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Power & Motoryacht April 2020

Power & Motoryacht is the leading marine magazine for powerboat owners with boats over 25 feet. Each issue is fact-packed with information on boats and boat maintenance, new boating equipment, advice, and filled with beautiful color photography of the latest boats and boating destinations.

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small choices, big impact

It was a postcard-perfect summer afternoon. I nosed the dinghy up to one of my favorite stretches of beach to let the dog run off some energy and continue my efforts to convince her that as a water dog, she’s supposed to enjoy swimming. The cooler was full; our little Bluetooth speaker was charged. Just add limes. Alas, my family’s Corona-commercial afternoon would be short lived. Walking along in the shallows, in less time than it took to say to my wife, “Pass me the bottle opener,” I felt an all-too-familiar stab in my heel. The culprit: glass from a broken beer bottle. It hardly left a scratch, but it prompted me to give the beach a closer scan. There was glass everywhere: the telltale sign of an early morning bonfire…

1 min
editors win top honors

The editors of Power & Motoryacht and our sister publication Outboard magazine enjoyed the brand’s most successful showing at this year’s Boat Writers International awards at the Miami International Boat Show. When the dust settled at the end of the ceremony, the editors walked away with three first place finishes, five third place honors and six honorable mentions. Among the award recipients were Bill Pike, Simon Murray, Bob Arrington, Krista Karlson, Gary Reich, John Turner and Dan Harding. “Our mission at Power & Motoryacht is to produce content that educates, entertains and inspires our readers,” said Editor-in-Chief Dan Harding. “We don’t write or create videos to win awards; we push ourselves to create the very best content because that’s what our audience deserves. Still, I have to admit, it’s really rewarding…

5 min
reporting for duty

We’ve all heard the numbers: 26 million acres of Australian land incinerated, an estimated one billion animals killed and more than 25 people dead. The numbers from Australia’s worst bushfire season in decades are shocking enough to capture the media’s attention for weeks on end, but they do not truly depict the portrait of civilians terrorized by fires. Here is the scene that numbers on a page fail to illustrate: fires so engulfing that the only escape is the ocean. Civilians trying to decide between drowning and burning, pushed so close to the coastline that their last remaining option may be to jump into the water. This is not a viable exit plan; this is a last resort, the brutal reality of the Australian bushfires as experienced by ordinary people whose…

3 min
art and arrogance

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have an appreciation of the inherent beauty in many of the world’s best boats. You might tip your hat to the genius and talent that went into creating the Gar Wood runabouts of the 1920s and ‘30s. Or you might love the sight of a modern 70-foot sportfisherman at full tilt in 6-foot swells. Maybe a Feadship is your thing, or a new Riva Aquariva. The people who designed and built these iconic vessels were not only artists but also accomplished engineers, visionary designers and skilled craftsmen. It takes real work to create boats like these, work that can be appreciated in its own right. One German artist, whose name I’ll spare to save him the scorn, doesn’t see it that way.…

3 min
hit the gas

When it comes to technological breakthroughs, movies tend to be poor predictors. Case in point: 1985’s Back to the Future and its treasure trove of sci-fi staples like flying cars and time travel. I was intrigued by Doc’s Mr. Fusion Energy Reactor, the device shoehorned into his DeLorean’s engine bay after he returned from 30 years in the future. As you may recall, Doc opens the top on Mr. Fusion and feeds in eggshells, banana peels and a few precious ounces of Miller High Life to giddy-up his stainless-steel steed into the time-space continuum. Well, 2015 came and went and there’s no Mr. Fusion, flying cars or, as far as I know, time travel. However, we’ve come a long way in reducing fossil fuel consumption—millions of hybrid and fully electric vehicles…

5 min
switching made simple

Until recently, digital switching has only been available on new, high-end boats. Today there are quite a few systems on the market for used boats from several different manufacturers, with more coming. So, what’s a digital switch and why should I care? That’s a reasonable question, and the answer can be a little involved. When compared to traditional mechanical switches, the biggest benefits are reduced weight and automation—all in a weather-sealed, highly reliable package. Traditional DC switching and power distribution starts with a centralized electrical panel where large cables run from the batteries. For each circuit, wiring runs from the panel to the point of use. On my boat that means that loads like the freshwater pump, located a few feet from the house batteries, run all the way from the batteries…