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Power & Motoryacht February 2021

Power & Motoryacht is the leading marine magazine for powerboat owners with boats over 25 feet. Each issue is fact-packed with information on boats and boat maintenance, new boating equipment, advice, and filled with beautiful color photography of the latest boats and boating destinations.

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maine escape

I drive up, around and through Maine’s varied topography on a cold, crisp, late-fall afternoon. Sun sets early—way too early—this time of year. An auburn sun casts long, tired shadows from shrink-wrapped boats on the side of the road. This trip to the Pine Tree State is in many ways the antithesis of my previous adventures in the North Country. The harbors are empty, and “Closed for the Season” signs hang in front of nearly every restaurant. “Winter is coming,” is not just a Game of Thrones reference in this part of the world, but a warning, a warning to get oil delivered, split wood for the stove, stock up on provisions, bundle up and winterize your favorite toys. The thought of this may sound a bit dark, but in a…

6 min
deep sea sisterhood

Last June, Gia Peebles stood on the balcony of her condo in Morehead City, North Carolina, and wondered what the heck was going on. There, down on the pier, were scores of women getting off boats, many cheering, many touting rather large fish. “It’s the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament,” her husband explained, adding that this was a day exclusively devoted to female anglers. Peebles studied the scene for a moment. She saw no women of color, an observation that prompted more wonderment. Since the event looked like fun, she eventually asked her husband, an avid fisherman, what it might take to start an all-female, black fishing team with prize-winning potential. Peebles, after all, is a competitive soul—during her youth, she became the first black woman to score a softball…

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the minute-maid method

They don’t build ‘em like they used to, right? We’ve all heard the phrase, and most of us have used it to bemoan cheap crap and pine for the “good old days,” however we personally define them. But as a yacht designer with an engineering degree, I have seen the flip side of “they don’t build ‘em like they used to” more than once over the past quarter-century. While a lot of old boats are built like brick houses, engineering and build processes have come a long way, baby! Most new boats are far better engineered and built than boats from the old days. How do I know? Well, let me tell you. About 15 years ago I was walking the docks at the Ft. Lauderdale boat show with a guy…

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prestige x70

Prestige’s latest launch, the X70, stands out from the crowd thanks to her somewhat unorthodox yet purposeful design traits. The “X” in this boat’s name is shorthand for “crossover,” in that her exterior lines and styling bring to mind long-distance cruisers built to cross oceans, though her onboard feel (and true intent) is that of a luxurious motoryacht very much at home island hopping in calm Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. The 71-foot, 7-inch yacht was built in western France in conjunction with Garroni Design and takes design cues from much larger megayachts in terms of natural light and blending of interior and exterior areas. Those characteristics are unmistakable upon stepping aboard. Perhaps the most instantly recognizable feature on this vessel is her lack of side decks. Instead, passengers and crew move forward…

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viking 54

The 2020 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show was a show unlike any other. As with nearly everything this past year, COVID-19 cast an unmistakable shadow over the proceedings, with a handful of the industry’s major players (Ferretti, Horizon and Hatteras to name a few) opting out altogether. Not that you could tell anything was amiss by cruising through the Viking display. The New Jersey builder bustled right along with nary a hiccup, and had the largest display, bringing along nine Vikings and an additional three Valhalla center consoles—plus scads of company executives, salespeople and support staff. The eye-turning newcomer at this year’s affair was the 54 Convertible, which made its world debut and won best in show from the NBC Sports TV crew that was roaming the docks in search of the…

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horizon fd75

When Dutch designer Cor D. Rover conceived of the idea for Horizon’s FD (Fast Displacement) series, he wanted to achieve the maximum amount of volume on the lowest waterline length, which he set at 24 meters (78.7 feet). The layout also called for the owner’s stateroom on the main deck. The result was a boat that had people talking. Some detractors felt the bullish hull lines and snub bow design were too much, and potential clients would sometimes balk at the non-traditional lines. However, when the designer showed his concept to Horizon Yacht CEO John Lu, Lu didn’t hesitate to take on the project. In 2016, the first of the FD Series, an FD85 Skyline, was delivered to its American owner and was an instant success. Praised for its performance and…