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Power & Motoryacht October 2020

Power & Motoryacht is the leading marine magazine for powerboat owners with boats over 25 feet. Each issue is fact-packed with information on boats and boat maintenance, new boating equipment, advice, and filled with beautiful color photography of the latest boats and boating destinations.

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4 min
a sailing story

It’s a common yarn that the two best days of a boater’s life are the day they buy a boat and the day they sell it. I can now say with certainty that that’s bullshit. Buying the boat was way more fun. This is where I need to make a confession: My first boat was a 1961 Rhodes Chesapeake … sailboat. You need to understand, when I bought the boat with my then-girlfriend Karen, I was a newly minted associate editor in Rhode Island. My salary covered the bedroom I rented—one that, I kid you not, you had to walk through a bathroom to get to—and little else. Stories of adventure came across my desk daily, and being new to the sailing capital of America, I became transfixed with the foreign beasts…

6 min
a fighting chance

The pandemic is having untold reverberations throughout different cross-sections of society, upending healthcare systems and sending economies into a tailspin, but an unintended upshot is a reduction in air pollution. As people the world over hunker down, working remotely and self-isolating when possible, a small silver lining has been a cutback in overall emissions caused by automobiles and air travel. That’s the good news. The bad news is the same can’t be said for discarded waste. The pandemic has brought about a pronounced uptick in the use of plastic, the main component in masks, gloves, hand sanitizer bottles, takeout containers, packaging and other items necessary for our new hyper-vigilant way of life. Insidiously, single-use plastic has made a comeback. Organizations that are diligently removing plastic report a large influx of personal…

3 min
tales from a tank test

Computer simulations have come a long way for naval architects in the past several years, but nothing can replace a traditional tank test when it comes to truly understanding a given hull design’s performance before the full-size vessel is built. On these occasions, a client and I will visit a dedicated tank test facility like the 315-foot-long pool at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, just across the Hudson River from Chelsea. Clients love to come along for fun like this. I mean, there’s a model involved! It brings out the kid in everyone. And one way or another, something weird happens every time. A few years ago, my office was designing a 130-foot motoryacht for an American client with a specific speed target in mind. As is…

6 min
it’s electric

Dometic’s Optimus Electric Steering Actuator represents a major change to a critical system, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call it the future of outboard steering. I installed Dometic’s electric steering on my 22-foot center console, and it has delivered on the promise of simple installation and operation while allowing precise control, minus the messy hydraulics. My 22-foot Cobia came with a well-used—and at the time, leaking—BayStar hydraulic steering system. Replacing the seals on the hydraulic ram resolved the leak, but the steering was still not very responsive, and a lot of effort was needed to make a turn, even after purging the system twice. Frankly, I had had enough. I’d seen Dometic’s system after it debuted last year and wanted to install it in my center console. The Optimus…

5 min
sabre 58 salon express

One thing about the new Sabre 58 Salon Express—just a glance and you know you’re in the presence of New England design sensibility. Maybe it’s the long, portlight-arrayed trunk cabin or the ever-so-subtly upswept sheerline. Or maybe it’s the fine, lofty, deeply flared bow sections, the cutaway forefoot or the angular, swept-back pilothouse. Whatever feature you zero in on, it certainly doesn’t take long to see that the 58 is a proud Down Easter with a raised-pinky pedigree that, fortuitously enough, sits quite comfortably alongside the hundreds and hundreds of rough-and-tumble lobster boats that work the rocky coast of Maine. I had a chance to check out the 58 during the Miami boat show earlier this year. And although shelter-in-place directives have so far foiled my plans to actually sea trial…

5 min
pursuit sport 378

Once I’d finished touring Pursuit’s Sport 378 at the Miami Boat Show earlier this year, it seemed pretty clear to me—Chris Gratz and company had a hand (and most likely a wholly dominant one) in the creation of this sleek new cruise-worthy fishboat. Gratz has been the vice president of product development and engineering at Pursuit Boats for several years now. A young naval architect with parents who are long-time Pursuit owners, Gratz’s steady climb from one leadership role to the next at Pursuit has been highlighted by a succession of forward-leaning, albeit practical, ideas. Today, his boss, Pursuit President Bruce Thompson, calls him “one of the smartest guys” on the marine scene. I spent a half hour or so talking with Gratz after stepping ashore via the 378’s ample swim…