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Power & Motoryacht September 2020

Power & Motoryacht is the leading marine magazine for powerboat owners with boats over 25 feet. Each issue is fact-packed with information on boats and boat maintenance, new boating equipment, advice, and filled with beautiful color photography of the latest boats and boating destinations.

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if not now, when?

The pandemic has put the boat-buying rule book through the shredder. Times are uncertain. The market dips and spikes with news—good or bad—about a vaccine. Quarantine fatigue is boiling over onto the stove. Airlines and hotels continue to be pummeled by the invisible enemy at a time when we yearn for escape more than ever before. Boat sales in many segments are going through the roof, with many dealers and builders I’ve talked to reporting that they can’t get their hands on enough inventory to keep up. A good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. Quarantine is a powerful drug. Months spent safely ensconced in our homes, shuttered away from friends and adventure, has a way of making one crave the things boating offers. The value placed on the ability…

5 min
jimmy buffet’s custom ride

Boatbuilders constantly get requests from their customers, some of which make no sense while others are so simple and perfect they leave you wondering: Why didn’t I think of that? When the customer happens to be Jimmy Buffett, and the request is for two entirely separate builders to work together, the finished product is a one-off vessel that really stands out from the fleet. Buffett made three requests for his new boat: 1) shock-absorbing helm seats, 2) side windows that close vertically as opposed to side-to-side and 3) a retractable awning to shade the cockpit. To make his dream boat a reality, he enlisted the help of two premiere boatbuilders, Freeman Boatworks, makers of some of the most sought-after high performance catamarans on the water, and Merritt, a classic custom yard…

4 min
fishing, pass it on

Finding something your kids love to do with you is special. If that thing happens to be something you also truly love, well that’s even more special. As for me and my 7-year-old son, Max, we love to fish. When I had kids, I hoped they would like to boat and fish, but I did my best to not push them into it. I wanted their time on the boat to be fun. So, I set a couple ground rules for the boat. First rule: Go home whenever they say they’re done. Yes, I may try to cajole them into a few more casts, but if they say they’re done, we’re done. The next rule is more of a general practice: Always bring lots of their favorite snacks. Max has taken…

3 min
nefarious activities

It was May 3, aka day 49 of our “Fifteen Day” quarantine. Like everyone else, I was having a long spring, going to the office every day on the coast of Lake Michigan but watching all the big stuff around me being closed, canceled and canned. Aside from the important things like schools and medical facilities being shut down, launch parties for two of our newest yacht designs in Maine and Michigan were put off. And like everyone else, I was in need of a haircut. I was just glad my boat was in the water. Even that was difficult, as our local storage facility had locked their customers out during the busy spring commissioning season. We were allowed only two days to paint, prep or pump what needed to be…

4 min
battle tested

Since I last towed a boat, both outboards and towable boats have significantly increased in size. Today, vessels with up to four outboards are towed on custom trailers adding up to weights exceeding 15,000 pounds. It’s a long way from the nostalgia of my youth—a family friend’s 21-foot Mako and a three-on-the-tree Ford F100 Ranger. In the marine industry, joystick controls and self-docking technology have helped with some stressful aspects of boating. For our on-road counterparts, tech is also a big player. It’s the brawny, brainy vehicles of Ford’s Super Duty lineup that brought me to the Sonoran Desert outside Phoenix, Arizona, to test their towing capacity and technological options. I was prepared to board a bus for the 70-mile trip to the testing grounds, but lined up along our breakfast spot…

4 min
vicem yachts cruiser 67

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but like the sun setting on a remote anchorage, Vicem’s handcrafted mahogany interiors are objectively beautiful. Take a look. It’s hard not to stare. What you’re seeing is the new Cruiser 67, the first yacht in Vicem’s cruiser range with a hull length under 70 feet. But even though the 67 is closer in size to their entry-level offerings, the attention to detail is everywhere: in the mix of dark and light brightwork in the cabinetry, the book-matched vertical lines running along the bulkheads illuminated by LEDs and the robustness built into the base of the berths. This is real mahogany; Vicem assures me they don’t cut any corners. “Because we build it by hand, we’re able to do it,” becomes a…