Michigan aboard Tiara Sport’s new 43 LS. I was plenty impressed with the performance (46.8 knots at the top end thanks in part to triple 425-hp Yamaha XTOs) and appointments of the 43—the largest in a line that includes the 34 and 38—but I wasn’t the only one. Colin Caropepe, 9 and a half years old, was a vivacious kid with a lot of opinions on a lot of topics. His father, Chris, a project manager for new product development at Tiara, took Colin and his older son Jake along with us for a day of testing and exploring the lake. A first timer to…