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Practical Photography: Lite

Practical Photography: Lite January 2020

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Every issue of Practical Photography is packed with expert advice and tips that will help YOU improve your photography. Each issue contains: - Inspirational and award-winning photographs - The best ‘Technique Guides’ in the industry - FREE feedback on your images - Jargon-free, 100% independent reviews Whatever brand you use (Canon EOS, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic Lumix and so on), our easy-to-follow technique guides will help you get the most from your digital SLR, interchangeable lens camera (CSC), or compact. Note: This 'Lite' digital version of Practical Photography does not contain any interactivity.

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NEED TO RECHARGE your photographic batteries in time for the New Year? You’ve come to the right place. This amazing hobby of ours should be three things – challenging, rewarding and fun. And this issue’s cover feature is designed to make sure you get the most from whatever time you’re able to dedicate to it. Delve into our ten bite-sized chunks of pearly wisdom and we’ll have you shooting smarter, thinking differently and making your kit work harder for you. Turn to page 32 and consider yourself improved. This issue also marks the start of a new series dedicated to flash for beginners (page 84). Moving beyond the limitations of your camera’s pop-up bulb, Flash know-how will simplify this often misunderstood subject once and for all.…

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beyond the lens

Daniel Trim OVERALL WINNER BEST URBAN This heron was hunting under cover of a bridge. Presumably the fish were taking shelter among the fallen leaves and plastic bottles. The morning light shining through a grill gives the impression that the bird is trapped as it gazes out through the mesh. Canon 1D MkIV | 500mm | 1/500sec | f/4 | ISO 640 Daniel Trim is a wildlife photographer based in Hertfordshire, fostering a love of the natural world from an early age. danieltrimphotography.co.uk Dave Fieldhouse WILD WOODS WINNER While shooting landscapes in the Roaches, the visibility started to drop drastically, so I abandoned my shoot and headed into the woods below. What I saw simply took my breath away. It was as if I had stepped into Narnia. Fujifilm X-T2 | 27mm | 1/125sec |…

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the knowledge

CAMERA Fujifilm X-Pro3 divides opinion The X-Pro3 is Fujifilm’s latest entry into the X-Pro line-up. Based on the 26.1MP X-Trans 4 sensor, shared by both the X-T3 and X-T30, the latest addition offers ISO 160-12,800, 11fps continuous shooting with the mechanical shutter, or 30fps using the Sports Finder mode. The 425-point hybrid phase detect AF is now rated to focus in as little as -6EV. Classic Neg has joined the ranks of the Film Simulations, and the hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder has been given a tweak, with a higher-res 3690k-dot OLED. The biggest talking point has to be the hidden LCD screen. Instead of the fixed screen on the X-Pro2, or tilting version on the X-T3 and X-T30, the X-Pro3’s LCD faces towards the body. This means you’re looking at a new digital ink…

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rumour mill

Fujifilm X-H2 Fujifilm is now deep into replacing the older X-Trans II offerings, so it stands to reason the video-centric X-H1 is in its sights. Given the fantastic X-T3 video specs, we are looking forward to something special. We’re expecting to see internal 4K recording at 60fps, as well as internal 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 400Mbps, plus potential 6K recording at 24fps and 6.5-stop image stabilisation system. fujifilm-x.com Sony α7 IV With the launch of the α 7R IV, it’s only a matter of time before the popular entry-level full-frame gets a newer update. We expect to see a new 24MP sensor backed by updated Bionz processor that allows for faster continuous shooting of 15fps, as well as higher bit-rate recording in 4K. The IBIS will be present, though more refined, along with…

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10 clicks

SEASCAPES #1 Adapt for success PLANNING WILL ONLY GET you so far in photography – sometimes the weather just has other ideas. Persevere, though, and you can still get remarkable results, as Shaun Hykel (shaunsphotos.com) showcases here. “I’ve always been interested in photography, but it wasn’t until about four years ago that I got my first DSLR. I soon found my passion was in seascapes – I find the process very therapeutic. Pin Mill in Suffolk is a great location, and a focal point for many photographers. It offers a selection of beached boats that have been left to decay. I’d visited Pin Mill previously, so I had an idea of what to expect. The tide was just right, with a forecast of middle-to-low clouds and a light wind – perfect shooting conditions. “Then…

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verity milligan

WINTER. THE WORD ALONE CAN FILL some people with gloom. I’m not one of those people. Winter holds some of my favourite cultural celebrations, such as Bonfire Night, Halloween and Christmas. These are times that I get to spend with people I love, enjoying warm beverages and good food, but they’re also an opportunity to explore with my camera. “WINTER CAN BE ONE OF THE MOST FRUITFUL TIMES FOR ME AS A PHOTOGRAPHER” Winter can be one of the most fruitful times for me as a photographer. From a logistical perspective, there is a lot less light around. This means later starts and earlier finishes as well as the potential to stay outdoors for the entire day until darkness descends. It also means the sun is much lower in the sky, making…