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Getaway May 2018

For more than 25 years, Getaway Magazine has been inspiring people to explore and experience Africa. Enjoy weekends, wildlife and wonderment every month with Getaway's fun and informative articles and breathtaking travel photography. Expect a mix of all the very best places to go and things to do in Africa.

South Africa
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new-old kid on the block

On Getaway assignment, Mozambique, 1999 (Revel Fox, David Rogers) Why do we travel? To find ourselves, to lose ourselves, to be reminded of the beauty of this miraculous planet and its people. To experience the world in the fullest way and to embrace difference. At its best, travel can set us free and bring us to our better selves.When I was six years old, my parents took me to Europe. I’ve never quite recovered from that journey. To see the great sights of the continent at such an impressionable age was bound to have serious consequences. The travel bug bit, and bit hard – so much so that my chosen career was travel writer.I joined Getaway as a junior journalist in 1998, replacing the…

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Amerae Vercueil Fish braai Our food contributor is as much an outdoors fan as a foodie. If there’s a mountain in sight, Amerae will grab her gear and climb it, while the sea provides her with hours of snorkelling. When it comes to food, she’s a self-confessed butternut enthusiast and a nut-butter collector. 2018 braai trends to keep an eye on are: rib-eye steaks and buchu-infused beer bread, she says. Cyril Ramaphosa Portfolio As the new leader of a diverse country, Cyril will have to take many bulls by many horns – and some of the horns may be as long as those of his herd of Ankole cattle. When he first set eyes on these majestic beasts in Uganda, the president was smitten,…

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three men in a boat

(Teagan Cunniffe) Sometimes courage comes from unexpected corners.I was on a small boat leaving Simon’s Town harbour just before sunrise, heading out to sea to look for sharks. There was an English couple, an Australian, a Frenchman, Teagan the photographer and me. Teagan’s from Durban so she’s afraid of sharks, and as we went out across a purpling sea towards Cape Point, conversation turned to courage.I’ll say this for the Australian: he was not afraid to be Australian. He explained how he wasn’t afraid of anything. He had skydived and surfed big waves and wrestled crocodiles and saved small children from burning buildings and all the things that Australians do. He gave tips on how to be brave around sharks. They’re more afraid of you than you are of them,…

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A muddy hiking affair A few years ago, a friend from our Cape Town hiking group of five invited us to join him on the Shipwreck Trail. Some German and Swiss friends were also coming along. This trail, which is run by local farmers, has various stages between Port Alfred and the Fish River. Hikers can select a stage or do the whole trail. The treehouse sleepover on the first night and a day of canoeing up the Riet River appealed to us.After a pleasant day’s ramble, identifying birds and appreciating the peace of the riverine environment, we arrived at dusk at the much-anticipated treehouse. We had a lovely braai and spread ourselves between the three houses built on a wooden deck. I awoke in the early hours to…

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Quechua 2-Seconds Fresh & Black 3-Person Camping Tent worth R1 699 I’ve always wanted a pop-up tent. Yay! Best gift ever! Thank you Getaway for all your fantastic giveaways. – Marion Deeks A MapStudio Map Hamper worth R1 000 Thank you! I can't wait to hit the road! I wanted this prize soooo badly! Thank you! – Samantha Pierdica GetSmarter Digital Photography Course with UCT worth R11 900 My wife and I love photography and this is the perfect gift for us to get to know our cameras and improve our skills. – Louis Kotze Quick-pitch CNC Turbo 300 Tent worth R8 815 Fantastic news, so happy to have won! I’ve just started hiking and can’t wait…

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wish you were here

It’s Africa Day on 25 May, which commemorates the founding of the African Union in 1963 and celebrates unity and heritage across the continent. The vast stone city of Great Zimbabwe, dating back to the 11th century, ranks among our continent’s most important heritage sites. It’s one of the largest, and arguably most impressive, pre-colonial structures south of the Sahara. Amazingly, no mortar was used in the construction, only expert masonry. At its peak it was the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe and housed up to 18 000 people. In 1980, the newly independent Rhodesia was renamed after the site. Over the past century, Great Zimbabwe has become a potent symbol of African achievement and freedom. Just one of the triumphs worth celebrating on Africa Day. …